The Life-style Lift Recovery is Longer Than They Tell You

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I had my LifeStyle Lift done On July 12, 2006. I...

I had my LifeStyle Lift done On July 12, 2006. I had the bags removed from under my eyes as well as the lift. It would be better if they told you that most people will need some time to recover. There was no way I could go out in public for about 2 weeks. My eyes were black and swollen. My whole face was swollen. I still have a lot of discomfort especially on the back of my ears. My right side was more of a problem than the left. It is still swollen.


The scars on the back of the ears are pretty awful. They tell you afterwards that it might take up to a year to completely heal.This should be told up front. A tech took out the stitches and did have bleeding after this was done. My left ear had drainage for about two weeks. I did have to have my right ear aspirated 3 times because of fluid build up. Am not convinced that the office help really have medical training. In fact they gave me the opposite information over the phone. I had called about the severe swelling, it was fluid, but they told me that as long as it was hard, not to worry. They should have told me to come in as hardness is a sign of fluid build-up.

The after care needs some attention. As I said, I still am having trouble sleeping or even having the phone on my ear. The least amount of pressure causes much discomfort. This may all be pretty standard, but their ads lead you to believe that you can resume normal activities in a short period of time. I think it would be much better if they told you the truth. Am I happy that I had it done; can't say for sure. Still have swelling under my eyes and most of the swelling has gone down on my face (not behind the ears). Friends tell me that I do look better than I did.

If I had known that the recovery time would be this long, sure wouldn't have had it done in the summer. Would have waited until January when there are fewer activities. (I live in Indiana). Am a golfer and have only been able to go out a couple of times. Honesty is always the best policy. I had the procedure done in Schaumburg, IL. Unfortunately, after the procedure, I found that the Dr. who performed the procedure is on probation in Pennsylvania.

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