5 Weeks Post Op With Asymmetry - Stockholm

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4days post op & I'm thrilled! Have a few...

4days post op & I'm thrilled! Have a few concerns with asymmetry & possible bottoming out, but it's early days & patients is key! I'm super tight & have all sorts of funny aches & pains, just hope it's all normal(ish)! I find myself turning to this site for reassurance about my decision all the time

Now that I'm starting to feel like a normal person...

Now that I'm starting to feel like a normal person again I've decided to share my journey will all you ladies.
A year ago I immigrated from South Africa to Stockholm Sweden. Before the big move I discussed my desire to have my boobies done with my hubby, but knowing that our lives was about to be turned up side down, I kinda made peace with the fact that I will just have to live with my small boobies & thats that. With the 'anniversary' of our 1st year abroad & my 31st Bday, also came the news that I am going to get my boobies after all!! I had to pinch myself & keep reminding myself that this was all real & going to happen. Yayness!

I met my PS on Aug 29th & surgery was scheduled for Sep 27th. Needless to say I jumped onto the net & came across this site & this is where I find myself turning to practically every day to read all the stories & get info :-)
I had the option between Mentor & Eurosilicone implants. After reviewing my measurements my PS recommended Eurosilicone anatomical cohesive silicone gel, 360cc high profile, low hight implant. Sjoe that's a mount full & looking at the results, apparently more than a hand full too (ha ha)!

27 Sep: Arrived at the clinic @8:00am & was given these funky, but very tight white stockings to put on. The anesthetist came, gave me some pain meds & then I saw my PS. He measured me out & took me thru to the operating room. It was so relaxed in the room, although my heart felt like it was about to jump out my chest! They were all very chatty & had the radio on. What really freaked me out was when the nurses started applying all those blue surgical cloth things all over my body! And when they put one up in front of my face, I was finished! I just started crying! I remembered being very cold & feeling very dizzy like from the meds the anesthetist was busy giving me. I glanced over at the clock on the wall, it was 9:30 & the last thing I remember hearing was the song 'this girl is on fire' from Alicia Keys. Lying there on that operating table was so surreal!!
I woke up to the sound of a machine flat-lining & someone telling me to breath, all the while feeling like I had 30kgs of potatoes on my chest! I truly thought I was dying! The anesthetist check up on me so many times as the heart rate machine kept making the flat-lining sound! Turns out that my pulse was just a bit low & that they needed me to stand up & walk around a bit. Thats when the nausea & pain kicked in. Everything after that was pretty much a blur as I was given quite a bit of pain meds.
I was fortunate that all BA patients stay overnight at the clinic, so I was well looked after by a nurse throughout the night :-)

28 Sep: My chest feels so tight & could swear that these implants were going to tear right thru the skin. I found myself tensing my shoulders up the whole time, plus slouching forward. This obviously just causing more pain & strain on my back and neck. I find myself sitting there thinking: OMG what have I done! How on earth am I going to be able to go home & actually survive!!??!! Then the kicker, vomiting! I grip my new breasts, which now feel like two footballs under my arms, in an attempt that they don't physically rip off my chest. Seriously, no amount of research could have prepared me for the pain.
My PS injected more local anesthetic for the pain before removing the drains, literally taped me up (not sure if this is the way it's suppose to look, or if it's what they had to use as I'm allergic to cohesive of plasters) & sent me off on my jolly way :-)

29 Sep: Had my 1st shower that felt really great. Funny how with each new day you faced with different niggles & the issues of the day before seems to be far less & fade away. Called my PS as the vomiting just did not want to stop. He advised to lay off the pain meds a bit. I did & was able to keep a bowl of soup down for dinner. I'm getting these really sharp pains shooting thru my boobies & my nipples feel like they are hectically sun burnt. I applied some Bio Oil, thought it might aid the skin while it's stretching.

