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As a teen I was so embarrassed by my breast. They...

As a teen I was so embarrassed by my breast. They were not the typical "perky" teenage breast. They were what I always referred to as "National Geograhic boobs". Then after giving birth to two almost 10lb babies my stomach added to my already very self conciousness. I had my last baby at age 30 and since that time I have also gained a whooping 90lbs. There were several tragedies, divorce and stresses that caused me to turn to food as my comfort. After remarrying a couple of years ago I am happier now in my life than ever before and at the age of 47 it hit me that I really needed to get a check on EVERYTHING in my life. My health being top of that list. I have a special needs 16 year old son (brain damaged at 19mths old) that is expected to live a long healthy life and I need to be around for him as long as I can.

So, I went to my dr and had a physical and we discussed what I needed to do to become more healthy. My Dr sent me to a bariatrics Dr (non surgical) and I began a journey that has been life changing! I am at this point down 62lbs with a personal goal of 30lbs more. So, now I am finally feeling really alive and figuring life out...BUT...I look at myself in the mirror and am disgusted by the sight. I know that sounds harse but that's how I feel. I can't stand for anyone to see me even partically nude let alone naked!! My husband will want to hug me up at night and I pull away because he wants to put his hands on my tummy. I don't want him being grossed out as I am from the hanging flab. He tells me he loves me no matter how I look. And I do believe him. But I need this for me more than anyone. I want to feel as good in my skin as I do in my mind. So with much discussion he and I went to my consult with Dr Henry Wells yesterday for a Mommy Makeover! I was so very happy with the visit. TT with lipo in flanks and BL and BA with a silicone implant with a anchor incision. He agreed when I told him I am a D cup now but it's a D cup full of skin not breast tissue. He assured me with the removal of the skin and a implant it will keep me at the D cup. So we talked in length. I told him I would like to get this last 30lbs off before the surgery and he ok with that even though he did not require me to lose more but was very supportive in my goal. I am still at 213lbs and 180lbs is my goal. My height is 5'7". So, he sent me with my "marching orders" to get where I want to be with my weight and then we will schedule my surgery. We decided if I continue to lose at the rate I have the last 6mths I would be ready for surgery by the end of March first of April.

I can' t tell you how excited I am to finally have this dream come true!!! My husband went into the appt not exactly supportive or showing the enthausiam as I was. In the middle of the appt while Dr/nurse out of the room I asked him "Please show some sign of interest of being informed and not just here with your arms folded and sour look on your face" he responded "I'm not gonna lie I'm having a problem with this..I don't see why you feel anything needs to be changed" then I said "We are here just to get informed and not scheduling or writing a check today...please listen and learn". He did, afterwards we went to lunch and talked about it. He is the most amazing man...he expressed his love for me and see's me as perfect, he also talked about the risks involved and how this is a major surgery and of course the financial aspect of it all. I then explained to him how I have always felt about myself and how I would love for one day not to have a self esteem issue, how the benefits out way the risks to me and I also, told him that I did feel very selfish for wanting to spend this kind of money on me. We both totally felt comfortable with Dr Wells and his staff and felt very imformed on what to or not to expect. His last comment "There's risk..but there is risk just walking out the door everyday I guess". The decision was made to go forward.

So...I am off to work on my weight goal and can't wait for the new me! We have chosen to keep this quite from our family/friends until close to surgery date. So shhhhh you only know :)

I will post before pictures soon...maybe...yuck!

Any advice or fyi's appreciated!!

The holidays are over and I'm so excited for the...

The holidays are over and I'm so excited for the year to get rolling! Suppose to contact my Dr around the end of Feb. to schedule my MM. Hopefully will have the additional weight off I wanted by then. I am learning so much everytime I read ladies updates on here and gives me motivation to get myself ready! Happy New Year Everyone!! btw....I'm still not brave enough to post pics just yet

I scheduled my surgery for April 29th. I am so...

I scheduled my surgery for April 29th. I am so excited and giddy about it. I have waited all my adult life for this and it's finally happening!....At this point not scared or nervous...hope I stay this way.

EEEEEEEEEK I'M SO EXCITED!!!! I went yesterday for...

EEEEEEEEEK I'M SO EXCITED!!!! I went yesterday for my Pre-Op and final payment appointment! My dream is coming true on April 29th. Just few short weeks!! Yesterdays apt really made it feel real that it's finally happening. I must admit I had not been one bit nervous about it until yesterday. I know this is going to be so worth it but I am now have some mild anxiety about the do's and don'ts before and after surgery. And I have never been put to sleep before so that's going to be a new experience for me. My husband went with me and now I kind of wish he hadn't. As Dr Wells was going through all the risks I think made him even more worried. Now he's scared something's going to go wrong. He said he will always support my decision whether he happy or not. He says he loves me the way I am. He is incredible husband but a terrible worry wart. I am trying to get the nerve to post a couple of pre-op photos today. I have the craziest worries. Here's one of them: I keep reading how painful the first BM is after surgery. My question is..Did any of you take a stool softener the day before surgery so to "clean out" with the hope of putting off a BM as far past the surgery as possible? Also, I have to put the Scopolmine patch on the night before but I want to take a good shower the morning of..Is it ok to get it wet so I can wash my hair?

Ok here are a couple of the tummy. Not brave...

Ok here are a couple of the tummy. Not brave enough to post breast just yet.

Day 2 post op and feeling ok. When I go from...

Day 2 post op and feeling ok. When I go from sitting to standing it feels like a cattle branding iron stuck to my whole front side. Breast feels like cement has been placed in them or after baby engorged x10. One of my drains are leaking around skin area and making a mess. Hope that's the one he will remove on Friday. Swollen a lot but I can already tell I'm going to be very happy with results. My husband has been a very good nurse. My pain meds are kicking so off for a little nap.

