Only 2 Weeks Post but Scared

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I had lipo under my chin and then lifestyle lift...

I had lipo under my chin and then lifestyle lift for "turkey neck," slight jowls, and upper eyelids. Pre- and post-op patient education is VERY inadequate. Marketing makes it sound like, as others have said, everything will be ok in a few days; thank goodness I am off (school system) til the end of this month. The procedure was one of the most painful things I have ever gone thru (including emergency C-section & 2 vaginal deliveries); much more difficult and painful than lapband for sure! I never expected so many painful injections around the ears and eyes without any topical to at least numb the sites (valium only, which did little to nothing). Despite many questions at the consultation, none of this was revealed to me in advance - - and I asked alot of questions. I was terrified, in pain, and shook thru a good part of the 1.5-hour procedure. Now I have numbness in the lower half of one ear and hard areas in front of both ears. There are hypertrophic-appearing scars above both eyes that they say will go away, but I have concerns. I am using vitamin e and doing scar massage. The neck skin is very tight and I feel that if I don't continue to turn my head back and forth that I will lose some range of motion in my neck due to tightness. In addition, response to my calls to their office regarding swelling, discomfort, and downright fear regarding outcomes has been poor; I was promised someone I could talk to when I requested someone who had already been thru this but never heard from anyone. The technician I had for the procedure was cold and incompassionate. The response to all questions and concerns: it will take some time, everyone is different. I can't bear to think what decision I would have made had a found this website prior to the procedure and I am terrified to think about what the longer-term outcome may be. I don't have the money for "real" plastic surgery. I would warn everyone considering this to, as others have said, do your homework. LSL is new to Illinois. The doctor I had had a long list of credentials (as a plastic surgeon) so I thought he would be ok; I hope it is ok down the road but if the tightness and eye scars don't improve, I may decide to go for a consultation to another plastic surgeon NOT associated with LSL. If you're considering LSL in the Chicago area, you can contact me. I stated "fair" as I don't know long-term yet & cannot really say if worth it yet or not.

LSL Schaumburg, Il - Dr. S

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