Bilateral Breast Augmentation ~ 2nd Surgery by Dr. Alkon! - Linden, NJ

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I can't believe at one time I was entirely against...

I can't believe at one time I was entirely against plastic surgery, along with "un-natural" looking boobs, but in less than a week I'm going for 600cc High Profile bazookas lol To help my Doctor to better visualize my dream size I told him that I wanted to put a "butt on my front"! Yes: colossal-cleavage, cup-runneth-over, bra-busting boobies! My deflated, negative A-cup raisinettes will be no more by next Tuesday! Time to get my beach body back ;) I am petrified going so big for the first time, but I'll get over it. . . hopefully.

Chitter Chatter Chit

Goes my teeth against my nails. . I'm literally dropping bricks as I near surgery! Ugh. . Can the days pass any quicker?

Just Had Surgery!

Omg! I can't believe how good I feel! After reading all of the reviews on post operative aumentions I have to say I thought I would suffer the same fate: muscle/skin burning, grogginess, and just plain miserable pain period! But, nope! I really did gain from no pain!! But also depends on your surgeon. You just can't have jack the ripper slicing through your muscles! Especially if youre fluent with them - like me with pole fitness. Doc was a complete package of greatness, creativity, and precision. Actually, words cant explain how phenomenal this Being is! I got out of surgery around 12pm or so I just got back from outside and I'm feeling so good! Tony the tiger great! So far only took one percocet and one vicodin, I just feel like ive done loads of pullups, but THAT IS ALL. I freaking love my Doctor! Now, for the healing process! "I'm bringing sexy back" - J Timberlake mood right here ;)

Post-Op Pics

Very Athletic Build
Bus Driver, Model, and Pole-Fessional


I don't feel to confident taking the sports bra off for picture taking so for now I'm keeping it on until the girls heal up a bit more!


Still no pain, only mild discomfort. On top of all my meds - that helps a ton!

1 Week Post-Op

I had a visit with my Doctor - I received a breast garment to help my breasts drop. I've also been given the "go" to start massaging my breasts. The pain related with the garment was the most I've experienced thusfar! I can see a great difference in my breasts after just hours with the garment, hence high hopes for a quicker "drop & fluff" than average *fingers crossed* lol I still don't feel comfortable enough taking the braless post op pics. It kinda bothers me in those awkward postitions to take the pic, anyway. Besides, I want to give the girls a chance to heal well, starting with prolonged bra-wear. Closer and closer to final results each day :)

1wk post operative garment

More Pics

Feeling great!

This Pic didn't upload w/ the rest

Bra-Less Pics are Here!

I felt it was time to take some braless pics ;)

More Pics ;)


I was approved last wednesday to stop wearing compression garment, and also going braless and side sleeping - although Ive been sleeping like that since 2 days post op! The garment was hurting only one of my breasts, but it did provide improvement for the first two days of wear. .My implants will be dropping naturally the rest of the way, also confirmes by my Doc. . I get so many compliments and I just feel
so much more sexier! Too bad I dont have a significant other to show them off to :( oh well. . Im bad all by myself!


Shucks. . .

The left breast that was hurting me before ended up being re-operated on yesterday morning at 4am! I noticed a "sloshy" liquid-like feeling, and little pain in the breast post but I thought it would subside. While enjoying myself at work, my stitches came clean apart! I immediately disinfected the area with my first aid and didn't panic, until I got in a cab - and then I freaked. To top that off, I was refused a ride to New Jersey, plus I left two trains that were not going to my stop. I got off 10 minutes away from my Doc's office, meanwhile it's almost midnight and I interrupted his dinner. I felt so awful! I could only imagine that I've annoyed him beyond working with me in the future! He arrived with another Doctor, who's night also got ruined, and we got to the office in one piece. The implant was exposed, but he said the area and pocket was clean. I got temporarily stitched up, and driven to the hospital stat. I went into surgery around 2 or 3 am. The implant and pocket were both cleaned and treated with antibiotics and a drain was also inserted. I am to have the drain for one week, and some extra support stitches with gauze for two. My Doc is a Superman. He's always there when in need. By the way, I am so happy I didn't listen to others that told me to shop for price, or medical tourism. You get what you pay for, wherefore I care about my body and it's health and so does my incredible Doctor. Even if prices changed down the years, I would still remain loyal because he is worth it! Truly my Hero. It shouldn't get more complicated than this, but in the even that it does, at least you have a great Doctor in your corner but a phone call away :)


1 day Post Op

What can I say? I'm really infatuated with the Surgeon's knife lol . . My right boobie needed some tlc too, and tender love and care it recieved; yesterday morning had some heavy duty germ killing pills also known as antibiotics, stitches were replaced, and a drain was installed. The left breast healed very well. Ill post pics after tomorrow when I get the drain removed. Shout out once again to my Hero, also known as Dr. Alkon but should be known as Superman. Words just can not express! (And for the best maybe they shouldn't, jk) But golly, aren't I so gosh darn special? Sucks to be me sometimes. #blah #nohashtagzone #whyamihashtaggingonrealself #bestbleepdoctor #lolbutsoonotfunny #okillstop

Going Monday

My left drain will be removed Monday. I had a very distressed week and couldnt deal with the rush hour pushing-shoving commute to the office. So Monday afternoon it is. Oh and here's a pic of the r/s opening I meant to post earlier.

Tummy Tuck Scar Revision

I haven't posted in a while; It has been a rough year hopefully ending with enough positivity to smoothe it out. So I have decided to go ahead with a scar revision for my tummy tuck. I am in the greatest shape I haven't felt since prior motherhood and it feels incredible! At full strength and zero limitations I conquer the pole and my personal training sessions ;) I have already been given a quote so I'm saving up to pay in full by early November in time for a December 4th surgery date *fingerscrossed* Here are some photos in the meantime, enjoy

12/2/15 Scar Revision

So today I was in the OR for scar revision of TT and BA. I still feel groggy - not to mention naiseous - and I have yet to pick up my scripts till tomorrow. The team that helped take care of me even toon a look and gave me positive feedback! That made me feel good since I hadn't seen the scars till I got home.

Surgical Scar Revision (EXCISION)

So 1 year and a couple kenalog injections later I ended up surgically revising my breast scar. I just wasn't happy with the end result and I knew what it would take. So I consulted with a different Surgeon from my home state and he performed the surgery (since my doc was pretty much fed up with me ^_^ I dont blame him after all we've been through) under local anesthesia. I already wrote a seperate review for this Doctor so here are some pics for blog's sake

Newark Plastic Surgeon

A phenomenal Doctor! Nothing less I would say!

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