47, 4 Kids, Bbl & Tt - Linden, NJ

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I met dr J. Alkon on Wednesday 4/9 and he answered...

I met dr J. Alkon on Wednesday 4/9 and he answered most of my questions on my list that I didn't have to ask. I walked away feeling that I'll be in good hands. My surgery is scheduled for 5/29/14 for BBL & TT. I'm excited and nervous. Does anyone have suggestions on how to prepare please feel free to advise me. Thank you and good luck ladies :).

Got my confirmation letter for my surgery!

I have my instructions on how to prepare for the day of my surgery. I read about that poor girl that died in DR in feb. I was going to go with a Co worker that is from there but after I heard of the deaths, alerts about 19 women with botched procedures and virus outbreaks. I decided to stay close to home. I would've saved money but my life is worth more than a discount. There are no guarantees but I feel good with my decision to go with Dr J. Alkon. He does all procedures in a hospital and to be safe you stay overnight. I'll post pics soon.

Road to new me

4 weeks til my surgery date and feeling excited and scared

Road to new me

Getting ready. I'm trying to lose 10 lbs by 5/21 I've lost 3 lbs already!

Road to new me

Posting my before pics

wish pic 1

Having a physical

Here at my docs getting a physical. I want to be sure I'm in good shape for my surgery.


My physical went well and my supplies are starting to come in. Making my final payment 5/21 and then there's no turning back.

supply 1

This is the first of my supplies. I wanted to get the female urinal but amazon was sending it after my surgery date. I read one of the girls bought a funnel from Walgreens for 3 bucks. I will be making a trip there.

getting ready

U shaped body pillow, pads for the mattress, ring to sit on. I still need a few things.

Bag packed!

Bag is packed for my overnight stay in the hospital. 10 more days!!! Woot Woot! Hella excited & Hella nervous ;)

10 more days

Final payment!

Here at my docs office to make final payment and next week to becoming a Bootylish Doll! Still nervous as hell

Bag is packed!

Bag is ready. Even though it's overnight just want to be ready. Thank god for my best friend that's supporting my journey and my sisters on real self! :)



Well girls, its 1 day before my surgery and I'm nervous as hell! Oh boy here I go! :) wish me luck


Meds and Colace to take after surgery! Ladies make sure to fill your prescription before surgery. Makes life easy.

Morning after

Well ladies! I survived thank god! I haven't slept and cant move. The pain is tolerable with the pain meds. My throat is killing me. My nurse is super awesome. I'm real comfortable and glad to be 8th a hospital. I haven't been able to see the results but as soon as can will post pics.


In the hospital

typo 2

Sorry the meds. As I can

24 Hours Later!

Ladies, this is no joke the pain is a 10 from the TT. The pain meds help alot. I have a huge band across my belly. Sore, aches, my throat is killing me from the tube, needle in my shoulder for the blood thinner. The doc put in 1000ccs in each cheeck, 5 liters of fat out of my back. I saw him for a few mins and I was too out of it to understand what he was saying. I'll see him before i leave tonight. The hospital is clean and nurses are nice. I can't stand up straight to take pics yet. I haven't seen my butt yet. As soon as i can i will post pics. Thanks ladies for the well wishes.

Day 2!

Last night was rough! I couldn't get off of bed to go to the bathroom.I finally made it to the bathroom but it was too late I peed all over the floor laugh out loud.I got the nurse to take one picture. I see my doctor on Monday is going to put the Garment on. I'll take more pictures then. the 1 pic I have definitely see projection but I can see definition.

Day 3

good morning girls! I'm feeling a bit better. I walked around a bit. Will have my bandages changed and clean my incisions today. The nurses never did and I will let my doc know this. I have my bestie and her family taking good care of me. Thank god for them. Ladies make sure you have good support because this is no joke. I can't stand up straight but I was able to sit on my tube for a few minutes to give my side a rest. No bowel movements yet I took another colace but at least I'm passing gas. Will update tomorrow! Healing is slow. I'm going to try and get outside for a few minutes and get some air.

