40 Year Old No Booty Having Soon-To-Be Alkon Doll! - Linden, NJ

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Ok Real Selfers, So I went for my consultation...

Ok Real Selfers, So I went for my consultation with Dr. Alkon in Linden NJ on February 12, 2016. Everyone I encountered was really nice and very professional, I have researching the procedure for over a year but just could not make up my mind to have it done. After 2 previous consultations with other doctors I found Dr. A by accident when doing more research, once I checked his board certification, read some reviews, saw some pics of previous patients and realized the price includes the surgical fee, anesthesia fee, hospital fee (yes, procedure is done in a hospital), pre-testing, office visits after procedure, and 1st garment I decided to call for the consultation. I went back & forth with my decision for a few days & then I said screw it, I'm going to do this for me! So now I am scheduled for pre-testing March 25 and my procedure is April 6. I am soooo excited! but I am sure I will need some support to calm my nerves as I get closer to my procedure date. I will post my pics taken when I go for pre-testing so...Pics To Follow!

40 Year Old No Booty Having Soon-To-Be Alkon Doll! - Linden, NJ

Just a couple wish pics!

40 Year Old No Booty Having Soon-To-Be Alkon Doll! - Linden, NJ

Another wish pic but this 1 is a bbl done by my Dr.

40 Year Old No Booty Having Soon-To-Be Alkon Doll! - Linden, NJ

OMG! Blancaconculo your pics are everything, I'm sorry but I had to use them for my wish pics!

Really Bad Before Pics!

Ok, I don't know how you ladies are getting these pics done alone because as you can see my pics suck! : ) These are just for now, I will post better pics after my pre-test appt. Just please bear with me!

Pre-Op Testing, Done

Ok, so I completed all pre-op testing yesterday. 1 1/2 weeks and I will have my sx, I am so anxious, no nerves yet but most likely they will start soon. So I am posting the pics taken at the Drs' office yesterday, they are black and white and they were printed on paper so I took a pic of the pic, that's why they look the way they do.

BBL Pillow Or Booty Buddy For Sale?

Hello Ladies,
Is anyone passed their recovery and would like to sell their BBL Pillow or Booty Buddy for a reasonable price?


4 days to go!!! I can't wait to begin my recovery. I spent the morning in Walmart picking up my recovery supplies. A lil help for those of you who haven't shopped yet, go to the vitamin shoppe for arnica pills or tablets or order online because I couldn't find them in any store or pharmacy. I went to the vitamin shoppe (last stop of course) & was back out of the door in minutes. I think I may have OD'd on the scar products. I bought silicone strips, scar gel, bio oil, & Palmer's scar oil! ???? I am going to try the whole cut the bottom out of the folding/camping chair thing, so I picked up 1 & was surprised it was only $6. I was really upset bcuz, last week when I went to Walmart, there were sweatpants & scrubs for $5 & $6, of course when I get there today, those things were nowhere to be found! I have my water, Gatorade, pineapple juice, & V8 healthy greens juice. Food shopping up next, have to make sure I have absolutely everything I need bcuz sx is Wednesday & I see Dr. Alkon on Friday. My boo is going to be with me the day of & the next. A friend is taking me Friday (I will be getting my 1st massage at that visit) & then I'm on my own the following days until I go back to work. I took 3 weeks but am hoping to only use 2. I may be quite annoying these last days leading up to my sx but will try not to be. ????????


I'm sitting here trying to figure out how I am going to get these massages done. There aren't many places near me that do them. I want to go to Rejuve Face & Body but they are pretty much booked & the times available in have no way to get there. I may have to do recovery without massages but that makes me nervous about edema & lumps. I don't know what the hell I'm gonna do! Anyone know of massage therapist who comes to client's home in NY, preferably Westchester?

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow!

OMG, I can't believe tomorrow is the day! I am so tired right now. I'm running around the house trying to make sure I have everything together because I have to leave so early in the morning. 6 A.M. I have to be at the hospital, I am a lil aggravated tho because my boo/ride for tomorrow hasn't shown his face yet. I'm really trying not to blow up his phone & tell him get his a** here right now! He has until I get out of the shower & then it's on! No lotion for tomorrow but I'm not going to put any on tonight either & as dry as my skin will be after this shower I might just cut him, it would serve him right for making me stress right now! : ) I will probably update 1ce before I go in & then I will update again as soon I am feeling up to it. Pray for me dolls!

BBL Day!

Good Morning Dolls,
So I'm at the hospital all IV'd up & ready to go. Got here a lil early & have been sitting & getting questioned. 1 1/2 hours & I AM STARVING! : ) Update u guys later, keep the prayers going please. I'm on my way to booty land! YYYYAAAAAY!

Home Sweet Home (Usually)

I did a review 1ce I made it home but it didn't post & deleted instead so this will be a bit abbreviated. Left home for the hospital about 5 a.m. Got to the hospital & checked in, chilled talking to my boo until I was called to the back to prepare for sx about 7 a.m. IV was placed, went over all the ?s I answered on the 25th. Started about 8 a.m. I think. I remember walking into the room & getting on the table & that is all until I woke up in recovery with the anesthesiologist & a few nurses standing over me, apparently there was an issue with 1 lung & my beathing. SX was complete between 11 & 11:30 but I didn't fully awake until about 2 & we headed home. Did pretty good 1ce home, walking around, no really bad pain, just bad soreness. Compression garment didn't stay clean very long! : ) Today is pretty close to yesterday, moving around, bathroom on my own. This board is killing me though, swollen of course & the garment is causing numbness in my newly formed Butt cheeks. : ) So far I am really pleasantly surprised at how lil pain I am having, not to jinx it or anything : ) I have my 1st appt with Dr Alkon tomorrow morning and I will ask how much removed & how many CCs injected. For some reason the pics will only post sideways from my phone.

