One year on, Lovely result, normal problem free healing, wanting to encourage others to do it!!!

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Hi everyone, I am self funding private surgery in...

Hi everyone, I am self funding private surgery in the UK, second time for me as I had a reduction on the NHS 37 years ago, then went from about 34H to 34D. I had an incision I can now find no information on - like a vertical line reduction only my line was horizontal, scar round nipples and sideways onto my ribcage. Really excellent result, was a 34D after surgery. Met my surgeon today and he was amazed by this incisision and clearly trying to work out how it had been done, and most importantly, implications for the pedicle. He will try to maintain a pedicle, but if he has concerns about blood supply during surgery, he will switch to a free nipple graft. I had done my research so expected this.
Last time I remember having drains in and it being painful when they were pulled out, also having the suture from internal stitches stick so that they could not get it out, still a bit of blue plastic thread in there somewhere! I remember being anaemic after surgery but having no ill effects from taking iron, and my bruising slipping with gravity so my boobs were not sore but it felt like someone had jumped up and down on my lower ribs.
Over the years I have put on weight, I breastfed my second child and also my breasts got even bigger at the menopause. I am not massively overweight with a BMI of about 26.5 but even when I lose weight it does not come off my boobs. I am 5'8.5" with narrow shoulders, waist seems to have disappeared with the menopause, I measure 44-35-41 and hope to end up more like 39 -34-41, pretty well a standard size 16, 36G+ bra. I am a 14-16 in jeans but 20 on top and one of the main reasons for the op is that my boobs make all of me look size 20! I am having my op done in Lincoln UK on 3rd January - neither of my student sons expects to be home for Xmas. This time round I am expecting dissolving stitches, hopefully no drains. I may even lose the original scar tissue as part of the procedure. A friend of mine had the surgery in Edinburgh last saturday, was home next day and is taking daily walks and no painkillers after 2nd day. Re: our tummies she said on coming round it was a case of "the good news is, I can see my tummy.... the bad news is, I can see my tummy" ha ha!
I have asked for B - C cup but again was not surprised when surgeon said it could not be exact and might be nearer to a D cup.
Got a lovely supportive husband who will look after me, 2 nights in hospital expected.

For USA ladies

Just to say, i was using UK sizing in my post. I am hoping to end up a standard US size 14 which is a UK 16.

A step further….

Paperwork from hospital arrived today, pre-op checks on 23rd December, due in hospital 1pm on 3rd jan, so surgery quite late in the day…...

The weight of meat…..

Looking more closely at the hospital info I note that my surgeon is planning to remove 500g+ from each breast. Fine by me but kind of impressive when I look at packs of chicken breasts in the supermarket and note the weight of meat…..Be good to have less to carry around!!!! Did anyone else do this?

Experiment with those photos you hate

Here is a good example of a photo where you can blank out the boobs, and find you look 2 stones lighter straight away. Just try it on some of your photos, gives a great idea of how different you will look.

A work of art....

I took my before photo and with tippex and a pencil and created the boobs I want. Quite effective, I thought.......

To those of you who have been trying to track down my 1976 technique.....

Nobody has cracked it yet. I have scarring round me nipple and then sideways to my ribcage, as seen in this photo. very faint after 37 years of course!

Further from my surgeon

My surgeon has worked out that it is most likely that the my superior and medial pedicles would have been retained during my first surgery, which makes sense to me having found this diagram.

Trying on the post surgery options

Lots of you have posted pre-op photos in clothes so that this can be compared with after surgery. here am I trying on the selection of support vests and bras I've bought for use after surgery - I am 36/38 G+ and the front opening one is a 38c - plenty of optimism there! The white support vest almost caused me to do myself an injury as I struggled into it! Pre Op clinic appointment Monday 23rd, 15 days to go!


Far and away the best video I have seen of the type of reduction I am going to have, from the marking up to the internal and external stitching. They must do something very clever for there to be so little blood loss - anyone know about this???


Well I've provided urine and blood, had an ECG, blood pressure taken, height and weight recorded, swabs taken and a million questions asked about my health and lifestyle and barring any weird lab results, I am fit enough for the surgery. 11 days and counting!

