Lifestyle Lift - VERY BAD Experience for Me!

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The Procedures: I had 2 LSL's in Plymounth...

The Procedures: I had 2 LSL's in Plymounth Meeting, PA. 

  • The 1st:  It did nothing & when I complained I was told I was holding my head incorrectly!  My jowels & turkey neck were back once the swelling went down (4 weeks).  The pain, bruising & swelling that took place after the surgery were incredible.  I was NOT prepared for them in any way.  I need to take special medications in order to tolerate pain meds & since I was told there was no pain, I was not prepared for what I experienced.  I was lulled into a false sense of ease regarding this very invasive procedure.
  • The 2nd: A true disaster.  After waiting weeks for the doctor, she finally scheduled me. The day of the re-do I waited 7 hours for my appointment!  I still look the same after 2 procedures, but now I have horrific scars down both sides of my face, stabbing pain, incessant itching, sutures coming through the skin, lumps & bumps, my ears are in the wrong place causing pain & each time I shower my ears now fill with water.  This never happened to me before.  My ears constantly feel like I've just come in from the freezing cold & they are defrosting, very painful.  I can't even wear earrings unless I want to suffer more pain.  My face is askew due to being pulled in the wrong directions.  LSL has ignored all attempts by me to speak with the doctor.  I've requested a refund many times to no avail. 

The Consultation: Beware, we were given a line that only a savy, skilled sales professional could deliver.  Every question was brushed over with a rehearsed line.  Everytime a question was raised about the procedure or recovery time  I was pushed in front of the mirror & my face tightly pulled back to show me what I'd be missing if I didn't sign up.  They said I was the perfect candidate for LSL & that I was the kind of patient it was intended for.

The Waivers/Consents: I signed my paperwork the day of surgery while sitting on the operating table, after my hand bag had been taken from me so I didn't even have my reading glasses!  The nurse tech offered to point to where I was to sign.  I asked to read the papers & I was told the doctor was on her way in & we didn't have time.  The nurse told me flatly, without hesitation that she didn't know why they put all those papers in front of us anyway, it's medical mumbo jumbo that never happens to anyone, anyway.  I was given about 3 minutes to sign before the doctor came in. 

Shame on Lifestyle Lifts for not allowing women to make an informed decision based on the truth.

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