30 Sep: I woke up with such an appetite & thrilled that I can keep food down. Apart from the boobies looking very swelled & feeling itchy, I felt really great. I kept sneaking a peak at them. Had another shower & really tried to get all this black marking off me. I now also find myself prematurely analyzing my results... & I can feel panic starting to set in. Old lefty has always been the smaller one, that seemed to sit higher then righty. When I look at my pics it's so obvious that lefty is now much bigger, but what worries me is where by breast fold now is in relation to where the incision is. I'm not sure if you can see this on my pic, but the black lines under my breasts are where the incision is & about a fingers width below that is where the breast fold is. I'm only concerned about lefty, comments on this would be appreciated. Am I seeing what could possibly be bottoming out?

2 Oct: I can't believe it's day 5 post op. I feel good, can move my arms more freely & don't struggle so much to stand up by myself. Hubby has been so supportive, taking care of the cooking & cleaning & being at my beg & call. His reward will come, all in good time ;-) ha ha! My 8 year old has also been too sweet, insisting that he can get himself ready in the mornings & getting himself to school. I'm starting to love my boobies, although still very concerned about lefty. I have my 1st followup with my PS 8 Oct, so will set my worries at ease then... I can definitely feel a difference from 2 days ago. They feel a bit softer & a little bit more apart of me now.
Well to all you ladies out there that is going thru this healing process, good luck!

Day 7 post op & i guess the healing process is on...

Day 7 post op & i guess the healing process is on track. I still find it difficult to get out of bed in the mornings & have a bit of aches & pains, but once I get going it seems to get more tolerable. Today was my 1st day back at work. The 32kms there was a real killer! I was exhausted by the time I got to work! surprisingly I felt better at work, than what I have been feeling, just sitting at home! I guess having my attention on something other than my boobs really helped!
Question: am I suppose to be using some sort of special soap when showering? I'm still using the soap my PS said to use before the op.
My PS also showed me what stretching excises I should do, but I'm super scarred that my incisions will tear open, so I haven't really been doing it (my bad!)
Talking about incisions, I have noticed that the left one seems a bit lumpy & raised on one side & it's quite sensitive. I can't really see, as it's all still taped up. I'm hoping that it's not the start of something bad....
Lefty had dropped ever so slightly more than righty & now it seems that my original concerns with lefty, is now reversed to righty! My PS said to just stay calm, I have my 1st follow up with him on Monday 8th. I was a bit anxious that I was not able to see him exactly a week after the op :-(
Well time to get some well deserved rest!
Happy healing ladies :-)

Armed with my grocery list of questions, I went to...

Armed with my grocery list of questions, I went to see my PS today for my 1st post op visit. It's a great relief to hear that everything is healing like it should, phew...! I'm still having to wear the stupid breast strap as mrs righty is still sitting high. I can sleep in any position I find comfortable & can resume light exercise from next week - no hopping around tho!
My PS did suggest (almost instructed me) to start carrying on with life & let the boobies get on with healing, that I should stop worrying & fussing about them. He said at the 3 month mark we can reassess my results & fix what I'm not happy with, as I have a full guarantee. I don't have to do any massaging as I have textured implants, but have to do stretching exercises he showed me, to help relax the muscle & aid the skin whilst it's stretching. I have dissolvable stitches & my PS said that I should continue to put a strip of M3 Mircopore tape over the incisions & change this once a week. It's gentle to the skin, Laytex-free & hypoallergenic for sensitive patients, highly breathable, holds well on wet skin & drys super fast.
This brown tape doesn't look all that great, but I feel better knowing there is something down there supporting the incisions & that it will aid in things not tearing open.
Well I'll post pics as soon as I start seeing a remarkable diff from the ones I've got up now.
Happy healing ladies!

Just added some updated pics. I'm so freaking out...

Just added some updated pics. I'm so freaking out about how they look! My PS just says that I will have beautiful breasts! Seriously, that is NOT helping right now!
It feels like my left breast is sitting halfway under my armpit & the nipple is pointing upwards! And then the right breast looks smaller @ the nipple is pointing downwards!
AND to top it off, I've been feeling this pinching, stabbing pain at the bottom of my left breast & when I changed the tape just now, I noticed this white/yellowish skin!! OMG please let it not be what I think! I have just mailed my PS, I am crying & freaking out here!