A very happy Xmas

OMG....Husband and I agree only small presents this year so I give him a superman apron, sweets and some cooking accessories....he gives me a bag of numbered presents to be opened in order....chocolates, gourmet cheeses, candle holder....OMG its an iPad mini....OMG its the case with the built in keyboard....I actually stopped breathing for a moment. "It will be easier for you to use in the hospital and take better photos for you to post on the forum" he said. What a sweetheart!

For those asking about the menopause and breast growth

Hats off to my friend!

Some weeks ago I had to give my B cup BFF a talking to cos she said she did not think I needed the surgery. She is now convinced and this was reinforced today when I forced her to wear my bra on her head, ha ha!

Oh No!

Got a headache, sore throat and cough, husband has had a heavy cold the last week and I am terrified my surgery will have to be postponed. Going to be a total invalid in the hopes of beating it.

Useful info on what not to take close to surgery

Feeling rotten with this cold but not able to take any painkillers etc! Hope my bravery is not in vain!


Boo hoo, not a happy new year. Cold is worse with sore head and throat, puffy sinuses. Just bit the bullet and emailed my surgeon for his opinion on whether they are likely to operate as planned on Friday and whether there are any painkillers it is OK for me to take right now!

Light at the end of the tunnel

Sometimes you need bad news to make you appreciate good news. After having to postpone my surgery tomorrow due to a bad cold, I was offered 8th Feb as the new date, was really upset at the thought of waiting over a month and maybe having to let 2 friends down by cancelling a holiday for the beginning of March. After endless emails and phone calls I've just been offered 24th Jan, still 3 weeks ago but a whole 2 weeks earlier. You all know how much more you can heal over 2 weeks so all should be OK.

I feel truly awful and have a doctor's appointment tomorrow, not one to ask for antibiotics but that is what I am after as I have very sore sinuses, and at worst, that can take several weeks to clear on its own.

SIGH!!!! Those were the days

1990, aged 33, side 34DD on my wedding day, already 1 stone heavier than post surgery in 1976 ( to be honest my ribs stuck out then I was so thin). Planning to lose about 18lbs post surgery and take care of the tummy that has definitely grown a bit since 1990!!!!! But if I am not the girl I was, my husband had a lot more hair then, ha ha!!!!!

Inching Forward

Inching forward! New admission time on 24th now 8.45am, means I should be done by lunchtime, and that the pre-op nil by mouth will be a breeze. 9 days, something great about the days going into single figures, woohoo!

Almost there

Well I just checked the paperwork and started putting things out to pack for my hospital bag. It seems that although my admission time is 8.45am my surgery is not until 13.45pm, so it will be a long morning! I've been swimming 2 days in a row and plan to go again tomorrow, so feeling pretty good. Planning a steak dinner for tomorrow night to top up my iron levels, ha ha! My biggest anxiety at this stage is being disappointed - being bigger than I want and perhaps not a great shape. I did send some pics to my PS which he said were helpful and not unrealistic whilst at the same time there could be no guarantees. That seems fair enough. I think my husband is quite excited, he has said to me that he never was one for thinking bigger is better, I was 34D when we met. Nice to get a change after nearly 25 years of marriage! See y'all on the other side.

Learning to read things properly......

What a twit I am, I confused my admission time with my last food intake time, so admission is 1.45pm, and I can have breakfast tomorrow!!!!! What a Dumbo

I made it

Very sore and got some morphine in the mix, I think tht will be the lipo. been up to the loo and about to drink a cup of tea, very English! Got electric inflators on legs. had 410 off on side 520 off other plus around 100 mls fat lipo'd off each, surgeon thinks c to D. Too woozy ad dry mouth to b worth husband coming in, so spoke on the phone he will come to see me tomorrow. got a supportive dressing on and no bra. that will be situation for week, no drains. thanks for your kine thoughts and pratyers :) was given antbiotics.

typos for authenticity


my blue eyed boobs

feeling great now and not really sleepy but must try!

bit more coherent now....

surgery about 3.5 hours, marking up is a weird experience, did not like oxygen mask with anaesthetic but passed out just as it was distressing me. Woke up and it was dark outside and i was in pain, so given a morphine injection. too out of it and too late in the day to be any point in husband visiting but we did chat on the phone. he is coming in this morning with probiotic drink as I had antibiotics, and i will ask him to get arnica cream for the lipo bruises on my sides. no side boob problem expected!

