40 Year Old, Petite. Three Little Boys 300cc Silicone Under the Muscle. Peru

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I always had small breast, but after three little...

I always had small breast, but after three little boys; things were not that well anymore. I didn't feel sexy anymore :( I always wanted to have breast augmentation but I was afraid of the pain, recovery, results, etc. I have some friends who shared their experiences and that helped me to take the decision. My husband has been very supportive too. I went to see some Surgeons in the DC area, they were great, but I had already spent almost all my days off for the year. My dad and my close family live in Peru, and I visit them often, that is how the idea of having surgery there came into reality.
Here is a pic of that morning of the Surgery. Sorry there are water drops in the mirror.
There is also a 3D of before.

1st Day post op.

I'm so excited, I'm on my 2nd post op and I feel ok. A little bit sore and I have a tight chest. I slept better last night.
I live in Virginia but I visit my dad often here in Peru. There are great doctors over here, and my husband is the best, he stayed with the kids, so I came here to have surgery and rest for two weeks (I'm going to be working remotely next week). I came on Tuesday, talked to the doctor one more time and I visited the clinic early on Wed, I got my blood test and ecg/ekg, all results in less than an hour. I had have a mammogram a month ago, so I brought all my results too. I finally met the doctor in person and based on my pics and video conference, he already had the surgical bra and some implants to try. I wanted to have about 325-350, but he explained that my skin was too tight. He assured me the final product was going to be beautiful based on my measurements in my back, chest, arms, etc. Then I signed the paperwork, and he said they were waiting for us on the second level. I was in the surgery room by 11:30am. Everyone was very nice, but I got the chills and I was nervous, the anesthesiology was next to me holding my hand. I thought I was going to be slept all the time, but I can remember some conversations, like the doctor was saying I'm half way or I'm almost done. Then I woke up in the recovery room and I felt really nauseous, I'd have already told them this is common on me (from my previous deliveries). The anesthesiologist came again and gave me some medication, and the nausea went away, I was in heaven. I can tolerate pain but no nausea. And by 5pm my sister was waiting for me. I left the clinic about 5:30pm, we stopped in our way by the pharmacy. I was not hungry at all, I just got some water and crackers and then I went to sleep. I was a little bit uncomfortable all night. But I made :)

3 weeks Post op after bad cold :(

Sorry I didn't post before. I came back home 9 days ago and as soon as I got off the plane I got a really bad cold. Not fun at all, I was excited to get back home and see my kids and then I felt unable to do anything again. Unfortunately, i had to go back to work which didn't help either. Luckily my husband has been very supportive, I'm planning a date out really soon :)
now that thr cold is coming to an end, I'm happy to see them again. They definetely dropped and they are in a great position. I'm still uncomfortable sleeping on my back, which caused some back pain, so I'm still having ibuprofen sometimes. I also have this sharp pain that comes and go and I was told my nerves are waking up. I don't take my sport bra off ever, but when I take a shower it feels a little bit weird, I hold them all the time, I feel they are too heavy and they will fall off lol. it's just me.

Here are a couple of pics from yesterday :)

Dancing at 25 days post-op.

Last night, I went out with my husband. We danced 5 or 6 Salsa songs, I didn't raise my arms or jump; just lower body while he was holding me. Today, I feel guilty I did something I was not supposed too. I feel concerned and worried, my left breast is sore, but it was like that before last night, I think it is because I'm closed to my cycle. But, I would definitely take it easy today. On a different note, I had a great night :).
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