dec 2: TT with MR...question about pain

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I am 5`9 and weigh 190lbs. I have been working out...

I am 5`9 and weigh 190lbs. I have been working out like a fiend recently, and have lost 10 inches around this ol body, so while i may weigh 190lbs, i fit in jeans that i could fit in when i weighed 170lbs. Anyway, despite working out, i still had this huge belly that makes wearing anything but yoga pants, uncomfortable. I had always planned on having a breast reduction done when finished having kids ( and we have 4 completely done :) so, as my insurance deductible has been met this year, it was time to have the mommy makeover. My insurance company covered the reduction, and i paid 5100$ for the tummy tuck. and lipo. I have always been a dd cup and am just tired off slugging them around and shoving them in everyone's face. I requested a small c cup.

I had my makeover done nov 2, 2012. It went great!! I was really nerv9us before haNd, and started to cry as i laid on the or table, but the anesthiologist gave me something and when I woke up i was through surgery and headed up to my room.

I was really motivated beforehand to get up and to move to help prevent blood clots and to help me recover faster. I got up when i had to go to the bathroom. YIKES!! That was painful. But, each time i did it, it got easier, plus each time i walked the door, then the hall, then around the unit. Apparently i was a rockstar according to the nurses.

I did have 4inches of diastasis recti repaired, im not going to lie, it hurt....but did get easier. So now i am 2 days post op.......i did not get a hospital bed or toilet seat riser and i didnt need them. I do have a recliner though, and find that is way easier getting out of that versus the hospital bed. I did go outside for a slow walk today and can almost stand straight by the end. Lol, after sitting down for a bit though, i am right back hunched over.

I'm 5 days postop and feeling pretty great. I...

I'm 5 days postop and feeling pretty great. I called my ps today to ask if I could just take ibuprofen during the day because i really don't need to take the percocet. I have minimal discomfort. They said not yet, and called me in some Vicodin instead. I'd prefer to be off all narcs during the i think ill get them,but just take tylenol during the day and save the Vicodin for the night.

Anyway, i still love everything about my surgery....... my surgeon is amazing!!! I am adding a before picture. I weighed about 20 pounds less than the picture the day of surgery. Wish I would taken pictures preop.

My advice for surgery is this: have your stool softeners ready, your ducolax orals ready and tackle that right away.......also, MOVE!! As much as you can right away..... this will help you feel better faster!!!!

11/28 i feel pretty great these days. I'm...

11/28 i feel pretty great these days. I'm standing up straight, am trying to keep my shoulders back now since 2lbs were removed from my breast and it's a possibility for me :)
I'm still sleeping in my recliner because my stomach pulls so much when i lay on my side. I miss sleeping by my husband!!

Anyway, i do have a slight problem....i have 15m old twins, plus older girls who require me to take them to school daily. I had 3 weeks of help, but am now on my own. I am lifting my 25lb babes, in and out of bed, chairs, van, ps knows and said you've got to do what you've got to do....but I'm worried about it. Is anyone else in the same boat?? Lifting kiddos after TT??

i do have a localized spot of pain on my upper right quadrant ab muscle. My ps said even if i did tear a spot there, the muscles around it would be like a zipper pulling it back together (he said he could still feel my suture line).
Anyone else have localized pain?? Or just general abd. Pain? Just trying to see what the norm is, and if i fit into that category.

My friendhad the mommy makeover done 2 years ago and it was perfect

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