22 Years Old, 1 Kid, In Need Of A New Body/Booty!! Miami, FL

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Striving for an hour glass shape and nice plump...

Striving for an hour glass shape and nice plump fat booty. However, my new goal is to lose 25-30 pounds if I plan on going forward with the procedure. I want Smart Lipo for the upper/lower abdomen, upper/lower back, bra rolls. Also, fat transferred to the buttocks. I want to take some fat from my arms & thighs as well. I've been researching surgeons for months now. So far I came across a surgeon named Dr. Windell C. Davis-Boutte and she done outstanding work! She has 20 years of experience which is a plus & her reviews are incredible. Seems to me she satisfied most of her clients and I would love to be another one of them! I can not wait to get this surgery because I've always been chubby, but ever since I got pregnant it seems to me the weight doesn't want to leave. This surgery will change me for the better & bring me the confidence I always wanted. I'm tired of fantasizing about the what if's, so now I'm ready to put those into actions! 2017 is my year!!


RealSelf is so addicting..lol I can't stay off! This is really helping find the right surgeon for my BBL procedure. I went from wanting to go to Dr. Boutte, to Dr. Salama, to Dr. Blinkski, to Dr. Balgobin, etc. Can you say confused???

Lose weight

So I'm 22 yo, 5'3 and I believe 215 pounds. 3 surgeons I've sent my consultation to already told my my BMI was too much and I should drop down to 180 lbs. let's work!!!

180 new goal!!

So, losing weight has been a challenge for me but not lately. My appetite isn't that big and I was already in the process of losing weight. After I had my daughter I was 260, then dropped down to 222. Now I'm 215 or probably less than that. I know I can do it I just have to stay motivated and focused because this is sow thing I really want. I know it's going to help build my confidence and I'm going to be so much more happier with my body, myself!

Dr. Ghurani!! Wow

So far I'm loving Dr. Ghurani's work. I looked through all of his BBL reviews and the results are awesome! So, I think I'll be going with him because I feel like he can give me that shape and look that I'm reaching for. I just sent him my consultation so I can't wait to hear back from him!! While I'm waiting I need to be working out, walking, doing squats and eating right so I can reach my goal 180 lbs!!

Wish Pics for 2017!!


So, I'm back wearing my premadonna waist trainer. I set up a routine for me to wear the waist trainer a few hours or more everyday. I get up in the morning and do my daily workout. It's a working progress but once I put my mind to something I actually do it so I know I'll be 180 in no time!

Picking the right surgeon???

So, I haven't really picked a surgeon yet, but I do have options. The surgeon that I am going with is between Ortega, Ghurani and Emmanuel. I sent a consultation to all 3 of them so I'm just waiting for a response. All 3 of them do a really good job with the BBL procedure. So we'll see.......

Ortega got back to me!!

Yay! I'm excited about this one. So, I just got a call back from Liz and I sent her my pics. Long story short for everything I want included fat removed from my arms it'll be $5600. However, I have to put my deposit down by the end of this month and that's $300 so I'll definitely be putting that in ASAP!! OMG I'm so excited I can't believe I'm actually going with this and not procrastinating worrying about the "what if's" anymore. Next year I'll be a new me finally, but I just need to pick a date so let me check my calendar........ I'll be back

22 yo, 5'3, 215 lbs... 2017 new body here I come!!

I will be going with Dr. Ortega in Miami, FL for a BBL. I LOVE his work and I think he can give me that hourglass figure look I'm going for. I want all my fat transferred to my butt and hips so I'm just hoping I love my results after!! Can't wait!

Add on

Ok, so I can achieve the look I want I think I should get some fat removed from my inner thighs and arms along with my stomach and back. That's an extra $800 but it'll be worth it! I want to wear clothes I could only fantasize about wearing..I can not wait!

Having 2nd Thoughts

Ok so I was all excited about going to Ortega, but as I continue to look through his reviews I'm starting to see things I do not like. Ladies are having lumps in their butts and about 3 of them had the same issue and I'm not with that. If I'm paying all this money to fix my body I want nothing but the best. So, I sent Ghurani my consult for the 3rd time. He's so good at the BBL procedure but so hard to get in contact with...smh I'll be keeping you guys updated on who I decided to go to in the long run TTYL

Impatient I am lol.

I said f* it and called to set up an appointment with Dr. Ghurani. Whoever, I spoke to pulled up my name and told me Liz was my coordinator, but I thought she was just my coordinator for Ortega..Hmm but it's cool she's nice & professional. Waiting on a call back so I can switch over to Ghurani, he is the best in Miami from what I see!

Stuck between the 3...

Dr. Ghurani, Fisher or Ortega???
I don't know but I'm putting my deposit in this month so I need to figure out who I really would feel comfortable going too.

Recovery Stay

I will be going alone. Having no one to take with me on this journey kind of sucks, but I'll be alright. I called "Claudia's Recovery House" and she seems like a really sweet hearted person. Her reviews are a plus so I decided to see how much for a 5 day stay. She has 3 package deals the 5 day is $1050, 7 day is $1400 and the 10 day is I think like $1900 (no deposit, pay there). Stuck between 5 and 7 day stay but I might stay for 7 days being as though I won't have any other help until I get back home. I'll figure it all out though, but I just need to send her my plane ticket and I'll be booking that Dec. 7th! Can't wait!

Mind Made!!!

So my mind is made up and I am now going with Dr. Ghurani he is the absolute best right now! I just talked to my coordinator Liz and she switched for me & my $300 deposit will be put down next Wednesday! Time to stack all my bread because next year I'm turning over a new leaf! :)

Arms & Inner Thighs Lipo'd

I decided to not go along with getting my arms Lipo'd I think I'm doing too much. My only issue fr is my stomach, back, butt and hips and that's what I want to work on first. My arms are good & so are my thighs so I'm not gonna fix something that doesn't need fixing I wanna still be thick never skinny lol!


So, I been sent a consultation to Fisher and I'm just now getting a respond. My coordinator Jessi told me I should get down to 197 and I'll be good to go!! Next time I update it'll be pics of my before & after's!! Ttyl

Fisher is LITTTTT

Dr. Fisher definitely is the BBL King! I can not wait I am like overly excited and don't know what to do with myself lol..I've been working out every morning & wearing my waist trainer a few hours a day. I'll put my deposit in Jan. 13 ($1000). And then March 27th I'll be off to Miami!!! ????????????????????????

Current Before Pics

I believe I'm about 215 lbs. I'll find out my actual weight Monday and update you guys. I have 5 months to get down to 180 I know I can do it though!!!

Exactly what I want

Under all of that fat I have an hourglass shape so that's the exact look I'm going for. I want 1200 CC's in each cheek and nice big hips. I know Fisher can give me that!! He actually said I should get down to 197 but I'm going for 180. Time to stack this money and lose this weight!!

New Job!!

Got me a new job, God is so good!! I pushed my sx date up to Mar. 9th lets get it!!!!

Ready For A New Me!!

My expectations are to achieve the look that I'm striving for. My goal is to get down to 180 lbs by my SX Date and show my doctor the wish pictures that I have saved in my phone. I always had a gut so this is going to be so new for me. We'll see how my results turn out next year, but for the time being....loading :)

Dr Sergio Alvarez

I haven't been to Dr. Alvarez yet, but I love that I see a lot of his work on RS and he's very good at what he do!

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