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Ok as my title says its time for me. I have went...

Ok as my title says its time for me. I have went to my consultation I was expecting a nurse to call me back into the doctors room but Dr. B was the one to call me back what a surprise. It was so nice to finally meet her. I had been doing my research online about smartlipo and looking at videos and reading reviews on realself it was nice to see her and talk to her about the procedure.

On May 4th 2012 I had a friend go with me just in case I forgot to ask any questions that I know I would have thought about later on. Thank GOD for my friend because I did forget alot of questions. She was willing to answer them all and it made me even more excited to get the procedure done. After the consultation they scheduled me for my Surgical Consent/Lab Work Appt. for May 23rd. All the nurses are excellent and patient with any questions you have. They weighed me and took some blood and went over the procedure process that will be taking place on June 13th.

This is far as I have gotten, but I am so excited to know that on June 13, 2012 I will see a new me. :) They will be taking pictures the day of the procedure and if they don't post them (unsure) I will....

6/21/2012 It has been 8 days since my procedure...


It has been 8 days since my procedure. My story is no different from the others I have read. But here is my experience with it. My appointment time was set at 7pm when I arrived I was really nervous of course but anxious. Ms. Lee greeted me and took me to take some before pictures. Very professional about everything and easy to talk too, after I took the pictures it was time for me to get prep for a little nap after taking the miracle medicine and Tylenol she cleansed the area that was going to be operated on and prepared me to take a nap. I will say maybe 15 min. into the nap. She woke me to go use the restroom, then walked me into the operating room where Ms. B was waiting. The doc. is so friendly all my nerves left and I became calm. She marked the areas on me with a maker and I laid down on table.

Compared to having two children this was a cup of cake to me. I had this little rhythm going on where I would take short breathes out (you know just like you are about to have a baby and you have to breathe out not in) to take my mind off the numbing she was doing that helped me mentally. After the numbing was doing they placed shades on me, and began the laser. OK now, I was so into the conversation it flew by then she started the last step FAT removal lol she removed the shades so I could see and I have to say it looked like chicken fat going in those containers but I’m so glad it was out of me. ?

They stood me up placed a compression garment and binder on me very very tight. And I was off to the hotel to drink 3 16oz bottles of water and get something to eat. That night was very interesting I laid a towel on the bed and lay down with several pillows. I was up every few minutes trying to get comfortable or going to the restroom to T. T. lol my night clothes was soaked but again was glad it was out of me. ? On day two I took a shower below I will attach some pictures. I only had my lower and love handles done so Im still a bit swollen near belly button but I love to exercise and Im sure that will fade away with time. I would say by day three all drainage stopped and my port sites were healing great. By Saturday I was good I even was able to do a little walking a flea market.

On that Monday the 5th day I went back to doctors office to be fitted for my body magic reshaper. Ok the body magic I have is a size 26 with 3 claps in the front. Ms. Lee showed me how to put it on which is inside out and you step into it, and then pull it up I danced my way in it. And the funny question I asked her was do you think its to small lol she said in the nicest voice NO. So after I got it above my waist she called a nurse in to help snap it together WOW is the only thing I have to say I was stiff like a board I didn’t know how to sit or walk or even drive home and go to work the next day. But it loosen up some and I made it through work and then came the test that night. How do I go to the restroom. Please youtube this someone showed a good example by unsnapping the legs and the hardest for me was snapping it back but I have conquered that now.

Now on day 8 I have 5 claps left to snap and I will be finish with the third row. YAY! I have to wear the body magic size 26 for 1 month then I believe they said they want to put me in a size 24 OMG IDK about that but will see when I start back exercising on July 2nd.
Dr. B

Dr. B is excellent and know what she is doing. I would recommend her to anyone all my sisters even my mom is considering a visit. :)

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