1st Post-Op

Today was my 1st post-op with Dr. Alkon. He says everything is looking good. I did have fever yesterday but no biggie. I'm still really swollen but even with the swelling I like what I see so far. Had my 1st massage with Isabelle & it was torture! She was as gentle as could be but a lot of fluid had settled & she had to work it to loosen it. It was hard to stand thru but I feel a great deal better now. Trying to make an appointment locally for Monday but haven't gotten a response yet. Dr. told me my numbers in liters so according to my calculations, he removed about 4000 cc's & used about 1000 per cheek. Now I just have to wait for the softening because right now they feel like basketballs, they are so hard. I wasn't going for a big booty, it was more about the lipo & I figured since I was going to remove the fat, I might as well use some of it. I'm really glad Dr. Alkon listened & understood everything I explained as far as the results I was seeking. So Far, So Good!

Do Yourself A Favor

Please, Please, Please schedule your massages ASAP! I know you are reading this in many different reviews but this is important. In my case, it was a lil difficult to do because there aren't many options close or convenient to my home, only 2 to be exact. My original plan was to go to Rejuve Face & Body Spa but looking at the fact I'm pretty much on my own it's just not realistic for me to get there. I ssssoooooo wanted to, the reviews are awesome! Another RSer soontobemrs told me to check healthprofs & that was great, it's where I found the 2 near me. Shout out to soontobemrs who has been an amazing support throughout this process! So grateful for that! So I called & was able to schedule my massage for today. My 1st massage was yesterday at my 1st post-op, & it hurt like I can't even describe but afterwards I felt like a different person. I could move with no soreness. Before the massages you could see where the fluid was sitting as lumps & they were extremely tender to touch. Once the fluid is worked on the soreness is gone, until the fluid "settles" again (that's what I call it). It's just much better to get the massages, in my opinion. Be prepared tho, that 1st massage is BRUTAL!!!! My local masseuse Nathalie is AMAZING!!! I've already decided to continue seeing her when I'm done with the lymphatics. So far, I still have no appetite & wanted to be a warrior so I decided to take the bus to my appt. BAD DECISION!!! I was so weak on the bus & while doing all that moving around. I really felt like I was going to pass out, I'm averaging 1 meal a day because I just have no appetite whatsoever. Not Good. We'll I think that's everything for now. If I remember anything else, I'll be back! (In my Arnold Schwarzenegger voice) : ))

One Week & One Day Out

So today is my 8th day post. I saw Dr. Alkon yesterday & based on our conversation I don't think I'm going to get the results I wanted when it comes to my stomach. Not his fault, he's great, it's an issue with my body & my wanted results don't seem possible. This is not what I was told, mind you, just what I came up with on my own after I replayed our conversation. On to other things, I totally over shopped when buying supplies, I have so many things I did not need. Since there is no way to know ahead of time I'd rather have & not need than need & not have! Tomorrow I have another massage & I can't wait, Nathalie's hands are amazing, she's so gentle yet so effective. I feel like a different person when I leave her! My appetite is finally back & my energy levels stays up longer. I was considering going back to work next week but my boo told me to stop rushing it, I decided he may be right but I won't make my final decision until Monday morning. I purchased a smaller garment yesterday & am hoping to get into it tomorrow after the message. I have so ooooohhhh much foam in my current garment & the board, it's a bit ridiculous. I think that's about it for now, so until next time!

A Lil Help Please

Can someone please tell me when the swelling ended? I'm only a week & 2 days post-op but am just wondering. I like where my backside is now & am seriously hoping I don't lose too much but this future, while it is still swollen, I am very nervous that it will not go down much more. I know everyone is different & so is their journey but I'm grasping at straws, so give me a break! : )

Back To The Grind

Today is my 1st day back at work & I was originally going to be working in my regular spot, which requires me to stand most, if not all of the day. My luck, they switched me for the day to a spot that is pretty much sitting! : ) I had to see the humor in it. So here I am standing while I am typing this & looking crazy for standing when there is absolutely no reason to be! Gotta Love It!

4 Weeks Post-Op

Yesterday was 4 weeks since my sx, & my 3rd appt with Dr. Alkon. He says I'm healing nicely, fat is still alive, & I'm cleared for light workouts. Will still wear garment & not sit w/o booty buddy, at least another month, probably 2. I really am over the garment & not sitting but I definitely want the best results I can get! I am getting a lot of attention, I did get attention before but this is just a whole other level! : ) I finally told my family I had the sx, the reactions were very interesting! 1 brother laughed because a friend just had it done & he found it amusing that we both had it, I found out his wife wants a BA & that was/is going to be his surprise Christmas gift to her! They are so cute. The other brother was rain on a sunny day but I found out his wife's sister just had hers done but it seems hers didn't turn out too well. SMH. I, however, am very happy with my result & am trying to hold on to as much of it as I can! 2 Thumbs Up Dr. Alkon!!!

9 weeks post-op

OMG, 9 weeks since my sx & I am sitting without my booty buddy for the first time as I type this review! I really love my results! I just got in from seeing Dr. Alkon, he says I'm still inflamed but other than that everything looks really good. I thought I would be rid of the garment but alas, that is a no-go! He says I need it to reduce the inflammation & it will improve my results even more : ( On to happier news, I am starting my boot camp classes this Saturday with an ex co-worker & I am soooo excited, this guy is an awesome trainer, can't wait : ))

Booty Buddy Discount

I received a discount code in my email, not sure how long it will work, so those of you planning to get a booty buddy should try the code asap!
Newark Plastic Surgeon

Very nice, informative, and professional during consultation.

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