Later on felt very well, thirsty and drinking a lot with frequent trips to the loo so they decided the electric leg squeezers could come off. it was very unpleasant eating a chicken sandwich because i had no saliva and my throat was sore, but by then I suspected that i was feeling shaky from lack of food rather than anything else. i also has some of the prune juice and pineapple i had taken in.

To correct the amount removed, i think it was 490 and 520 plus 100ml of fat per side. one nipple is sensitive, not so sure about the other, but no FNG. was immediately worried that this not that much but surgeon thinks possible C, D at largest. around 4am this hit home and i laid in bed with a silly grin on my face. i am already convinced looking in the mirror clothed that i look at least 20lbs lighter. tummy is podgy but does not look as bad as expected and i will work on it when i have recovered.

napped on and off all night, drank water and went to loo frequently. was very comfortable on my back. need my husband to get arnica cream for the bruising and remember a soft pillow for the car because i think they will send me home today. nurse just brought a change of sheets in, so that adds to my suspicions. just got IV needle taken out, that was pretty uncomfortable overnight!

One tiny blood spot round one nipple but otherwise clean and dry so far. have a bra dressing and no bra on, this will come off next friday when i can start wearing a sports bra, so a while to wait for the big reveal! lipo swelling could take 2 months to go down but I don't think it has really come up yet. with dressings on I measure 2" less than before surgery so the final reality should be much less.

so many kind wishes from everyone, much appreciated.

Upset stomach

Think I will have to come off ibuprofen ( Advil) for a while as I am experiencing nausea and indigestion. and stick to paracetomol (tylenol). So as well as being sore I am feeling downright unwell just now, but not anything that would suggest infection etc Hope I get a good sleep tonight! The antibiotics can also upset your system but those i will carry on taking.

Grrrrr.......tortured tummy troubles take two

thank you so much for your good wishes and advice. i have not taken any painkillers from 28 hrs after surgery, really don't need them . BUT man, am i having a tough time with the antibiotics! Had trouble sleeping last night with terrible stomach cramps, and full scale diarrhoea this morning. read the leaflet and it seems that as well as being taken at regular intervals, they need to be taken with food. in the normal way of things this only fits in with breakfast, so i have had to ask my lovely husband to put up with strange mealtimes for the next 4 or 5 days - dinner at 4pm and then i will eat the yoghurt with honey and nuts i usually have for breakfast just before i go to bed. i can see a funny side to this - have had major surgery but it's not really causing me any problems, whilst something as commonplace as antibiotics is flooring me! Have not heard of anyone else having this problem??????


i can't get over the difference with the royce post surgery bra - see me squeezed into it in my before photos

Exciting times

I noticed something exciting when changing into my night things just now - the thick bra tape is wrinkling suggesting that they are dropping already and swelling is reducing. Not bad for day 5. I cannot wait until Friday when the dressings come off. No pain, lipo bruising very colourful but not sore unless pressed! I am feeling optimistic about a good recovery and a lovely result.

I have narrow shoulders and am only band size 36 at 5'8" and 178lbs, so they look like the right size for my frame. I will lose weight after I have recovered but I already feel so much slimmer.

Exceeding all expectations!!!!

Well today was the big reveal. Having the dressing taken off was nothing like as bad as I thought, just the last bit that pulled on my lipo area and smarted for about an hour afterwards. After the main dressing, the nurse picked off steristrips over the incisions. She told me I would be wearing my bra with no dressings or taping at all, which amazed me. So what are they like ? AMAZING, I have looked at hundreds of post op pics online and for 1 week postop, they are unbelievable, especially the incisions. They have some swelling, some puckering and some lipo bruising on the sides but I know all those things will improve over time. The overall size and shape is great, including my cute little nipples. My husband looked a bit shell shocked, so I asked him whether they were what he expected, and he said "better". I came home and had a shower, drizzled hibiscrub over them with a sponge and patted them gently dry with kitchen paper towel. Husband says I have the boobs of an 18 year old. I am in my 38C postop bra and when the swelling goes down I think I will be a true C. Going to have a couple of glasses of fizz to celebrate tonight. Thanks to all of you that have shown such interest and support for my journey.


