Extended Thigh Lift with a Tummy Tuck After a Long Weight Loss Journey

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The day is almost here after struggling with...

The day is almost here after struggling with weight loss since my teenage years. In 2014 I finally decided to get the gastric sleeve surgery after being diagnosed with high blood pressure. At my highest weight of 270 way before surgery i tried most diets available with some success but, with being am emotional eater I only had short bits of success but, the weight did slowly come down. Pre surgery I weighed 233 and the surgery was a success and the weight began to drop constantly. About a year after surgery I stated to vigorously work out and that made all the difference. My current weight is 160 and nobody prepared me for all the excess skin I would have after losing the weight. My goal is to track this journey so that hopefully I can provide some guidance, tips, inspiration or anything else based on first hand experience for others who may be considering these types of procedures.

Day one post op

All I can say is OMG!! I don't know if the pain or soreness is the worse. If I didn't have to get out the bed then life would be gravy but, that's not reality I guess. Trying to walk when you can't stand straight up is interesting to say the least. Really don't have much of an appetite but, I'm forcing myself to eat something so I have these antibiotics and pain melds to take. I am glad that I did both procedures at the same time though because there's no way Id come back, lol. Can't stay awake much so if this doesn't make sense sorry ????

Finally getting there

Sorry for the delay in updates but, I apparently had no clue how tough recovery would be. The plane trip back home from Mexico really sucked and not being able to elevate my all day caused swell hell to say the least. So many things to mention that I had no clue about or maybe I'm just am anomaly, lol. First I had no clue just how hard simply walking could be, I don't even think it counts as walking. It's also frustrating when you can't see results due to all the swelling. So I still can't wash my lower legs or feet nor can I put lotion on them, lol. It's still difficult to stand for long periods of time. I was finally able to sleep in my bed two days ago but, it's not the most comfortable still but, my butt needed a break from sitting on it so much since you can only adjust from one cheek to the other so often, lol. One thing I'm still struggling with is keeping the groin area dry since its such a moist area. And speaking of that, apparently I forgot that when you take antibiotics you can get a yeast infection (yah me ????). Also I really wish I would have taken the advice and bought a shee wee because peeing isn't even kinda fun and trying to keep the compression garment dry at the same time is even more challenging. The doctor put micropore tape over the incisions and says they need to stay on for two weeks so I've had to change the ones in my groin area daily since I can't keep them dry. I also had no clue that my abdomen would be numb which is a blessing in disguise because I only have to deal with the discomfort of one surgery right now and not both. The first four days I couldn't stand up straight so I walked hunched which caused excruciating back pain which I wasn't prepared for. The good news is my appetite is finally back and every day I wake up things are a lot better. For anybody planning inn doing both procedures at the same time know that nothing can truly prepare you for the recovery and make sure you have someone to help you because it's almost impossible to do on your own. Here's the best pictures I can get at the moment in what I call my monkey suit which I have to wear 24/7 for four weeks to control the swelling which even though I don't find it to be the most comfortable does make me feel more secure and like I'm not falling apart. Hope everybody is doing well!!!

Incision picture

Here's a picture of the incisions and they go all the down to right below the knee. Yes, I still have stretch marks on my stomach but, I had stretch marks all the way up my stomach since I've had 6 kids to include a set of twins so this is definitely an improvement and I'm happy with it.

Picture that wouldn't upload


Pics with garment

Here's some pictures without the compression garment. I feel much better now, it's like you literally wake up one day and feel totally different. I'm still making sure now to overdo things though since I still have a lot of healing to go.

So I've been dealing with a small opening in the upper groin area where the incisions intersect, does anybody have any tips on how to deal with it so it can heal or at least not open more?

Getting back to normal finally!!!

Today I woke up and felt like a normal person kinda. I'm finally getting more mobility back especially in the abdominal area. All the tape is off my abdomen and legs and the incisions look amazing!! I'm very pleased with how things are turning out. I still have a small opening but it seems to be closing or at least it's not getting bigger. I think I still walk kinda funny because the inner thighs are still swollen or at least feel that way. I can finally laugh and cough now but, no way will I try to sneeze yet lol. I can now kinda see a difference but, I'm still really swollen especially in the abdomen. I can see a change but, not a lot in the abdomen and i really hope it does go down more. I still have to sleep with a pillow between my legs since it's still uncomfortable to try to close my legs. I also still use the female urinal and probably will for at least another week or two. Still keeping my feet elevated when I can and not doing too much so I can continue to recover. I included a few pictures so everyone who's following can see where I'm currently at!! Thanks to everyone in this village for all the words of encouragement, tips and ideas, they are so greatly appreciated and words can never express my gratitude. Love you guys ????????

Pictures wouldn't upload again, ugh!!!

Here's the pictures I tried to post with the last update. No more tape either, yay!!!! Hope the abdomen is still just really swollen!!!

5 weeks today!!!

Sorry for the delayed update, I meant to post at 4 weeks but, got so busy with life.
Well I have made it to week 5 and I feel so much better in fact, almost back to normal. Have adjusted to working full-time now and my legs seem to swell less. This week I started exercising and although nowhere near back to normal I managed to walk 2 miles three days in a row. I was definitely exhausted by the time I got home but, not really swollen as a result of the exercise.
Still have the pesky opening but, it's pretty close to closing up and is only open on the surface.
I love my legs and even though still swollen some they look much better than before. All the hanging flabby skin is gone!!
As far as my stomach goes I'm told it's still really swollen and I can tell that one side is more swollen than the other but, I expected it to be much flatter by now. Hopefully it goes down more but, only time will tell.
One of my legs is much tighter than the other which makes it less flexible but, I'm sure it will loosen up over time.
Had a couple of stitches poke out in my legs this week but, just pulled and they came right out.
Next week I will start going back to the gym so wish me luck!!
Still wearing the compression garment for another 3weeks and I'm used to it now and like how it makes me feel much more secure. Sleeping much better now and I can adjust like I used to in the bed. I can almost forget how horrible I felt at the beginning of recovery, now here I am.
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