Very Satisfied with Result and Most Aspects of LHR Treatment

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Pros: Most, I would say 90%, hair gone; cost is...

Pros: Most, I would say 90%, hair gone; cost is very reasonable (for me anyhow, I know some places charge a lot more than what I paid); amount pain is tolerable.
Cons: Amount of hassle is more than what I expected; pain is also a little more than what I expected.

I had laser hair removal done on my underarm and bikini area. I had a series of 8 treatments done and I'm very happy with the results. It's been more than two years since my last treatment. Very few hairs grow back on my underarm. Quite a bit more hair grows back on my bikini area but it's still a lot less hair than before. I must mention that I only paid about $800 for both areas because the place I went to is new and they were trying to attract more customers. Most other places I checked out were charging the same amount for just the underarm. The problem with that is they later sold the medspa and the new owner didn't honor the contract term that said I can get any number of treatments within one year of my last treatment.

I'm Chinese and have dark hair and medium light skin. This is important because many lasers only work on dark hair and light skin. Be sure that the laser used on you works for you. I did a lot of research before deciding to get this procedure done.

I asked many different salons/medspas about price and what I can expect before, during, and after the procedures. Some will tell you that it's not painful at all, I'd say don't believe them. My experience is it is mild pain even with the use of topical anesthetic. I would recommend use the anesthetic the first time and decide whether you need it depending on how you felt. The hassle part is the using of topical anesthetic. It is a cream that put on the area to be treated. I was told to put it on and wrap the area with plastic wrap which help the skin adsorbs it. I had wait 40-60 min so I couldn't go to the bathroom during that time (pee will wash off the cream). I pretty much can't do anything except sit and read because I didn't want to risk the cream shifting and rubbing off on my clothes (which means my skin will absorb less of it).

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The providers (several different persons performed treatments) was careful and considerate though there is a downside (see above).

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