My surgical bra varies between being super comfy and too tight, so I seem to be going up and down with my swelling. Anyone got any good tips for this, don't want to take anti inflammatories so soon after surgery???


For those of you that think I have no bruising, here are some pics of my incisions and the lipo area. Plus a before and after for comparison. No complaints though, I am not in any pain, except this morning i stretched too far to dry my feet after my shower and that was a big ouch moment! Lesson learned Only seem to have a tiny bit of scar tissue from my first BR remaining on my sides but hard to tell with bruising and the fact that my old scars or so faded.

Scarring from first BR

Someone asked bout this and I now have managed to identify where it ended up! It is under my breast and runs down to meet the end of my new incision, meaning that at the end of the new incision words my underarm area I have anew scar virtually forming over the old scar.

Loving cute clothes

New pics taken this morning, the bra is so comfy I am going to wear it daytime and the surgical one at night. Little cardigan one size smaller than it should be, picked up the wrong size but it OK for post op. Then got latest pics of boobs including final shot showing new incision meeting with old scar and my lovely lipo bruising.

2 week update

All still great, saw PS today and can drive if I want, but not yet heavy exercise or swimming, should be cleared for that after my next post op on 4th April. Will get back to cooking and light household chores next week but still wary of reaching up to the washing line, pulling the vacuum cleaner around and wrestling with changing bedding. Don't want to get a hole after doing this well.

3 week update

All going smoothly but for the last 24 hours lefty has been feeling more bruised and swollen, the area either side of the incision down from the nipple is quite tender to the touch. Sensitivity in both nipples seems fine, it never was that great. Righty, which looked bigger, is now the softer and smaller of the 2, slight gapping in the bra. leads me to think that I will be my dream 36c when all the swelling has gone down. For a bit of fun I have added in 2 pics of a gorgeous wedding dress I managed to buy very cheaply with the intention of having a professional photographer take some really nice pics of husband and me for our silver wedding next year. I never had a dress like this first time and have never even tried on a ball gown, so it is a bit of a fantasy. I actually paid for the dress by selling things that no longer fit me!

So in conclusion, 3 weeks marks steady progress but now the impatience to see the final result. Have been sleeping on my side for 3 nights so am moving back in with hubby tonight but keeping spare bed made up incase that does not work out just yet.

4 weeks

4 weeks post op update, doing well despite having a slightly down, floppy day after doing too much yesterday. Dry itchy skin on the side of one boob from skin stretching, using cocoa butter lotion there. Still using bromeliad 3 - 4 times a day and have finally seen a 1 cm reduction in my overall measurement. Side lipo bruises quite faint now. More stitches falling off each day. I have one healed area on my left nipple that is perfect and hopefully a sign of things to come. Less nipple and incision puckering all the time.

More photos

Hit the post button before I had finished!!!

Slowly, slowly

My one disappointment was with the measuring tape....5 cup sizes smaller and healing great, so I know there is a huge difference. But for 4 weeks bust only measuring 2" less than before BR. Now gone down an inch!!! So since a lot of people have said it took 2 - 3 months for the swelling to go down and am hoping to get to the 4" smaller that I had set as a target in my own mind. Weight loss should help too, I have lost around 1 lb a week since surgery despite being inactive, am matching my inactivity to a low calories intake, around 1350 per day. PS says I can start swimming again in 2 weeks and I will try my weekly keep fit class in around 4 weeks.

5 weeks

5 weeks and all is well but more tired this week than before. Still tender lump on left side, various lumps and bumps on both around the incision areas. Amazingly good healing, incisions like a pencil line in places. Took 3 stitches out with tweezers this week, 1 cm long, I don't tug on them if they don't come easily! bruising now down 80% and I measure 1" less than post op.

Off on a city break to Krakow, Poland with 2 B cup buddies this Sunday.

