Smart Lipo Inner Thigh and Back Thigh - Lincoln, NE

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I treated myself to Smart Lipo for Valentines Day....

I treated myself to Smart Lipo for Valentines Day. I'm 31 years old, and havent had any children, and I'm physically active. I have struggled with these two areas since I have been 13 years old. I have a small waist and have to buy dress pants a size bigger to have them fit in the thigh area and I still can see the bulge and cellulite on the back of my thighs.

When I run I have always had to deal with the fat in the inside of my thighs, which has also caused problems with my job which sometimes puts me in a situation where I have to run (Im in law enforcement). I also havent worn shorts in years. My husband gave me his full support and my mom said she was very scared but went with me to consultations and drove me the day of the procedure.

I spent hours researching the procedure on line and studing doctors. I had several consultations before choosing Revitallift, becuase they were interested in helping improve my areas of concern instead of resculpting my entire lower body. The docter and staff were great and very comforting.

The morning of the procedure I ate a high protein diet like they recommended. Before the procedure they marked me, took measurements, and photos. They then gave me some pain pills and something else that helped me feel really relaxed. I get more nervous before going to the dentist then I did for this. During the procedure the doctor told me what she was getting ready to do, and I even sat up a few times to watch her. The numbing hurt the worst, and I was really surprised that the inner thigh area didnt hurt at all, I didnt feel anything. The back of the thigh hurt. The doctor said I had a natural crease in my skin and when she got around that with the laser I could defianetly feel some pain.

The procedure took about 3.5 hours and I walked out. I was sure that I wasnt going to need to take the RX pain pills but glad I got them. When I got home the pain was horrible and I couldnt get comfortable. I took 2 of the pain pills and 4 hours later took 2 more before I could really get ahead of the pain enough to sleep. I took the next 2 days off of work, and glad I did, I barely left my bed. When I got home from having the procedure done my left leg felt wet. the compression garment was wet with blood, and when I pulled the bottom of the leg up, blood shot straight out. I folded up a washrag and placed on top of the gauze where the incision was at.

The day after I didnt move much, except to use the restroom, which is horrible due to the pain of back of the thigh area. My mom and husband helped that night to take off the padding they wrapped around my legs and to take off the gauze. the ozzing appeared to stop. My inner thigh area looks smaller, but the skin looked wrinkly and I had slight bruising. I didnt look at the back thigh area, but my mom said it was really swollen.

Day 3, Im still just resting, and the back of the thigh area is still really sore and hurts alot to sit. I decided to take off work tomorrow too. I'm drinking alot of fluids, and taking a antibotic, and the Arnica. I have taken one pain pill today. I didnt take pre procedure photos but will post pics of after the procedure. A hint for anyone getting ready to have smartlipo, get two compression garments! I ended up ordering another one that is being sent to me second day shipment.

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