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Hi,I thought i would join because i am seriously...

Hi,I thought i would join because i am seriously looking into getting a TT done.I just had my tubes tied April 2nd & my DR is going to give me a referral for a TT when i go for my follow up appt next Friday.I have looked at about 3 DR's so far but i am waiting to do a consult because my OB is giving me a referral.Anyone have their Dr give them a referral?How did that work out for you?

Follow Up

I have my follow up appt today with my OB who did my mirena removal and tubal last Wednesday.I am going to ask him about the referral the nurse told me about after my surgery last week.Also if i can remember to ask him if he knows anyone in the field.I haven't been able to workout and i have been a workout fanatic for 2 1/2 yrs.But it is getting me a little prepared for not being able to workout after i have a TT.I am thinking it will be at least a year before i can have it done because of the money and time.My husband doesn't have many vacation says left so i want him to be home with me for at least a week when i have it done.Money wise i want to do a consult to see who would be the right dr for me,what they will do,questions answered,and a quote.I have heard of care credit so will be asking about that but if i need any money down or anything else i want to have is saved up.Well i have to go get ready for my appt!Be back later or so to post an update

Got my Referral!

Well today went great,i got my stitches out from my tubal.I asked him about the referral and he said he could do that then asked who i wanted to see.I wasn't sure since i am looking at 2 docs but i went with Henry Wells.I have seen great reviews,after pics,and think he will be a great dr.My OB told me if for some reason i don't want to use him he can refer me to someone else.Right now i just want to do the consult to see if i need to lose more weight,answer some questions or concerns i may have,and see how much it will cost.It will be a good year more then likely before i even get to have the surgery but at least i am taking the first steps to get this done.They called the office for my appt but no one was in so she said they will call me and let me know when my appt will be with Dr. Wells.I am hoping it will be soon but also want it to be at a time my husband can take me and doesn't effect his work schedule.Will post an update soon!

Consult Appt!

Just made my consult appt for the tummy tuck.So I was surprised it is a month away but it works.My appt is May 16th @ 2:15!It's $100 for the consult but if i go through with the surgery it will be put toward that.I forgot to ask about the creditcare.I will have to ask about it when i go :)

Here is a pic

from where i started 229 lbs to now 155 lbs.I am wanting to lose at least 10-15 more lbs by the date i would do the TT (not scheduled but my goal) Would like to be down to 150 by my consult date!Going to be able to start working out again Monday so i am looking forward to that!I hope i can do Les Mills Pump but if i can't lift weights (due to the tubal i had April 2nd) I will just do 21 day fix or T25 and modify if i have too.I am also doing the 3 day shakeology cleanse starting tomorrow!I am getting SO excited!

Thoughts please!

I would like to hear some feed back about care credit from those who have used it etc :) The only way i would be able to pay for this is by care credit or borrowing the money & saving some money because i really doubt i can get a loan for almost $8K !

Consult Canceled

I had to cancel my consult appt for Friday..Since i am not sure when i would have the money to cover the TT i am waiting until next year or the following year at about tax time.I would love to get this done and wish my insurance would cover it but since it's not a medical reason i know they won't.Was even thinking about checking about a mommy makeover as well.Has anyone had that done?I am thinking that if it's not much more then the TT i am going to go with that.
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