6 weeks and need to take it easy!

I had a lovely time in Poland and am safely home now. I got a bit tired and felt a bit weepy on the last day, got 2 small holes at the T junction on my left breast and it was a bit achy, but now I am home and have been able to look at it, it is very minor and I think will be completely healed within a week. I just think I underestimated my lack of stamina. Having said that, I did OK and the really good news is that despite tripling my calorie intake with lovely food and drink over the 5 days, I only put on 1 lb, testament to the power of exercise. I was walking for 4 - 6 hours each day and obviously burned all the lovely Polish food off!!!!!

I can't see much difference in my healing this week, scarring round the nipples looking wider, blurrier and pinker but I think a lot of people experience that before it starts fading. The little holes will put back the swimming and keep fit a little bit but hopefully not by much.

New photos

Was asked to do some updated pics including showing my tiny healing hole so here goes. included some clothes photos, hard to believe I was wearing UK 20/ US 16-18 tops 6 weeks ago! New pink sweater bought on holiday in Poland. For anyone wondering I am mostly wearing 38D bras.

All healed and fun fun fun

At 7 weeks I feel pretty well back to normal and just hoping for scars to fade gradually. In the last few days my boobs have softened into a more natural shape with a bit more bulge at the sides, i think we would all like our high, firm boobs to stay like that but it is an artificial affect from swelling. The lumps and bumps seem to have smoothed out.

So at 57 I dared to buy a bikini top and posted it on another site, saying, can I get away with this? I got so much encouragement I have gone mad and got 2 bikinis and a tankini for my holidays, all chosen to be mix and match. I have taken photos, I think after 45 the secret is for the briefs not to be too tiny!!! I also pose a pic of me in my sports bra that I ordered pre-op. It is so tiny I kept the packaging thinking I would need to sell it on, but it seems to fir. I am planning to go swimming for the first time tomorrow and try my keep fit class the week after.

I have lost 7 lbs since surgery, the same amount it took all last year to lose. I am going to try to lose another 15 lbs to get me down to around 158 lbs which I have not been for almost 10 years. Still far heavier than I was in my 20's and 30's but if I lose too much my face and neck will sag.

Softening and dropping but still happy

OK, so they are no longer super perky and the dropping has led to a little bit of side bulge, but They are still wonderful. I am nowhere near ready for wired bras, trying a few on felt very odd and like many people, I think I have fairly wide shallow boobs that will make fitting slightly challenging, but then it always was before my BR. I have shown a bra I do get along well with, bought on sale for £2/ $3 they now have it in white at the full price of £8/ $12 at Matalan in the UK. I am back swimming and will be trying keep fit in my tiny weeny sports bra tomorrow. The ladies there know about my surgery so it will be interesting to see how they react to the new me, if at all!! Brits can be very "polite"!!!! No further weight loss this week and i am out to lunch twice next week including a day out in London to see the stage show "war Horse". The frustrating thing is that since Jan 2013 I have lost 13lbs and when it is 14lbs, it is what is known as a stone in the UK i.e. someone weighing 140lbs here is described as weighing 10 stones, so it is a real marker! So I can't weight to be 1 stone lighter than I was, and then to lose another stone.

4 weeks until my holiday in Greece where hopefully the weather will be good enough for the bikini and some pretty dresses.

Finally, especially for my surgery twin Raboobsel, I have decided to christen my 1976 BR technique " Horizontal lollipop". My scars from that go further round my sides than this time round.

For those new to my review who don't want to have to read the lot!!!!!!

Hi, here is a sequence summarising my journey from 38G to 38D at age 57, 37 years after my first BR.

10 weeks, check up...surgeon does not want to let me go!!!!!

10 weeks and saw my surgeon today, normally quiet he was all smiles and told me I looked great and noticed I had lost weight! He took after photos. I told him I was going to write him a testimonial and that I had recommended him to a couple of people, he said around 50% of his ops were via personal recommendation. He asked about seeing me again, so I said "Do I really need to?". A few minutes later he said " So shall I see you in 3 months time?" and I thought, he must like seeing my result as much as I do, so back to see him early July!!!

