457cc / 397cc, 5'3", 124 Lbs., time for a new set! BA / BL

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I've always been pretty self confident and happy...

I've always been pretty self confident and happy with my imperfect and very asymmetrical breasts, but this is a decision 10 years in the making. I didn't truly fully develop until I was in college and have been about a 34D since. After focusing on fitness and lifting weights, I am more like a soft 34C. I can't wear a lot of the clothing or swimsuits I want and do not even go around the house without a bra. I first consulted a PS about 10 years ago and just couldn't justify the cost. I feel that I've waited long enough and will no doubt have this surgery eventually, so I met with a different PS closer to home in August and scheduled for surgery on 9/23/14 (that's tomorrow!). We initially decided on 397cc but after some further discussion on my desire to be a full D (and I read too often here that most would have chosen a little larger), we have decided on 457cc moderate profile below the muscle. The PS will be removing some tissue from my left side to help with the asymmetry. My left side is also wider and while I do not expect a perfect result, it is expected to appear much more even. I wouldn't ever share such a personal experience, but reviews from others have helped me so much with my questions and anxiety that I feel like I should share. I am nervous and excited!

Pre-op Pictures

Here are my pre-op pictures.

My two new friends came home with me today!

Here's a pic of my all wrapped. I go back tomorrow to have it removed. Surgery lasted for a few hours. My PS ended up doing 397cc on the left and 457cc on the right. I trust him SO much and he believes doing it this will have e much better result for my gel silicone implants. I was pretty sore when we drove home, but feeling quite a bit better tonight. I am trying so hard to do nothing and not clean the house etc. haha! I will keep on the pain meds and will for the next few days then I will play it by ear. My daughter is so sweet -- she made a Get Well banner in my bedroom. And my husband has an oh-so-perfect scarf for me when I got into the car (It is a Kentucky blue and white scarf with little shimmer all over it).

The pain is less than I thought it would for the first day. I am setting my alarm for throughout the night so I can get up and walk and not get too stiff.

My husband told me some of the weird and funny things I said when I was coming to. Evidently, I used the F word quite frequently and found a way to work it in to every sentence! I remember NONE of it. So, ladies, if you've never had anesthesia before, prepare your spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend or significant other for a good time after the surgery! I apparently voiced my correct opinion of how much harder women have it than men. My husband said even the nurse was pretty amused by it.

I am afraid I am going to freak when I get the wrap off tomorrow but I know what the results will be after about 4, 6, 12, 26 weeks.... So I vow to RESPECT THE PROCESS!!!!

Happy Monday y'all!

1 day after surgery!

I am about 24 hours out of surgery and here they are. The PS did a great job and I think they will heal nicely. They are very tight and high, but this will diminish over time. They will continue to drop and be more rounded at the bottom.

Seriously, the pain has been a breeze. I take one pain pill every 4 hours (low dosage) just to take the edge off and I would say that I can completely go off the meds in a couple of days. Still so happy that I did it, and looking forward to a complete healing. I will continue to post updates all the way through. Everyone here has helped me so much and I hopefully can so the same for other considering this type of surgery. It's been great so far! Happy Wednesday!

2 days post op

Two days post op, very tight, tender, and swollen. I feel like my skin is stretched to the max. I am weaning off the pain medication and only taking it when I need relief. I wanted to get an idea of how a swimsuit would fit so I HAD to try one on, of course! I'm trying to look past the scars right now and know that every day will bring improvement. My stomach is very distended from the surgery -- has anyone else experienced this? I starting taking softeners the day before my surgery and have had no issues going to the bathroom but my stomach still seems very bloated. My husband and daughter have been waiting on me hand and foot when I need them. They've been so much help to me :)

5 days PO

So, I have never - ever - been able to wear ANYTHING without a bra. I'm SO looking forward to ditching the padded bras and being able to wear what I want!!!! Still somewhat sore and still hard to sleep, but getting so much better every day. Went to a movie and dinner last night and it was most definitely nice to get out of the house! I go back to work Monday, and I travel a lot during the week. Not looking forward to it :(

Day 7 post op

I went back to work today, and my boobs are so sore and warm to the touch. Getting ready to ice them again. I swear, they look way bigger in this picture than what I think they look like in person. Maybe they're just still really swollen. I see my PS on Friday for the first follow up since the day after my surgery. I have some stray stitches at the bottom of my right breast that are bothering me. Seeing friends out in public who run up and give you a big hug makes me super nervous! Happened tonight. I sort of turned to the side so it wouldn't hurt! My back is SO sore from sleeping on my back ALL the time. I'm strictly a side sleeper so it is really hard to get comfortable. I did all our Fall outside decorating yesterday, and I think I overdid it. But, after a week at home all you have to do is look at Pinterest projects to complete! But, so glad to be feeling better and back to work and almost back to normalcy. Can't wait for all the glue to come off. My bra still sticks to me but getting less and less every day. I haven't taken anything at all for pain or discomfort since the second day after surgery. Really, not so bad! But my skin is SO tight it still feels like it is about to burst open. I hope the discomfort and redness from today goes away. Going to watch it closely to make sure it isn't a problem :/. Happy Tuesday, everyone!!

12 days post op - feeling great!

It's been 12 days since surgery. Went for checkup two days ago and doc says everything looks good. The nurse removed a stray stitch. Still having a few pains here and there and still have to sleep on my back which is pretty bothersome. Have to wear the ugly surgical bra for three more weeks -- uugggghhhhhh!!!! Still think the surgery was a GREAT investment!!!!! Anxious for a few more weeks and months to go by to see the final result. Going to wait one more week and start out slowly at the gym again. SCARED a bit, but can't wait to get back into routine.

3 weeks after surgery

So, it's been exactly three weeks today. It seems like FOREVER. Healing okay. My doctor did not use steri-strips and the darkness on my nipples is actually skin that will all eventually peel off with what seems to be "new" skin underneath. Has anyone else experienced this? It's like peeling after a sunburn. Weird. Have a few scabs here and there. Other than redness at the bottom of the vertical incision, my biggest problem during the last week has been the stinging and burning pain all through my breasts, but mainly from the nipple down. I guess it is all the nerves trying to reconnect. Has anyone else experienced all these terrible pains? It isn't the incisions or even the muscle pain .... Hopefully it will get less and less. And the more active I am, the worse the pains. Still can't sleep on my side at all... very painful. And if you can tell, one side is dropping faster than the other and I have what looks like a flat spot on the bottom of one side. Uugghh, I hope it evens out soon. In some pictures they look all weird but not that uneven when just looking in the mirror. Otherwise, still super happy and trying to be patient for the next few weeks. I want it to be all better, but then I realize I only had surgery three weeks ago and it's going to take time. Hope all you ladies are doing great!
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