"The Time Has Come..." to Get This Body Snatched! Soon to be Blinski Babe!

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Hi ladies (and/or gents)! Like many of you I've...

Hi ladies (and/or gents)!

Like many of you I've been stalking, obsessing, researching, about and over every aspect of this procedure, awaiting the day that it would be my time to tell my story in the hopes of being of assistance to someone else the way you all were to me. After much deliberation I've boiled my choice of surgeon down to two. Dr. Alkon in NJ or Dr. Castor in Tampa. I originally was enamored with Dra. Duran but once the allure of her cheap prices faded away and the reality of having a somewhat-invasive surgery performed abroad kicked in I quickly began researching options here at home.

This part of the search led me to pursue Dr. Fisher with Vanity to perform the procedure but the disorganization and dishonesty at Vanity and his ever-increasing prices led me to reconsider surgeons once more.

My boyfriend owns a house in Tampa so I figured I'd research Tampa surgeons so I could recover at the house instead of renting a home or staying in a hotel. I came across Dr. Castor and was instantly pleased with his work and the fact that he was board certified as a plastic surgeon so I booked a consultation and began researching flights and supplies.

Although I was satisfied with my decision of Dr. Castor, there was a small part of me that preferred to be closer to home so I wouldn't have to fly home all awkward post-op. However, all the work I've seen by NY surgeons was underwhelming and overpriced, so I stuck with Castor.

While in search of that bbl mattress I came across the work of Dr. Alkon and quickly realized that he was way closer to home (NJ) and had amazing results as well. Not only is he board certified (definitely a prerequisite), but he actually performs the procedure in a hospital with a board certified anesthesiologist as well. Once I read that my preference quickly shifted to Dr. Alkon. I called to book a consultation and was told that the first thing he had available was for July 13th! Bummer! I asked to be placed on a list to be contacted in case anything sooner were to open up and low and behold, an appointment for 6/22 became available.

So for now it's back to the waiting game until consultation day. I hope you all stay tuned for my story :)

A little about me:

I'm 26 yrs. old from NYC. No children.

5'7" - 156 lbs last I checked.

I've included some before and wish pics. .

Plot twist! Date booked with Dr. Blinski!

Hey all! So I know the last we left off I was gun-ho Dr. Alkon but while I was awaiting my consultation at the end of June I continued reading reviews and admiring all of your results. From one of your reviews, I came across Dr. Blinski and viewed his IG account. I was absolutely blown away by the work he performs!! Almost every bum was the perfect peach! A doctor that's capable of those results, CONSISTENTLY, is certainly skilled. I needed very little convincing and quickly sent an email requesting more info and expressing my interest in booking a procedure. Me being an eager beaver, I attempted to call to speak to someone in person but since it was Saturday they were out of office. Okay, fine. I can wait until Monday to hear back from someone. Little did I know that later that afternoon I would receive a call from Dr. Blinski himself! He was so sweet and so helpful. He expressed that we would speak the next day and he would let me know the soonest dates he had available. The next day, I still hadn't heard from Dr. B so I sent him a text just to jog his memory (you know how men are!) and within a few minutes he was on the phone, enjoying his lunch, and de-stressing about his seemingly hectic day (I think we're friends now ^_^) . He let me know that he had one spot left in August for the 31st so I quickly accepted. So now I just have to wait to speak with Jackie tomorrow to go over all the additional logistics and submit payment. I'm SOOO stoked about this turn of events! I am obsessed with his results and I'm certain he'll do a fantastic job on me. Not to mention he's sweet as sugar and genuinely concerned about the happiness and welfare of his patients. Its so unfortunate that some girls put their faith and trust in these surgeons who spend minimal time with them and when things go awry they can't even get in touch with their doctor yet here I am shootin' the shit with my surgeon. I'm pleased that he's personable, professional, and available. Dr. Blinski and his work just took the excitement for my journey to a whole nother level!! I'm still gonna try and get an earlier date if I can but if not, August 31st will be my b-day! I guess it's time to get out of wish mode and into grind mode and start getting my supplies together and figure out where I'm gonna stay. On an interpersonal note: I'm an extremely private person so there's only a few people who know that I'm having surgery. I'm so blessed that my mom and my very best friend are both super supportive and will be flying down to Miami with me in August. Initially when I told my mom that I was considering cosmetic surgery I told her I just wanted a little lipo and sculpting but after I got off the phone with Dr. Blinski I showed her some of his work and she promptly replied "make sure he adds that fat to your butt!" I looked up and laughed and replied "I'm waaaaaay ahead of you, mom!" Lol. I'm so blessed to have a great support system! The only person who I have left to tell is my boyfriend, the grouch, lol. I love him dearly and truly but sometimes he thinks he's my dad and is overprotective so I know for sure that he's gonna have nothing but negative concerns (which I've already researched and outweighed for myself, thank you very much), so I think I'm just gonna wait until the last minute to tell him ^_^ ... I'm almost certain he's gonna be enamored with the results but I just don't want this exciting time to be consumed with doubt and anxiety fueled by my partner. So i figure if I don't make it a big deal it it won't be one :). He doesn't need to know my every coming and going so he can remain out of the loop until absolutely necessary, lol. Well that's all I can think of for this update. I'm gonna get on the ball and start getting my supplies together. Well wishes, comments, questions, and concerns are all welcome! Happy healing, Happy searching!