So the boobs have softened and I have bought a couple of wired bras to put in the drawer that are 36DD, was getting 38D previously but I am kind of between band sizes and the continued weight loss should reduce my "back fat". The scars are looking good and starting to fade. I still have a little swelling and tenderness to the sides from the lipo. One nipple has sensation and reacts, the other reacts but so far no sensation.

I am almost back to my usual amount of swimming, once a week keep fit class, and I feel wonderful. I am really keen to draw attention to my review as a normal, successful BR, as sites like this are more sought out by people with problems than those without them, giving a rather false impression of how common it is to have problems and pain issues. It is so important not to frighten off woman who really need this surgery whilst at the same time offering support and advice to those having a rough time.

Off to Greece on holiday soon with DRESSES and BIKINIs !!!!! What Joy!!!!!

3 months and a touch of the fuzzy wuzzies

All well at 3 months, lipo swelling almost gone. Sometimes the side stiffeners on non-wired bras dig in a bit just where the bruising is. Planning to try wired bras in another month, have gone from 36/38 G to 36 DD which is a cup size bigger than I would like to be but a great result anyway. My scarring is frustratingly dark in places and I have blossoming fuzzy scarring round my nipples. However, I have included a pic of a scar to my knee from a scrape last summer - it is still a dark purple colour so I think I just have to accept that the slow scar fading is the one area where age catches up with me. I can sleep on my front now and the last couple of nights switched to a thinner pillow which seems to be helping my back and neck pain.

2 kind of unrelated things - firstly spoke to my GP about those annoying bladder issues that seem to happen as you grow older and he seems to think I will need an operation. Having checked out my local NHS hospital data there is no way anyone in my area is operating on me! A chance to test out the right to choice we are supposed to have, want to go to a large academic teaching hospital 2 hours away despite the travel issues. May not need the op at all but have to express my choice at initial referral.

Finally, have put up pics of my first ever gel nails ready for my holiday to Greece this week. It strikes me that a manicure and gel nails would be a great pick-me-up post op. Something for those of you feeling fed up to think about - get out of the house and get pretty hands while you are getting a rest from the housework, Ha ha!

Sunbathing in a bikini!

Here are my bikini marks boobs on holiday at 3.5 months. i have a jacuzzi bath this week and have been getting the jets to massage my boobs quite aggressively, which has felt good. i also bought some local avocado oil products which are supposed to be good for scar reduction and are lovely to use. i am bigger than i would have liked at 36dd but hope to drop a cup size by losing another 15 lbs by christmas. strange marks on photos are drops of water on the mirror!

4 months, nit picking but still happy, starting on the wired bras

4 months and I have had small wobbles to do with being too picky - boobs a cup size bigger than I wanted, boxier now they have dropped, one nipple higher than the other and higher than I would like, scars still pretty red. But overall, I am still delighted and have started on the Playtex tonique bra which has a sort of plastic support band rather than a wire. I can feel it sitting on my ribcage, but wired bras have always done that. I have always been fussy about having a good lifted and separated shape and think underwires are going to be the best way for me as dd is not small (although it is very acceptable and within the normal range). Also had a wobble putting on 8lbs on holiday, but already got 2 lbs off in less than a week and know I will not stop until I get to 28lbs lighter than I was January 2013. Overall feeling more body confident, so much so I just ordered net curtains for the bedroom, ha ha!!!!!!

Feel that I did not emphasise enough earlier in my review how wonderful the Bromelain was for reducing swelling the first 2 months. I was skeptical but am a total convert now.

I am using bio oil and avocado oil on my scars and just have to be patient about them fading, I think this is to do with age. Any scar on my body now takes longer to fade than they used to.

I am still on a mission to persuade my US sisters that they over medicate with the encouragement of the doctors and end up taking pills to undo the side effects of other pills. If you rest and do the right things this should not be a painful recovery and you should be off pain meds within days, bot taking them for weeks. As long as we are clean and infection free, nature heals best through rest, good diet and drying incisions out in the fresh air.

Age is a privilege denied to many........