Post Day 4!! I wanted to post yesterday my day 3...

Post Day 4!! I wanted to post yesterday my day 3 but the site was not being user friendly. Anyway, It's day 4 and I feel so much better than I expected to be. Went to my first post op apt and had 1 drain removed. So glad to get rid of the particular drain. It had been leaking around entry site and was a pain in the behind. Dr Wells is so very pleased with how I am doing. His nurse Sandy is a sweetheart. So nice and compassionate. She was telling me that when Dr Wells came back to office after my surgery he was going on and on about what a great result I will have and how it was one of the best results he has ever seen. Makes me beside myself excited to see in a month. No pain much. Still a little when going from sitting to standing. My lower back is killing me from not being able to straighten up. And my boobs are itching me to death!!! They are ginormous from the swelling and still super high. My incisions looks so much better than a lot I have seen on the web. They really long (past hip bone on each side and go under my armpits on each) but are thin and clean looking. Had my first BM last night. Not painful at all BUT was really difficult trying to not use my tummy muscles. I recommend using the stool softeners. Swelling has went down in my hands and feet. My hips are whhhhooooooo nelly swollen. I am drinking lots of water to the point where my husband asked me to slow down because he was constantly have to come get me up to go potty. LOL.....I am so excited that I did a little online shopping last night. Looking at swimsuits...doubt I will venture past a tankini don't think I was or will ever be bikini'able. See you tomorrow!

Could not be happier!!

It's been a long time since I have posted a update. I AM SO THRILLED with my results!! Going on what 5 months now? I still have some swelling in my lower tummy in afternoons and especially after my 4 mile walks. Sometimes I go ahead and put those dreaded Spanx back on just to settle the swelling down. My scars look wonderful very thin and fading more every week. My belly button looks like a normal belly button again Yayy! My boobs...oh boy...well my husband is in love!! Dr Wells told me to expect them to be a C before my surgery. Welp...he was incorrect on that info...I kept trying to buy bras without being fitted for one and they never fit me correctly. The DD's just wasn't covering. I thought it was the brands or styles I was buying. After my last Dr visit he ok'd me to wear any bra including a underwire that I choose. Encouraged me to always wear a good support bra. So off to Soma I went and finally let them fit me...HELLO DDD's!!! WHAT!?!?! That's just crazy!! When I am nude I swear they look big but not that big. But my husbands tells me they are great..LOL..ooook. But they do look fabulous! Up high, nice and round and firm...gorgeous actually from what I had before I'll take the Triple D's. Dr Wells said they were "Perfect" at last visit. But I should expect a little more drop (I HOPE NOT!!). I also told him I still sleep in a bra because it's just more comfortable for me. He said that was actually great that I did that. The more support I keep them in the better shape they keep long term. He keeps saying "Protect your investments". The lipo area in my armpits are all smooth but on my hips it still has a little way to go but looks better as time goes. I still have some back fat that hangs over my bra that is driving me crazy. Dr Wells said he went back as far as he could and in order to get that part he would have to do a arm tuck and connect that scar with my breast scar. Maybe in the future. As for my weight It currently is the same as it was before my surgery. I have really struggled with a lot of vacations eating and the continued swelling. But I am walking 4 miles 3 to 4 days a week. So I need about 15 more lbs to be gone. And I go back to Dr Wells in March 14' and at that time we do my post op pics I will have it off by then!! He has been so pleased with my recovery and I have too. So much better than I had ever expected. Aside from puffiness it has been a breeze....I would do it over again in a heartbeat. And I really can't say enough about what a fantastic experience I have had with Dr Wells and his staff especially his nurse Sandy....They are all incredible!! I will post a pic or 2 soon!

Post op pics 4.5 months

1 Week post op

One Year Check Up

Next week is my 1 year anniversary of my transformation. Had my 1 year follow up and post op pics this week. I have been so thrilled with how everything turned out for the most part. Scars look so good and tummy super flat! Love my BA and BL however I have complained to my husband lately how I think one is bigger than the other. He would look at them and tell how he thinks they might be just a little but how great they still look. Oh I agree they look wonderful compared to before. They are however bigger than I had planned. They are a full DDD! I was expecting them to be a C to small D...nope these puppies are huge. But my husband is very happy and that makes me happy. OK back to Dr appt. I tell the Dr I think one is larger than other. He examines me and tells me it seems on right appears to have contracted. He says we need to begin some aggressive therapy with hopes of it correcting itself. He teaches me how to "massage" them twice a day which really means smash the crap out of them. OUCH! and begins me on 800UI Vit E and Singulair. He tells me this will take 3-6 months of this therapy to repair itself. He thinks that mine will due the it not being severe. FINGERS AND TOES CROSSED!! With my bra on they look perfectly symmetrical. It's only when I am bare chested. They went ahead and took my post pics. I will post them once they send them to me. The day after I had the pleasure of my first mammogram post implants. YEA that's not fun...If you haven't had yours yet get ready. Though my tech is really great and as gentle as she could possibly be. They take so many more pictures than they do without implants. She did show me my breast pics and it was so interesting to see the "moon" in my breast. LOL...Anyway, You ask even with the issue of my breast contracting do I have any regrets and would I do it over again. YESSSSSS YESSSSS YESSSSS A MILLION TIMES YESSSSSSSSS!!!! I can actually look at myself nude now and smile, I can let my husband see me nude without instantly looking for something to cover up with, love how my clothes lay against my body and love the confidence it has given me. I'll deal with this little set back and keep on keeping on!!
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