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Melbourne Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Pros are the obvious youthful looking results. the...

Pros are the obvious youthful looking results. the follow up staff was phenominal with their care, but the reception staff at the center was indifferent.  

Cons come in when unrealistic expectations are not met and this surgery isn't take seriously.  You will not do this on your lunch break and come back to work. You will swell, bruise, and be in pain fin the first 24 -48 hours. Take a minimum of 2 weeks off and longer if you bruise easily. Be honest with yourself.  It is manageable with medication and enough time to heal, but it is uncomfortable and inconvenient.  Take anti-nausea medication UP FRONT. I started throwing up and couldn't take my pain meds for the first 24 hours and was miserable until I got a script filled for nausea at the second day appointment.

I had surgery done at age 55 because I looked tired (eyes) and was working on a second chin (jowls and fat).  I teach and appearance is a big component for a presenter.  I didn't expect to look like a young girl: simply fresher and energetic.  At 11 days post op, things are just about where they should be.  I wish I wasn't still bruised (cheeks and neck), but the chinline looks great.

Melbourne Facial Plastic Surgeon

He is brusque and not very user friendly, but he has years of cosmetic surgery experience and lots of operations with LSL. Filiberto is pleasant enough, but always seems in a hurry. His "BIG" sutures are all well up into my hairline behind my ears. The eye incisions are finely defined and will hide very well under makeup, I believe.

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