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Just had abdominoplasty in Trinitas Hospital of NJ...

Just had abdominoplasty in Trinitas Hospital of NJ 12/3/2014. I was able to leave the same day so I did- actually I'm sitting on the car as I'm writing this review! Doc Alkon was amazing and I thank him and his staff for such a pleasureful experience! The only issue I had was discomfort after anesthesia aka nausea (no vomiting) but it subsided after about 2 hours and once my IV was removed. I walk hunched a bit but by choice since I feel good enough to walk straight but afraid to affect the scar, and also Docs' order! My throat is a little sore, and it's hard to cough but I'm feeling Ab Fab!! (No pun! Lol) Omg I'm just so overflown with joy I can't write with much details but I'm rest assured I was in the best of hands! Dr. Alkon YOU'RE THE MAN, BABY!! ******Will post pics*******

Day 2 Recovery - AlkonDoll Baby*~

Well I tooted a bit early haha! I had a rough night but it's day two and two things are happening: I had an asthma attack and ok waiting for my prescription narcotics. So I haven't been taking the scripts' but chewable asprin and Tylenol 4 until I get my pills from the pharmacy and the pain was almost unbearable! But only because I was "coughing from my asthma. Apparently while I had the tubes in throat my lungs were not in favor at all. After waking up my body responded by making lots of phlem that only, and normally, comes out by coughing! I suffered through trying not to cough the entire night and by the time I awoke this morning (6am) I took my Advair with two puffs of Proventil and VOILA! Cough and phlem completely gone (after one more AGONIZING cough, of course!!!). I've been able to sleep after several attempts of repositioning myself, without assistance, in a slightly-elevated, sideways position with pillows between my legs. I am alone so I have zero assistance however I feel conquered to be able to get in and out of bed and make it to the bathroom on my own! (Yay!). Have an appt with my doc tomorrow but I don't think I can make it so I'll call that in ASAP. Doc also called me last night while I was still in the car for a few to check up on me, and before my discomfort really kicked in! Other than that I am fantastic and only really cried about twice! What an accomplishment: Being a Big Girl, and finally getting my pre-baby bod back! Still have yet to post pre op photos I'll try to now :)

Day 3 Post-Op

My drains are barely filling, I'm able to control my pain better with the Vicodin than the medicine catheter, which also became disconnected. I was called by one of the office staff and she told me "try not to cough". Yeah, like that's realistic after catching a cold and having asthma. But then again Doc Alkon knows my situation better, and he didn't call concerned with any of that. I come from a very athletic background therefore I know my body and it's tolerance. If I was in any unbearable pain or concern I would be sure to seek help. Anyway, my recovery is so far so good, being the most difficult at night since sleeping in one spot can get my muscles very sore. The next time I go in will probably be when the drains are ready to come out - around two weeks. I will keep updating until then.

Damn this Cough!

I am up super early; It's 1am and I've been rudely awakened by this cough! I believe I have contracted a common cold. Hmmmm. . My brother was so concerned and caring, he bought me a thermometer and a stethoscope and checked my temperature! It was the cutest thing :) He even made me an entire tub of Jello! It hasn't been very convenient for him after having a newborn and living quite a distance from me, so I really appreciate that! I'm going to share my method of relief whenever I feel the need to cough. Since trying not to cough feels much worse then letting it out: (Laying on my back and my neck arched upwards) I grab a firm pillow and put it over my stomach, and when I feel my body jerking from the cough, I press my forearms into it and hold the pillow as hard as I can until my body stops jerking. Since it coughs voluntarily, if I can't make it to grab a pillow, I place one hand over the other in the center of my stomach and firmly hold down until my body finishes expelling the phlem. (So sorry for tmi!) I fell asleep with the television on so once I coughed myself awake, I just finished watching a movie (and almost cried with it ending). It was kind of like Romeo and Juliette: black and white movie in the end while they were climbing over the wall, his girlfriend was shot and he chose to climb back over so they were to shoot him too, and that they did. "The End". How romantic! I can't sleep now, I'm going to finish trolling RS and the internet until I fall asleep again :) Have a Good Night Girls!

Couldn't Help but Take a Peek :p

Soooooooo, I took an eensie weensie wittle peek at my belly button and smile line under the compression garment: It's so cute! I can't wait to take the post-op pics to show the RS family! My tummy feels "weird", kind of numb and tingly, like the sensation is slowly returning. Almost like when returning from the dentist and your lips get tingly but still feel huge lrl. . I know you're thinking "wth is lrl?" It's my new post op laugh called "laughing real low" hehe ^_^ I'm really going to try for some sleep now, promise. Night' RS

Here Goes. . . .

