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After having Gastric Bypass surgery in 2013 and...

After having Gastric Bypass surgery in 2013 and losing close to 140lbs regained roughly 25, I was left with a bunch of excess skin and decided this was the year to do something about it.

Because of the drastic weight loss and the amount of excess skin, it was recommended that I have the lower body lift. However, I was concerned that the LBL was not only more invasive but it also would flatten my buttock and the surgeon I was considering at the time did not perform the BBL.

After much research and review, I decided instead to stage my lower body lift and to begin with an Extended Tummy Tuck with Fleur De Lis.

After a few consultations, I also decided to go with Dr. Alkon.

Pre Op Pics

Sorry I am just now adding pre op pics as I was way to embarrassed to show these pics

All done

Had my extended tummy tuck with Fleur de lis on Monday, May 18th with Dr. Alkon.

Day of surgery everything moved along beautifully. I arrived at the hospital at 6am as instructed and by 4:45 pm I was on my way home.

Day 7 Post Op

So I am definitely feeling better and my stomach is very flat especially considering what I started with., however I am very that 1. My fleur de lis incision and belly button seem to be very crooked and 2. My belly button seems to be pretty low.

Overall my waist feels like it is twisted
Question my PS about my incision and belly button being very crooked and he says it is due to swelling. Although he did say it may stay that way. This is very concerning as it seems to be off center. I have mentioned the fact that I think my belly button is low as of yet, but I plan to on Friday at my next pre op.
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