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I have wanted braces for several years. I had...

I have wanted braces for several years. I had been told that I would need 4 teeth extracted a few years ago. I heard about Damon braces and went two weeks ago for a consultation and was told that I was a great candidate for Damon and no extractions would be needed. I decided to go ahead and go for it. It's a Christmas present to myself and I can't wait! I will keep you posted. 2 days to go!

Before and after

With braces

Almost 24 hours with Damon

The process of getting the braces was more uncomfortable than I expected but I had them on in about an hour. I am having some major sensitivity and soreness as well as the brackets rubbing the inside of my cheek and lips. I am using a lot of wax. I am unable to chew anything. I had soup all day yesterday and it looks like that's what I'll be having for the next few days as well. My bite seems off and my mouth feels very full and heavy and I have a headache. I woke up at 2:00 a.m. this morning and I'm pretty tired. Hoping this passes quickly.

2nd day with braces

Well considering I was nearly in tears last night with pain, I definitely feel somewhat better today. My teeth really aren't sore but I do have some sore spots inside my cheeks and lips. I am able to chew a bit better today so hopefully the worst is over.

5 days now and still having LOTS of pain.

I was really hoping the blisters and sores would be getting better by now but I am still in a lot of pain. I know this will get better but I was absolutely not prepared for how much pain these braces would cause.

2 weeks now...

Well it has almost been two weeks since I got my braces and I have to say that they feel a lot better. I still have some irritation and I am still having to use wax on one particular bracket but other than that I hardly notice them now. I'm thinking that when I go for my comfort check in another 4 weeks I need to mention the bracket that is causing my trouble because it is REALLY sharp. I was putting the wax on it the other day and it actually cut my finger so I'm thinking that shouldn't happen.

5 weeks to the day

Well as of today I can say that the braces are no longer a bother. I didn't think I would see the day since I had so much trouble the first 3 weeks but now I only have some soreness with my bottom front teeth but no irritation of blisters.

3 months with Damon Braces

So, I just had my first adjustment yesterday and man am I sore this morning. Almost as bad as when the braces were first put on. I know this is just temporary so all is good. I am starting to see some improvements already and can't wait for more progress. Also, I have nothing but positive things to say about Bluegrass Orthodontics in Lexington, KY. Wonderful doctors and staff.

3 months with Damon.

Lexington Orthodontist

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