I have to do WHAT?!

Hey folks! I hope you all had a restful and enjoyable holiday. So Melissa reached out to me a few days ago and asked for me to send photos of myself. I quickly obliged and got an equally fast response from her indicating to me that I actually need to GAIN weight! She said only 5 lbs but I never in a million years would've thought that I would be one of the ladies that would have to gain weight to obtain desired results. I like my current weight and size now and I think that I'm only this thin because I've been bouncing around from place to place and also under a great deal of stress. I'm pretty sure once I settle into my new place in a few days and get back into my routine I'll return to my normal resting weight of about 160-165. So, I'm not gonna get carried away with the packing on pounds just yet! But who can complain about an extra dessert here and there ;) ... In other news, me and my BF the grouch had a brief stint where we weren't seeing eye to eye about issues entirely unrelated to this procedure but in that time I decided that I'm not mentioning anything to him about having work done. Bad girl, I know, but this is a personal decision and the only people who I've told about it are the people who are coming with me to Miami. Seeing as though he's not one of those people he can wait for the grand reveal just like everyone else who wasn't with me shootin' in the gym. Besides, like I may or may not have mentioned before, he makes most of his decisions on his own. This man went and bought a BOAT without saying a word to me about it! So yea, not to be spiteful, I just don't see why I need to mention anything to him about it at this point, lol. In cooler news, I took a que from Skyy from Black Ink and booked a house for me and all my friends that I've invited down to come wait on my every need, lol. We'll be in Miami for Labor Day weekend so it wasn't hard luring them in >=] ... My mom, two of my best friends EVER, and another close friend are all headed down for what is now turning into a booty bash! I'm so stoked. I have to stop myself from thinking about how much fun we're gonna have otherwise I get anxious and impatient, lol. Being surrounded by my favorite people and their wonderful positive energy is surely to assist in a speedy recovery. I'm a budding herbalist and mainly vegetarian and only eat organic/non-GMO foods (makes a WORLD of difference to your body!). In the few days before SX I plan on making a bunch of tonics and tinctures to aid with healing in addition to plenty of FRESH FRUITS and LEAFY GREENS. When your body is healing it does so more efficiently when it has better tools to rebuild with. I'm staying in Miami from the 8/29-9/12 (The NY'er in me, I refuse to fly on 9/11) so hopefully I'll be up and moving by my last few days and can see some of the city before I return home. With my regimen of healthy meals I'm hoping I'll be able to forgo taking synthetic vitamins post-op. I submitted all my pre-op paperwork and am just waiting until closer to the date to submit the balance. God forbid something happens and I wind up choosing not to go thru with it, I don't wanna go thru hell trying to get a refund. I have up until two weeks before my sx date to pay so I'll probably wait until I'm a month out. Other than that, that's all I can think of. I'm gonna start ordering my supplies once I move into my new place. For now the list consists of: 1 additional garment (Thinking Disenos de prada or something with butt-mesh like Leonisa [I actually handled their PR a few years ago, had I known then that I'd be having this procedure I would've grabbed all the samples I could get my hands on!]) 1 tube arnica gel 1 pack arnica pills 1 Curvecure recovery set (mattress and chair cushion, I need to be able to lay on my back!) 1 pack baby wipes (Do I need more than this?) 1 Lipo ab board 2 packs lipo foam (3 to a pack, would I need more than this or do you reuse them?) 1 Bottle Hibiclens 1 Pee funnel 1 Juicer (for fresh pressed fruit/veg juice, mmm pineapple!) 1 pack maxi pads 1 pack wee wee pads I'm sure there's a bunch I forgot. Feel free to comment if you know of anything you absolutely could not do without post-op! I know a lot of ladies over pack and I don't see very many of Dr. Blinski's women bleeding excessively so idk if I'll need much more than a pack each of everything but if you know for sure this ain't cuttin' it, once again, please let me know! Well all, I wish you happy healing, hoping, and searching. Until the next time! -CS