I need to remember this when I look at the way my boobs have softened, which has also allowed my stretch marks to become more obvious although push up bras make them disappear, which is handy in lower cut tops.( never got stretch marks on my tunny through 2 pregnancies) Have been debating whether iPad selfies make your boobs look bigger than they are, so these pics were taken by my husband with a proper camera. this is brave because although his landscapes are great, I swear nobody is worse at photographing people, and in particular me!!! They certainly show that I need to lose another 15 lbs but make me think what the hell did I look like when I was 15 lbs heavier than I am now!!!

So can wear wired bras now although it is nice to have soft bra days. About to join a gym, still losing weight on a 1200 calorie target with protein at every meal and hardly any carbs - it works for me.

Next week is my appointment for my bladder problems, if they can fix that I will feel like a new, younger woman!!! I got new glasses this week and my prescription had changed a lot, so it is like "Whoah! hello sharp focus world".

Not bothering so much with oil on my incisions, the colour change is just going to take time and is a worthwhile price to pay. But I did enjoy those high porn star boobs at 3 weeks!!!!!!

So some things just come with being almost 60, but I saw a thing that said "if you feel like complaining about ageing, just think of all those who never had the privilege" Particularly apt as we remember D day 70 years on.

Clothing fun

Here are a few more pics of clothing that has made me smile, I hope they make you smile too. Last pic is from a fundraiser at the pub, for all the ladies who think their tummies look too big!!!!!

put the clock back please

family wedding 2 years ago, spot the lady needing a BR who should have crossed her arms in front of her boobs, not held them behind her!!!!! How i wish the picture could be taken again

What a difference

OK, now i have yesterday's photo at my son's graduation to compare with the wedding 2 years ago - one G to D BR and 18 lbs lighter, what an improvement. I hope this gives others encouragement, I am still losing weight so it will get even better!

Scar fading at last

At last there are areas around my nipples and on my incisions that are whiter and fainter than other areas, hopefully showing what all the scarring will fade too. It has taken a while due to my age, I think, younger women see the fading far more quickly in many cases. I am loving my smaller boobs and having lost some weight, really enjoying clothes. By the end of this year I hope to hit my target weight and get my BMI down below 24 from 28 when I had my surgery. I am being lazy and not using anything on the incisions.

It is nice that a couple of ladies in the UK are planning to use my surgeon for their BRs

Plan to update less often now but hope my review has been helpful to you.

6 months update - 38G to 38D

Just a few days early as I am running training Mon - Tues and then off to Bruges with my friend for a girly city break.

Still pleased with my result, not perfect but pretty good and my scarring issues I think are to do with my age and will sort out over time. I saw my lovely surgeon for a check up and he wrote to my GP saying my scars were "somewhat hypertrophic" so I now know the right word for what I called "fuzzy".

I have stretch marks on my breasts which I have tried to show, but also that the lift given by a good bra makes them disappear, so they do not show in low cut tops. We are having a heatwave and it was bliss to wear a thin cotton top with no bra all day yesterday.

My main learning and tips for ladies yet to complete this process are:

This is not usually painful surgery and getting off medications and letting nature do it's work is the best way - keeping things dry and letting the incisions air, preventing post op constipation using prune juice and reducing swelling using Bromelain 3 - 4 times a day between meals.

Be well informed and be realistic in order to have a positive experience. People frequently panic about perfectly normal healing experiences such as fluid weeping, lumpiness, spitting stitches, zingers etc but there is lots of information on this site to reassure you.

Rest and keeping your elbows by your side are key to the first 2 weeks of recovery and you may well need help, especially if you have young children or pets.

Wired bras are a no - no until 4 months post recovery, and whatever bra you use during recovery, do not let anything rub on your incisions, padding areas with cotton wool etc if necessary.

A healthy diet including lean protein at every meal helps with recovery and weight loss. It is easier to lose weight post op although losing it pre op helps a lot with anaesthetic safety etc if you can do it.

This is not a cosmetic procedure even though the results can improve your appearance hugely. It is for back pain, rashes, shoulder grooves etc and is about making you normal. Don't let anyone make you feel you should not have done this or taken time off work for it. Any partner that only loves you for your abnormally large boobs deserves to be dumped.

