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I had my first consultation on August 18, the...

I had my first consultation on August 18, the office didn't get my paperwork submitted until October 22, found out it was approved by insurance on 10/29/15. Very nervous and excited all at once, at this point I don't know if she is planning on doing the FDL Panni or not (I need it but don't know what insurance approved). I have a pre-op appointment with her on 11/10 to go over it and sign papers. Besides this my OB/GYN is stepping in and doing a bladder lift and hysterectomy at the same time.


So I had my pre-op appointment yesterday, she wasn't planning on the FDL panni she said there wasn't a code to submit to insurance for it (I think that the code 15847, which covers upper belly removal, belly button re-positioning, and muscle tightening would not have been covered by my insurance), she is planning on cutting hip to hip, low into the pubic area, and high above my belly button. Then she plans to pull it down tightly and relocate my belly button. She will consider the FDL as she sees the upper flaps, I am praying that she will throw that in or do it for a reasonable amount since I am already there and out. She did say that I am the first case this year that she has had where insurance has agreed to cover it.

FDL Addition

So my Doctor contacted me yesterday and to do the additional FDL I will need to pay upfront $1600, then I will still need to pay my Maximum out of pocket to the hospital the day of surgery, I cried when I found this all out, even told them there was no way I could do that, but my boss loaned me the $$ so I called them back and said I was financially able to do it.

Surgery day

Just posting pics to out of it right now, 9 lbs 2 ozs

I feel awesome

Hard to believe that came off of my front side.

10 days out

Still feeling good, one drain removed, and back to working full time one week after surgery.

3 weeks out

So I am 3 weeks out everything is progressing and I have all drains out and scar tape on underneath my compression garmet. Two days and I will be having a hysterectomy and bladder lift!

4 weeks

So I had my bladder lift and hysterectomy last week on the 11th, and I am progressing right along. One thing that I have found with the additional heating pad for this surgery my belly button is sweating under the scar tape and stinking so I have had to place some gauze in there to help.

6 weeks out

I am happy except I wish I could have afforded lipo to remove the fat pad
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