27 Yrs Old Mother of 2, BA 400 Cc Silicone Under

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So after breastfeeding 2 kids I lost the fullness...

So after breastfeeding 2 kids I lost the fullness of my breast I used to wear 34C before pregnancies but now I am 32b, I have 2 friends who actually had BA with dr schantz and I love their results so I decided to go for consiltation, as soon as I've seen Him I knew he was the one always have this nice smile on his face answered All my questions he was great and his staff was wonderful.
So I booked my surgery on June 24th, had the $$$$ so paid in full.
I looked at lots and lots of pic of wish boobs but it was so hard to decide, I told him that all I want is restore fullness of my breasts and I DONt want the look of huge fake boobs so I decided that 375cc would be enough, but I really don't know much about BA other than what people been posting on RS and looking at others results so I told him I trust him and he know what I want and it's up to him what he puts in their.
My first PO day wasn't bad at all didn't have any pain just felt so heavy in the chest, made sure I took my pain med on time and slept on the coach with lots of pillows behind my back and 2 under my knees.
Day 2 wasn't too bad I was actually able to left my arms up and with my husband help I put a shirt on. I made sure I had lots of water to drink and didn't do much walking other than bathroom trips.
Day 3 PO was easier on me less sore but my breasts are so hard like a rock, I know that will change with time but so far I am in love with my new breasts


5 weeks PO

Still having a little discomfort specially when I try to lift anything more than 30lb, breasts still sensitive with mild swelling on both sides. Still wearing my surgical bra just wanna wait to purchase new bras till swelling has resolved and implants settled.

6 weeks PO

Still didn't buy any new bars wearing my surgical one ..... Today I am going to get measured and get some VS bras super excited....
They feel soft and my husband loves them lol


8 weeks updat

So far so good..... No regrets I love them and wish I had this done years ago...., happy healing everyone

10 weeks PO

13 weeks pic

6 month PO

Dr Stephen schantz

He's great, knowledgable tells you the way it is.

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