Balance Paid!

Hey ladies!

So it seems as if this summer is going to fly by! I can't believe we're almost half way through June!

So many wonderful things have been happening and I' so excited for this time in my life. I'm moving into my dream loft with my dream guy and I've started a personal concierge service with my best friend! Now all I'm waiting for is my dream puppy (arriving mid-July!) and ultimately, my dream body! This year is certainly one of transformation. I am so happy and so grateful that I've been blessed with the life I've always desired, and it's only getting better! DREAM BIG, ladies! Always! Anything we want in this universe is ours, we simply need to ask for it then reach out and grab it when we see it present itself. Don't let anyone every tell you what you can and cannot have. Their journey and experience is not yours and if there's something burning in your spirit, go for it!! It's scary but I think if there's one thing we learn from this site its to do what makes us happy regardless of what the non-believers may think.

Seeing as though the days are flying by, I decided to contact Melissa with the remaining balance of my SX (before I spent it on something else, lol). I had initially planned to wait until closer to the date to submit final payment but I think my only reservations came from horror stories about Vanity taking people's money, promising them a date only for the doctor to be suspended or take "leave" ... but seeing as though I'm going with Dr. Blinski, who's team is nothing short of amazing, I feel confident in my decision to just take care of the balance.

Also, as I'm getting closer to my date, I need new ways to stalk and obsess so I've caved in and created an SX IG. Feel free to follow for photo updates!

That's pretty much it this go around. still slowly supply shopping but that's about it.

Happy healing, Happy searching...

In light and in love,

SX 5 Weeks From Tomorrow! weight gain and IG account hacked!

Hey all!

So I know its been a few weeks since my last update but there wasn't very much going on besides the usual stalking and lurking. Well, now that I'm closer to my date I began ordering supplies. I've got all my post-op vitamins, personal hygiene items, and my curvecure mattress. I feel pretty prepared seeing as though I'm getting my garment, foams (I believe) and socks from Dr. B. I plan to buy a stage 2 garment when I get to Miami so I'm sure to purchase the proper fit. I also have to purchase my compression sleeves (decided to add arm lipo for a more proportionate look) when I arrive but I'll be in Miami two days prior to surgery to gather up a few last minute items.

So when I booked, Melissa, my surgical coordinator, told me to gain 5lbs for optimal results. I was reluctant to do so at first but after speaking with her again and getting the opinions of a few sx sisters I decided to go ahead and do it. I normally only drink water or fresh pressed juices and try to avoid processed foods but for the past few weeks I've been consuming WHATEVER and I must say, it worked! I'm up to around 162. I'm gonna try and hold at this weight for another 5 weeks. I must admit, the closer I get to my date -- the bigger I'm considering going! I always stressed that I wanted something natural and although I still don't want va-va-vixen results, I don't wanna have to spend another $8000 on a few extra CC's. So I've added a few new wish pics of desired results.

Lastly, I created an SX IG page as another source of information (and a way to obsess lol) but it was hacked by some weird porn spam site. Super annoying but if you were following me come kick it on the new page! @CosmicSiren83116

In non-related SX news, my boyfriend and I welcomed a new puppy on our anniversary. He's quite the handful but he's definitely helping with the wait for sx. Showing him the ropes keeps me occupied and off social media lol.

Well that seems to be all I can think of for now.

Til next time, loves!

Dr. Darryl Blinski

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