Good luck to everyone, I hope you all share in my mammoplectstacy!!!!

Blood blister

Just back from a wonderful few days away in Bruges with my friend, lots of walking in hot temperatures, went to have a shower and found this dark fluid filled area on my right breast. It looked like a blood blister and was tender so I was probably a bit naughty and I drained it. I then researched blood blisters and found that scar tissue is particularly vulnerable. I can only think that wearing my bag cross body with the strap rubbing on my scar caused this. Not serious but thought others should know this can happen. it should go away pretty quickly but I think it will darken that area of the scar for a while.

It's a 38C!!!!!!

No real changes, working hard at the gym and the weight loss has slowed down but I am not giving up - 20 lbs down, around 12 to go. The blood blister has left a darker area of scarring, the scar fading is very slow but it does not bother me. New bra - UK Sainsburys, normally £10 for 2, half price! "Very nice" said my husband, "that is £1.25 per boob" - around 1 dollar!!!! My bras vary from 36DD to 38C, but I do love it when a C fits and this is the best style and most comfortable bra for me yet.

8 months post op today

The hypertrophic scarring is fading, still a darker spot where i got the blood blister. I am around 15 lbs lighter than before surgery and working on losing more. Still delighted with my result and going mad on buying clothes, but i mostly buy used things from charity shops and ebay, so i don't spend much. I buy my bras mostly from supermarkets for very low prices. At 58 but refusing to believe it, I am taking much more care of my appearance than I ever did when I was younger. Without the BR it would have felt pointless

Fading scars

Still feeling so great

9 months post op and being 58, I would say my scarring is at about the same stage as a young thing at 3 months, but I am perfectly happy. I went from 38G to 36dd/38D/38C and have also lost 20 lbs in weight, trying to lose another stone. This was my 2nd BR to one pic shows very well the old scarring meeting with the new scarring, and the last pic is my before pic. I CHOSE to go privately in the UK and had a superb experience, no complications, no painkillers from 28hrs post op. So happy with my result and my husband is also delighted.

Happy boobiversary to me

It is one year since my BR and I rejoice every day in my smaller boobs. It was worth every penny I spent and has improved my life in many ways. My husband adores them and I am able to go braless whenever I feel like it. I have lost weight although it is still hard work but I am now in year 3 of my weight loss, 24 lbs down and about another 14 to go. I have joined a gym. Next week I go on my dream holiday of a lifetime to Thailand to celebrate our silver wedding, and despite being 58 and heavier than I would like, and having missed out on a month of the gym due to Xmas and a neck injury, there will be bikini's, strappy tops and sundresses galore!!!! I am in the UK and glad I paid privately. I know not everyone can afford this but all I can say is that on UK support sites I have never seen anyone with major infection issues that went private.

Thailand was so fab

For those that wanted an update, a selection of pics. It was so great to enjoy a pretty and comfortable wardobe. I spent 90% of the time withoutna bra, so much cooler, and the second week we got a free upgrade to a private pool villa so i did not even bother with a bikini most of the time although I was careful to protect my scars from sunlight. Look out for the temple painting of the lady with the perfect boobs - an alternative way of showing your surgeon what you want?????

14 months and real improvements in the scarring

I am 58 and also had hypertrophic scarring, so was red and fuzzy longer than I had hoped but real improvements over the last couple of months. Will be able to sunbathe topless on holiday next year. Am about to go to a meet up with 5 other post op ladies in the UK......will be such fun!!!!
Leicester Plastic Surgeon

Well Mr Yii has been reassuring and great at answering questions by email. He has listened to me and captured everything very accurately in a letter sent to my GP. I am very confident in his qualifications and experience. The BMI hospital appears to be highly thought of with very low infection rates. I have sent Mr Yii questions be email and he replies fully and clearly within hours, which is really impressive. Now adding information having seen the 1 week post op results - completely amazing and will only get better I think. Really skilled and tidy work, and good healing. Now 3 months and a great result, good aftercare, can thoroughly recommend Mr Yii who operates in Lincoln and Leicester, UK

5 out of 5 stars Overall rating
4 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
4 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
4 out of 5 stars Wait times
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