350cc high profile overs 22yrs old

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So I thought I'd give this ago seen as a lot of...

So I thought I'd give this ago seen as a lot of stories on here have helped me so far!!
So I've had my consultation on the 12th July with Mr Yii who I've been told and searched is very good at his job.
He went through everything with me and says I have "small cone shape boobs" Mr Yii has advised me to have 330cc moderate + implants over the muscle that I'm happy with as he keeps saying I've got a small frame. I weight 9.5stone and I am 5ft6. They only thing I'm worried about is that I won't come out with the size I want which is 32DD/E Mr Yii said I should get the results I want. I am going to ask him when I go back and see him on the 4th septmeber if I can go to 360cc.
I am so excited about getting boobs as I've wanted them for so long!! I'm just so nervous about being knocked out.
I'll keep you all up to date but it's going to be a long prosses as my opp isn't till 26th september :( I wish it would hurry up lol

Second and final consultation

OK so today I went to see Mr Yii again to go over everything and make sure I'm happy. He told me he's ordered 300, 325 and 350 cc implants to play with on the day. I want to be a DD in the end. I've asked him to see which one looks best and have a play around with them on the day.
Because im having them over the muscle he said I had to understand that I will be able to see the implant but I want the fake look I know some don't but I love it!!
So I'm happy with everything it seems to be going well and the day is getting ever closer!
My pre opp is on the 14th September .
Mr Yii has been very understanding as to what I want my end result to be and he makes you feel at ease one very happy to be boob lady

Pre opp

So today I had my pre opp and got to ask any final questions and find out what I will need. I have to say all the staff are very friendly and just put you at ease. So everything is done now and just waiting for the 26th to come. I am not nervous I am just excited at the moment but when I go to the hospital on the morning I know I will be shitting a brick but excited at the same time. I just want my big boobs now.
I will post photos of before and after pics just haven't got round to doing that yet.
I am just now hoping I have made the right decision and I hope I'm happy at the end of this all


OK so I've looked at other peoples stories and everyone looks so happy and pleased with their decision. I just hope I've made the right one.
I am hoping to be a 32DD at the end of my journey. Mr Yii is going to try 350cc and see what they look like he even says with 325cc I will be a DD I just hope he's right :-/

5 days and counting!!

So just 5 days before the big day for me. I'm so nervous but excited at the same time its such a weird feeling lo . So tomorrow is my last day off before my opp so I need to go into town and get everything sorted ie PJs and other stuff. Just wondering any of you lovely ladies that have had their opp is there anything you would reccomend?

One more sleep!!

OK so my big day is tomorrow and safe to say I'm shitting myself!!! Im so excited but nervous the only thing that bothers me is being knocked out . I'll post a photo of my before and afters I just want it done now

I have boobies!!!

I've done it. I'm so happy I have boobs. Mysurgen and and everyone was lovely!!! Still can't believe I've done it!! Soooo happ . Will get better picture later

I'm home.

Ok so my PS came to me and told me had given me 350cc high profile implants as he thought they looked better on me than the mod + which I can not tell you all I'm so happy about as I was worrying a lot! I'm so happy and not in any pain just discomfort and tightness. I love my boobs already and can't wait for them to drop now

The dressings are off!!

So today I went to have my dressings of . Ow my god it feels so good now they are off!! I'm so happy with the way my boobs have turned out they are amazing. My boyfriends reaction when we left was ow my they look wench!! He loves them!!
I'm now 6 days post opp and feel amazing my left boobs is my sore than my right but my left is still quite swollen but that will go down . I'm not taking any painkillers as I'm not in any pain and last night was the first night I had slept all the way through there is light at the end of the tunnel but it is sooooo worth it!!

Photos and a before one too

3 weeks post opp

Ok I've not wrote anything for a while so it's time for an update. I'm now 3 weeks post opp and love my new boobs. I'm so happy with the result and so happy my PS chnahed his mind on the day from moderate plus to high profile. He is truly amazing at his job!!

My boobs have now dropped a bit but still got a long way to go and they have softened so much its crazy!! My boyfriend think that they are amazin .

I started to feel like myself again after 2 weeks I hated the bloating belly with all of the tablets I was taking I didn't really take any pain killers as I wasn't really in any pain apart from when I woke up. I'm so glad I am not at that stage of waking up with painful boobs in the morning.

I've tried on a 32DD and this is still quite tight so I'm at a 32E at the moment but I'm still waiting for the swelling to go down. I have started back at the gym this week and it feels so good . I'm not going crazy just doing some running cross trainer abs and leg work outs my PS said I was fine to do so just use my brain and don't push myself too hard.

I am so happy I finally had my boobs done its made me so much more happy and everyone can see how its made me feel so much more confident and my boyfriend compliments me all the time! One happy custome .

3 week post opp pictures

1 month on!!

I am back at the gym I'm just not doing any upper weights I'm doing mainly cardio and leg workouts. I love my boobs they are amazing and massive!
I have healed well my scars I couldn't be happier with I just love what a great job my PS has done for me!!!

Nearly 3 months

I love my boobs more and more each day. They are totally amazing and love them so much. Mr Yii has done an amazing job. I've had no complications or any worries. The process has been smooth and the care was great. I love it now I can buy sexy bras again. They have given me so much more confidence. I would never go back to my old boobs.

I am very happy I chose Mr Yii he is a great surgeon and he has done an amazing job for me! He listened to what I wanted and he wouldn't let me do anything he thought was going to look stupid on my frame. He changed his mind about size and style of implant on the day and I'm so pleased he did as I got the results I wanted and has made me a very happy lady!! I would highly recommend him to anyone!!

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