Lifestyle Lift Was Like Magic for Me!

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I had been researching LSL for a year. While on...

I had been researching LSL for a year. While on vaca/business  trip with hubby in Florida I called the main headquarters to see if there was a location near Daytona. I explained to them that I had a limited amount of time. They assured me the LSL Center would  accommodate my schedual. Sure enough, they got me in for a consultation in 2 days, and my surgery was in 3 days from then. I was READY!!

The previous had year had been a hard one. I was sick for 7 months with continuous testing. B ut mostly the worry was from  my new beautiful grand daughter that  became very ill, very quickly, and developed bleeding in the brain. my son and his family live in Staton Island N.Y> he is 14 years in the   U>S>Coast guard, so they werent close to home. It was touch and go, for a while, then, had to undergo a test months later{when she got big enough to have it] that could have caused her to stroke. Through all our prayers, everything finally turned out o.k. But the stress must have aged me 5 years,during those months. Even my husband gently remarked on how sick i looked and how it showed in mt eyes and my skin. At second I knew I had to do something.Thats when I saw the LSL commercials.

O.K. Now, the downside would be, for me was the swelling.Everyone is different, keep that in mind.BUT,  I had no bruising.There are pre and post op guide lines you MUST follow.Also great suggestions for help with swelling and bruising.[such as Anaca Montana Gel] and pills. etc. facial massage with vitamin lotion,instructionsfor your incisions,scar gel.I Followed those instructions and took very good care of myself. It was much more than i anticapated BUT, I did not want to know alot of that stuff. i just did what they told me.And everything they told me was correct.

YES YES YES I would do it again. I also had     my eyes done. upper and lower. I had not planned it but im sure glad I did. The neck is amazing.They recommened LIPO for a more defined and sculped look.Sounded good to me.

SO SEE FOR YOURSELF. I have changed my hair. make up is soo much fun again. (it doesnt get into the creases and wrinkles,so i can wear any kind. I love putting imphases on my eyes. As you can see with the after picture.The Dr. said to me "I TOOK 15 YEARS OFF YOUR FACE'     SO,  What do you think.?

I know one thing, my husband is the way..he is 9 years younger than me. Can't tell it now!!!!!

Melbourne Facial Plastic Surgeon

HE is friendly, always with a smile. great personality. felt in good hands. trusted him. PLUS< HE sings while he performs his magic !!!!!!!!!!

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