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I felt it was only fair to post a review here...

I felt it was only fair to post a review here since so many previous posters did and that helped me in deciding to have this surgery. I am not really sure how long I have been thinking about this, but I know for at least a few months now I have been looking into a couple procedures that would shave some years off. I have had noticeable bags underneath both eyes for sometime, and more skin above both eyes as well and I finally decided this was time to be done with it. I am glad I did and wish I had done it sooner. As I post this initial post I am 4 days post op but I can already see a dramatic difference in my appearance.

I do plan to post before and after pics as soon as this is fully healed. I will also update this review as I go along and will be happy to answer any questions that I can. Basically, once I decided to do this and scheduled it I followed all the pre op and post op instructions to a tee. No red wine or aspirin etc only tylenol for 2 weeks, I had no alcohol at all for 4 days before surgery. No food past midnight the night before. I scheduled my surgery at 730 am in order to get it over with the day of, and so as not to starve myself too long. (From experience, always take the first surgery of the day that way no previous surgeries run behind and delay yours. You are already nervous enough.)

My surgery was on a Thursday morning. I had done the initial consult with the PS that I chose, and then the preop about 2 weeks before my scheduled surgery. I will say the Friday before mine was scheduled I finally got nervous and spent all day talking myself out of it. I finally texted my PS and we talked that afternoon and after that I was good. I am so glad I did! Get a surgeon you feel comfortable with, more on that below.

As far as the procedure, I did a mask and I was completely under with a breathing tube. Although this was of concern to me and I preferred not to be, in the end I was comfortable with the anesthesiologist and also this was what the PS preferred so that was definitely the way to go. I had my surgery at an outpatient surgery center ( my total cost was the PS fee, the surgery center fee and the anesthesiologist fee). As my surgery was scheduled for 730 am, I arrived at 6 am, got registered, paid for the surgery center fee and basically went back to do a final check on vitals, allergies etc, as well as meeting with the Anesthesiologist to discuss what type and method we would use. I appreciated that at all phases everyone confirmed the info on my charts and wrist band was correct and the procedure I was there for. I was fortunate to have a great surgery facility. So basically at 730 I was wheeled in to the OR, got some relaxant through my IV and then some gas and then I woke up and I was about ready to go home. Nice!

I have experienced no pain per se, had a great follow up visit the morning after surgery ( got everything cleaned up, it looked a lot worse than it was or it felt) and have basically recovered at home for 4 days now. I really have not left other than to go to the follow up visit, it is better to just stay around the house and watch some tv, light reading and light email and work catch up ( basically do a little until you are tired then quit for a while or rest of day) Follow PS instructions as to pain pills ( I felt no pain but my PS said take the pain pills, it keeps pain at bay, pain = increased blood pressure which = swelling and bruising!) I have also eaten very healthy, light the first day soups and pineapple, moreso the next few days. Luckily no nausea at all for me but I do not get seasick or car sick so I did not expect it. Besides the prescribed pain pills I have taken Extra Strength tylenol as directed, eaten lots of pineapple and taken the Arnica Montana 30 x pills. And used cold compress ice packs the first couple days. I am getting some light bruising days 3 and 4, but very light and would easily be concealed by sunglasses and or concealer. As far as swelling, it has been minimal. Per my PS, 72 hours is peak swelling though personally by 72 hours I feel as if I was past the peak!

Tomorrow will be 5 days after surgery and I get my stitches out. Looking forward to that for sure.

A note about choosing your doctor. If you know someone who is similarly situated and has done the procedure and you like their results, that's a great source right there. I did not. I did lots of internet searching ( lots) and asked my friends who are MD's and Surgeons. In the end I weighed all the advice I received and information I was able to collect online, and made my decision. I chose a younger doctor who had excellent credentials and background. It worked for me, and a good portion was due to our initial consult and rapport at that time. Technically my PS is not yet "board certified" but that is due to the amount of time he has been in practice and is not a reflection on his skills. More than one doctor told me not to get hung up on that and that a younger doctor with similar background probably had more (and more recent) surgery practice than a lot of doctors who had been out longer and did more in office procedures etc. For this particular procedure my PS had done close to 2,000 in his surgery career and that was more than enough for me to feel comfortable. Go with a reputable doctor, referred by someone whose opinion you value, if possible, and if not do your homework and go to a few consults and choose who your gut instinct tells you is best for you! There is no easy answer for choosing your doctor and this is the toughest part of a procedure like this. But I feel like when you know you know. I will say the first doctor I consulted with I did not choose, partially my fault as I walked out with more questions than when I went in. By the second doctor I had the questions down pretty good and the amount of time we spent in consult helped me decide on choosing him. I will say ask ALL the questions you have, do NOT feel uncomfortable asking " too many" questions at all. This is a personal and important decision. It is your body and if someone is cutting on it make sure you are comfortable with them doing it! Anyway, that is my initial post and I will be updating over the next days and weeks as progress occurs.

3 weeks later and very pleased

3 weeks and 1 day post surgery, I have been very pleased with the results so far, the minimal downtime, minimal pain and fast healing. For the most part I have resumed normal activities but have held back on anything strenuous. Looking better every day!
Lexington Plastic Surgeon

Top notch in every way, I could not have felt more comfortable at every step. There are so many surgeons to choose from, in the end you have to decide on who you are most comfortable with and go with it. I could not be happier with my choice.

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