Day 4

Hi ladies, just got back from my docs. He's an hour away so I had a friend drive me. It's very hot and once the ac kicked in I started coughing and "oh mother of god" the pain was bad. Needless to say shut the ac. My left drain was removed, fanny pack med ball as well and he put my garment on. I got to see my front and I can tell you that I'm happy with the results so far. I have an hour glass shape. I'm still very swollen so it will take some time to see the full results. I haven't needed a vicotin so far today. The pain has been bearable and the vic gives me headaches. So he prescribed Percosets. I'm trying to not to take the pills until necessary. No bowel movements yet but passing gas which is good. He put in a back board to ease my lower back. I'm walking Lil better but it's difficult. I can only lay on my sides but once I'm comfortable it's good. I have my follow up this Friday and my 2nd drain should be removed hopefully. I have my first app for my massages Saturday which I hope helps with the healing. All and all I'm happy and we shall see what my buttons looks like week to week. Lol I'm wearing depends! Don't want an accident ;)

Day 5

I took a vicotin at 2:30am and felt better. I'm still pretty sore and tender. My butt feels like a big square box. I hope when the swelling goes down I'll see results. My 6 yr old picked up my depends and starting laughing, asking
Who's diaper. Omg I can't laugh cuz it hurts but I needed the chuckle cuz I'm all over the place with my emotions. Resting and healing.......

Day 6

I finally had a bm today and it felt good. Still sore and tender but moving around alot better. I can't over do it like I did yesterday I couldn't sleep last night. My butt still swollen and tummy. My right drain should be removed this Friday. Healing and recovering! :)

Day 7

1 week today. I'm able to move around a Lil better. I go back to work in a few days. I hope I can get thru the 2nd week while at work. My job is not a sitting job at a desk but walking a bit. Praying my pain subsides

1st massage

I got my first massage. It felt good. She was being very gentle because my sx was a week away. She ended It With parafin Wax. It was 85.00 for an hour. The 5 package is 300.00. The masseuse said my doc did such a good job that I will heal in no time and I didn't need more than 5 massages. I took off my garment to wash while I was getting my massage which I found out its a big no no cuz I'm only suppose to have it off 1 hour or I swell up more. She recommended "ubre De vaca" which is stronger than arnica cream. I found it at Rite Aid and the smell is strong but it's working! I'll take some pics tomorrow.

pain cream

Life saver

Funnel from auto zone and one of my best purchases. Ladies trying to get to the bathroom, squatting and getting off the garment is crazy! I use it in the bucket by my bed when I can't wait. $2.00 :)

Back to work!

Hi my rs sisters! Um it was a very long day at work. I don't have to sit and I walk alot in my job but driving was cray! I'm using a yoga Matt to sit on between my lower back killing me, my buttons sore, my garment giving me a wedgy from hell it wasn't so bad. Seriously ladies you need a minimum of two weeks before u go back to work. Walking around wasn't bad and actually good to get out of bed. You can't push recovery. Please take it easy cause I'm paying for it. Will post again soon!

2 weeks today!

Hey ladies! I saw my doc yesterday and he took out my last drain. He said I'm healing fine. I took a shower and it felt awesome. Since last night I've been in a lot of pain and today was worse. I took 2 pain medication cuz I couldn't take it. I took some pics and my butt looks big a nd bigger in person. I hope it stays!

New pics

New pics of my new shape

New pics

New curves

Still stiff

Well ladies, I'm better but I can't go a day without a pain medicine. At least I went from 4 a day to 2. I went out for a few hours yesterday but went home early. No alcohol until I'm a 100%. Seeing my doc tomorrow. I'm still very stiff. The massages are definitely helping.


Hi ladies, feeling better but still stiff keeping up with the massages. Will post pics soon

Feeling alot better

Well my bbl sisters it's 2 months and im moving around alot easier. My tummy is healing well. I did lose some volume in my butt but still have my lady lumps lol. I pray I dont lose any more. My lower back is still stiff. Here is a pic
Newark Plastic Surgeon

Dr was pleasant and very informative and his staff is awesome

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