22 Years Old, 1 Kid, In Need of a New Body & New Booty!! Lilburn, GA

Striving for an hour glass shape and nice plump...

Striving for an hour glass shape and nice plump fat booty. However, my new goal is to lose 25-30 pounds if I plan on going forward with the procedure. I want Smart Lipo for the upper/lower abdomen, upper/lower back, bra rolls. Also, fat transferred to the buttocks. I want to take some fat from my arms & thighs as well. I've been researching surgeons for months now. So far I came across a surgeon named Dr. Windell C. Davis-Boutte and she done outstanding work! She has 20 years of experience which is a plus & her reviews are incredible. Seems to me she satisfied most of her clients and I would love to be another one of them! I can not wait to get this surgery because I've always been chubby, but ever since I got pregnant it seems to me the weight doesn't want to leave. This surgery will change me for the better & bring me the confidence I always wanted. I'm tired of fantasizing about the what if's, so now I'm ready to put those into actions! 2017 is my year!!
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