Not for the faint of stomach :/


Here are my pre-op photos. Mustered up some serious cojones to post these. **BEWARE!** WARNING**: Very Gross!

Day 5 Post op

Feeling much better, one day at a time. . I just LOVE my doctor! His hands are truly magical, I will never be disappointed. Breasts are next ;) Good luck to all


I just thought I should update: I ended up having some real complications after changing my gauze pad and applying my belly binder too tight. Ended up busting the stitches and developing a seroma soon after! My once healed drain holes re opened and the infected seroma fluid drained through there, and also through the belly button (ewww!) I had many fevers per week and after spending my New Year's Eve in the hospital, Dr. Alkon ended up making it all better: IV antibiotics and take home prescriptions. It was a very long healing process for me: From walking very hunched over for 4 consecutive weeks, to devolped seroma with disgusting drainage. But in the end my doctor's treatment plan and level of expertise, not to mention his comforting mannerisms, allowed me the physical ability, confidence, and belief to get through! I made it, thankfully.

Thinking about a Revision 2 1/2 Months (10 weeks) Post-Op

So I have this very small, but annoying dog ear on the end of my incision line on the right . . My belly button could be a tad smaller after getting rid of infected seroma - and my incision line was also affected by the seroma which caused some widening. I have began topical scar treatmentment for the incision line but though I'd still like a revision, Doc thinks I may not need one. In case I still want a revision, he recommends waiting a year, but will remove my dog ear in the office. I am going for breast surgery with him next week and I feel I'd rather if he removed the dog ear while I'm already asleep, but I forgot to ask him. I cringe at the thought of needles and watching the removal, so why not kill two birds with one stone while I'm pain free and unconscious? Lol. I didn't specify if my bb was to be corrected at the time of the dog ear removal, but I believe so. I did just conquer an infection just a couple months ago, and really pushed for this augmentation so I'm very grateful he's even considering operating on me again, and so soon! But the worse part is over with the muscle repair and hunched over posture. I just can't make sense of doing topical scar treatment to only cut out the old one and be left with a much nicer scar, but new one nonetheless? Anxiety with anticipating my final result. Blah. .

Tummy Tuck Scar Revision

I wrote this review in my breast augmentation review by accident ^_^

haven't posted in a while; It has been a rough year hopefully ending with enough positivity to smoothe it out. So I have decided to go ahead with a scar revision for my tummy tuck. I am in the greatest shape I haven't felt since prior motherhood and it feels incredible! At full strength and zero limitations I conquer the pole and my personal training sessions ;) I have already been given a quote so I'm saving up to pay in full by early November in time for a December 4th surgery date *fingerscrossed* Here are some photos in the meantime, enjoy

12/2/15 Scar Revision

I have just gotten my tummy tuck scar revision with my Doctor. I still feel groggy and just a tad nauseous. I can't believe a year has passed since my tummy tuck! I also had scar revision for my breasts and I saw immediate improvement - even the staff made positive compliments - but I will write about that in my BA review update. I am overrall greatful my doctor has been able to work with me after all of the mishaps. I am due to see him on Friday the 4th; For now I took a pic post-op.

Scar Progress

I had my first follow up appointment Friday the 4th.. My bb and drain holes are the only scars uncovered, my tt scar is still covered with stero strips.. I've been following his home care instructions and so far so good .. At this point I am in no pain so I don't need meds

Here's some scar and bb pics

12 Days Po

4 weeks Post Revision

A Little Update

I decided to take some pics. So far I am very happy with my belly button. My tummy tuck scar will take a while to mature to my skin color, but I will be tattooing anyway so it won't even be visible.

I have an appt with Dr. Alkon Monday; He will be removing that pesky hypertrophic scar from the ril/s drain hole, meanwhilw the l/s is perfectly healed with no problems.

I will be having my first picosure session to remove my fire tattoo (I plan on getting a different tattoo covering my tt scar directly) but that review will be in a different section.

Is it just me? Or did my scars get lighter after my PicoSure treatment

Just thought I should add a pic b/c I think the laser lightened my tt and bb scars! I did review this treatment already but just thought I should add a pic here for blogs' sake ..

Disguised in Undergarment

My scars sit below my clothing and underments very well.

Pesky Drain Hole Scar Gone! 2/22/16

For good, I hope. Doc put in stitches that I have to go back to get removed in 9 days - says he doesn't carry the dossolvable stitches in the office. This time I hope he's gentle and removes the stitches with care so to not rip the wound open again.

Drain Hole Update

So I am 8 days post revising that drain hole scar and after 5 days I took the stitches out. It looks and feels soo much better; no more itching. I'm happy (mission accomplished)
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