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It's been six and a half weeks and the results are...

It's been six and a half weeks and the results are still great on my face and neck. However, I have to wear heavy makeup on the incision lines and I've had to restyle my hair. I have to keep some hair over the incision areas to hide them. The scars are much worse behind my ears than in front and all of them are still quite red.

Many things were misrepresented. I had stitches for a week. The scars are still quite visible. I was given the impression I would be back to normal-looking in a much much shorter period of time. This procedure requires a MINIMUM of TWO WEEKS of healing to even attempt to keep the whole world from knowing you did it. And then you will need heavy makeup and strategic hair placement. It will probably at least 3 months before I can wear my hair up and that may be wishful thinking.

I was also not informed until afterward that I could not exert myself for 4 weeks. This was a surprise. Also, if you color your hair do it IMMEDIATELY before the procedure. They don't tell you until afterward that you can't color your hair for 4 weeks!

Properatively, they gave me Xanax and put me in a chair with my feet propped on another chair to wait my turn. I've had surgery before and never experienced such a cheap, makeshift arrangement.

In the procedure room no effort was made to make it soothing or comfortable. Every other place I've been played soothing music and had upscale, comforting decor. I waited for the surgeon while listening to blaring commercials on a cheap radio. When the doctor came in (at least he was a board certified plastic surgeon) I asked if they could play some soothing music. He actually said if I wanted nice stuff I should come to his regular practice and pay for it. wow.

They injected my face to numb it. The shots were quite painful and there were many of them. The xanax helped me tolerate it but I think many people would not be able to take it.

I was indeed awake and felt and heard every incision, cut and stitch. As well as smelled and heard the cautery. While none of that hurt I think most people would be appalled and completely grossed out.

When they were done I had to wait for my ride home. There was no cushy waiting area. They sat me in an exam chair in a bare bones room to wait.

I came back in a week to have stitches removed. I waited in a small hall with chairs and empty delivery boxes waiting for the trash. There is NOTHING luxury about this place.

A tech removed the stitches. I expressed a concern about my incision and asked if there was any medical person, even a nurse, to speak to. They basically laughed and said they could address my concerns. I have never seen or spoken to the doctor since surgery when he suggested I pay more if I wanted a nicer environment.

They NEVER ask you to come back to see how you are healing.

I hope my healing is normal and will continue to improve. I hope eventually to wear my hair up again.

Currently, my results are good, assuming the scars will indeed become less visible (the ones behind my ears are not hidden in the hairline as advertised). The whole experience leaves me feeling that I may have been lucky to come out okay. It was all so "back alley-ish". And of course the doctor's comments in the "OR" (it's just a regular room) were pretty questionable. I just wouldn't feel comfortable recommending it to a friend.

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