Reading some of my earlier posts where I’m...

Reading some of my earlier posts where I’m freaking out, I can’t help but shake my head at how silly I was, stressing so much!
Funny how with each new day you faced with different niggles & the issues of the day before seems to be far less & fade away.

Today marks 4 weeks & I have uploaded a new pic showing my progress. My right breast has the 2 freckles on it close to the armpit. (Looking at the photo, it’s your left & my right). This is also the smaller breast & my dominant side. The teardrop shape implant is now visible at 4weeks. I can’t believe how much they have changed in a short space of time! I had my 4week check up with my PS today & he gave me the all clear to carry on with life as I knew it - as long as it doesn’t cause me discomfort, I can do it! My incisions are healing nicely & I’ve started using Cicatrix gel over the scars. As for size, they really don’t look all that big with clothes on, but in a bra, with a side view, they really do project out quite far, to the likes of 9cm give or take. Compared to what I showed before, this change is huge! In 6 weeks I go back to sunny South Africa to see all my family & friends & I can not wait to showcase my new ta-ta’s! By then they should be really soft & more natural looking.

Well to all you ladies out there that is going thru this healing process, good luck & remember, going thru a BA is a journey not a marathon. Take it easy – patience is key!

I have been feeling some pain & discomfort In my...

I have been feeling some pain & discomfort In my right breast & thought it is probably still the swelling & the cold weather that is making my muscles a bit tight. But when I looked at them, I can see some thing is not right with my breasts.
I really don't know which breast is ok...
The left one that is nice & big?
The right one that is small & painful?

I know it is still very soon after the op & understand when my PS said, that if one was bigger than the other before the operation, it will remain that way after the operation. But i look at my picture before & I do not see such a big difference as now.

Could this be a sign of CC?
Could it just be something with how my pockets were created?
I have attached a new pic...
I feel do sad right now!
Tried to voice my concerns with hubby & he's so sick of me & these boobs! So much for support there! :-(

I can tell my PS is getting somewhat agitated with...

I can tell my PS is getting somewhat agitated with me... His answer this time round, no surprise there..... 'you will have beautiful breasts & you have a guarantee'. 'We will look again at 3 months' ......
Seriously!? Its not exactly putting my worries at ease, or should it?
I asked about wearing my strap again & to perhaps massage my right breast, but he doesn't want me to massage my breast as I have textured implants. And as for the strap, he had concern that this could negatively impact the nice,big left breast.
I will just have to wait & see what happens. Grrrrrr!!!
I'm by no means an expert in BA, but my theory is that right breast pocket need to be lowered at the crease to bring it in line with the left breast fold. This will allow the implant to not squish up into my armpit & drop into a natural position.
In the back of my mind I was thinking CC, but they are feeling more & more softer with each day. So I will put that thought to bed for now....
I posted a question to the doctors & consensus are, again no surprise there, 'it's too early to judge & I should wait at least 3 months'.
I know this! I was just hoping that one of the Docs could look at my pics & perhaps point out something that could explain why my right breast is now so small...
One doc did have this to say & I'm not sure what he means with "depression over the upper pole" ...??

"You have fair amount of asymmetry before,but still it is too early
I would recommend that you wait at least three month before evaluating the final result. The other issue is the preexisting asymmetries. Your left breast fold is 1.5 cm lover,your left nipple pointing outward. You have more depression over the upper p[ole of your left breast than right."

So like many of us worry-wart-boob-obsessed ladies do, I went searching for tricks I could try to help my right breast descend south. I read a tip from a Doc on this forum, he recommended an elastic bandeau above the 'high' breast & below the breast that is in good position. He refers to it as 'Mexican gun belt style'.
It's worth a try I recon & perhaps this could proof my theory wrong.
Dr Hans Atterhem

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