Lifestyle Life Wasted my Time and Money, Unwilling to Fix Their Mistakes

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My lifestyle lift did NOT go as they said it would...

my lifestyle lift did NOT go as they said it would. The "light sedation" (1 valium) was NOT enough, they said they would give more sedation as needed during the procedure, but then refused it repeatedly during the 1 1/2 hour procedure when I expressed my need for something to calm my nerves. They started the procedure within minutes of giving me the valium tablet to swallow, even though it had not started to work at all. The sights (pieces of my flesh with hair attached to it being tossed in a dish), sounds (I had additional lipo added to the procedure), and smells (burning flesh) during the procedure were very disconcerting. The after care was atrocious. I called 3 times in the following week about excessive pain and swelling, they kept assuring me it was all 'normal', but when I went back to have the stitches removed, they freaked out as I had developed cellulitis (sp?) at the surgical site from excessive swelling and the stitches becoming buried in the swollen tissue and cutting off circulation. It was pretty grotesque. Then when I went back at one month and told them I was not really seeing any results they told me to wait two months, at two months they said to wait 6 months, at 6 months they said to wait one year, at one year the doctor said lifestyle lift wasn't really for me, and then offered to redo my procedure at his private practice for an outrageous fee. (I had been told I was an 'excellent' candidate for their procedure). So their promise to correct things never happened. They don't like complaints, and their local office phone numbers are not listed, and you cannot contact the local office via the 800 number. Overall a frustrating, pain filled experience for me. I am left with an obvious "defect" from the surgery. I will not mention it here b/c it will identify me to the doctor at lifestyle. Which probably shouldn't matter, since it is clear they probably will not fulfill their promises. They said to give it a 'weekend' then I could return to work. I had surgery on a Thursday and planned to return to work on the following Monday. I couldn't go out in public for 3 weeks due to the swelling and brusing. It was a mess. At 3 1/2 weeks I HAD to return to work. I used a lot of make up and my hairstyle to try and cover up the obvious signs of surgery. I blamed some of the face swelling on a 'dental' surgery.
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