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My experience with LL was totally traumatic. I...

My experience with LL was totally traumatic. I was in mid-surgery, and wanted to yell, STOP--something just didn't seem right, but the surgeon had already started cutting. I did not find out until MONTHS AFTER surgery that I had a surgeon who was just LEARNING, and I had only consented to having a board-certified surgeon, so I was flat-out lied to. During my follow-up, which was negligent, in my opinion, I had somebody sick working on open wounds when I came in with a problem!! They ignored the complaints I had about serious problems, and I was actually left with one ear lobe hanging. At first, I was asked, Do you want it attached, or just leave it like that? WHAT???? I said of course I wanted it fixed but I have been unable to get them to fix it and it has been over 2 years! Not only that, I have had continuous pain the whole time behind both ears, other problems they have refused to address, both right after surgery, and as time went on. I would love to find somebody who is filing a class-action lawsuit. They are definitely in need of some accountability. You can believe me, nobody they've used in their ads had a 1-hr procedure. I was in there for 6 HOURS! My recovery as far as bruising was about 2 MONTHS--not 2 days, like they say, and full recovery has never happened, as I am STILL having active problems. This only scratches the surface--I had a list of about 20 problems, none of which they were willing to do anything about, and the list didn't even include one of my worst problems, which a different doctor actually informed me of.

They treat you life a piece of meat on assembly line, no compassion, no personal attention--including EXTREMELY high-pressure sales tactics--and horrible post-surgery care. One doctor I consulted with, after finally getting to meet with the clinic director about my problems, actually confided in me that she was quitting because of their assembly-line approach. She told ME before she had even given notice! They are absolutely disgusting! DON'T GO THERE--FIND SOME OTHER MORE REPUTABLE PLACE!!!!!!

To add insult to injury, their "special financing" ended up costing me an EXTRA $1,500 because they screwed it up. Wonder whose pockets that went into.

And if you've already gone, and had a bad experience, GET THE WORD OUT! I'm going to contact every consumer protection venue I can think of--BBB, the TV reporters that cover this kind of stuff, etc.

I won't be putting up any pictures--It is too embarrassing!!!!!!!!!!!!

Denver Facial Plastic Surgeon

Because he mutilated me, and had no interest in even the routine after-care that should be provided to EVERY patient, and was even worse about dealing with the problems I had. He just did NOT want to be bothered. After all, their money was already made, right? So anything other than the actual surgery is a "waste of time," i.e. not profitable.

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