28,mother of 2, Natrelle 450cc Hp

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I have been searching for the size best for me....

I have been searching for the size best for me. I'm 12.5-13cm bwd and under breast is 29 inches. I'm 5'4" and 103 pounds. I'd like to be a 32d or full 34c. I honestly didn't think boobs would be so confusing. I'm worried the diameter will be to small on the style 20 450. Or that in clothing I'll look strange. Any advice? My pre op is feb 23rd and my surgery will be March 9th


I had my pre op yesterday. We decided on 450cc high profile. I'm pretty antsy about everything because depending on the body types I've looked at I can't figure out exactly what to expect after surgery. The unknown part is driving me wild and I'm trying to find body stats similar to mine but it doesn't seem common for my thin stature to get 450cc. I've got all my prescriptions filled and will be going to the hospital at 730 March 9th. My surgery isn't until 9:30.

Pre-op depression

Woke up this morning wondering if I'm making the right choice, from the size I picked to the Ba altogether. It didn't help that my newsfeed was full of botched tummy tucks. I've been reading through a lot of reviews I've booked marked and it seems common to have this stage. I just wish I knew if I was making the right choice. I really love the hp but will the projection that I want make me feel to exposed in the end? I don't wear revealing clothes as it is and I thought that would help me out later. Now I'm wondering if that will hurt me because I don't want to be revealing out all. Just a lot of up and down emotions today.

Only 6 more days

I made rice sizers. I could only find measurements for 475cc and 425cc. I only had enough to make one set so I went with the 475cc I read that they usually end up looking smaller and I'm fine with them looking like this or a little bit smaller. I think I'm going to take them into the Drs office before my surgery on the 9th to see what he thinks.

2 days

After a lot of struggle with the size I'm feeling q lot better about my choice this coming wed. I've always wanted large breast and I shouldn't worry as much about how I'm going to be perceived by people I do not even know. I do not even dress in clothing that accentuate cleavage now so I'm not sure why I was worried about not being able to wear the same clothes. I think a lot of my nerves have to do with this being a major life change and I've always worried about change. I'm ready for this step.

I've got my medication and presurgery ready. Tonight I'll finish up my housework and pack my bags for a week to stay with the father of my children. He is going to be helping with the majority of things because the first week I'm not going to be able to do a lot. So, once everything is packed I'll be ready!!! Come on Wednesday!


Home and lots of pain and tightness

Day 2

Super tight and painful but I'm keeping up with my medicine. Can't wait for the swelling to go down and for the drop and fluff. I would of taken better pics but mobility is pretty limited.

Day 3 finally had a bath!

Felt so gross but finally was able to get clean this morning. The father of my children got in first and then I got in, had to have him hop back in because I could pretty much only wash my face! Lol I do feel a lot better today.

One week post op

One week today. I'm terrified I'm going to mess my implants up. It's hard keeping my activity down. Things I did not realize I would go through after surgery was the intense bloat and constipation. Im finally back to normal but I seriously looked 5 months pregnant on Sunday! Hair loss, had no clue that could happen. I just kept shedding and I think it's starting to die down but I had no clue it would come out in clumps. I think I can tell it's a little more thin than usually but nothing drastic.

I also think one of my implants is larger than the other but that may be due to swelling on that side. It's the side I'm not dominant on and I have no clue if that has anything to do with it. Still happy with the size tho at times I do feel that maybe it's a little to big but only because of my modesty.

Bra shopping is not fun this early in. Still sore and finding the right fit seems pretty tough. They are still a little high and so they do not fit correctly in some bras and the sports bra my doctor gave me felt really tight. The St Patrick's day vs sports bra was only 10 and it's been surprisingly the most comfortable!

Clothes after implants

So, while trying to decide on a size I really wanted to see all of these boobies in clothes too. I was aiming for huge and ridiculous naked but normal in clothes. That probably sounds crazy but i wanted to be able to make the size not as obvious at times. At first when I put my favorite sweater on I felt like they looked a little too momish, then remembered I am a mom! Lol I'm super happy I look like this in a sweater. I've heard so many "eat a burger" and " you're so tiny" comments. The implants in my opinion help me look a little heavier. Feel pretty comfy with my new chest size.

Anyways here's before and after in my sweater.

Also a pic to see what star drifter thinks of the skin on my sternum. Lol

2 weeks and 1 day

So 2 weeks down. I think the majority of discomfort is finally over. I do need to go on an extreme shopping spree soon! I bought a new sports bra today from forever 21. I think I'll eventually like it but right now it's a little hard to get on. I'm still trying to limit stretching my arms out but I'll be seeing my dr next wed and I'm hoping he will say I can finally raise them above my head.

I wonder if I had a lot of asymmetry before surgery and it was just hard to see with the way my body is. My right breast seems to be a lot smaller than my left. I feel like my swelling has gone down but maybe the left is still swollen. Even if they are uneven, I absolutely love having breast!

Pretty much 2 months

I'm a day shy of 2 months since my surgery. They have been awesome. I feel better about myself and focus less on not being attractive in the bedroom. I do at times feel boob greed and wonder what they would look like if I'd gone with the mod+. I think I will go larger in 5-10 years but for now I'm really really happy not being flat!! Bras have been completely confusing. Before I'd go into VS and buy the most padded bra. Now, I have tons of options and each option fits differently. If I have zero padding I pretty much wear a 32d very comfortably but if I'm buying push up I need a 32dd. My sports bras from vs feel comfortable in 32d or 32dd. So really for me my size seems to change based on the padding. At two months my breast feel so soft and move really easy. I'm very thrilled that they even have bounce to them. My scars seem to be healing well and I'm sure after 1 year they will be non existent. Sorry that the scar pics aren't the best quality. I'm 100% happy with my desicion to get these awesome girls! I do get shy with public cleavage and I'm sure I'll worry the first time I go swimming but I made sure to get a top with a strap. Still not positive that strap will work around my 4 and 6 year old tho. Lol

Oh and a comparison pic

And this is just to compare my before and after! It's obvious which is which but I gave up with the app and trying to get the before on top.
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