3rd Day Post Op from Breast Lift and Augmentation - Lewes, DE

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I am a 35 year old mom of 3. My big day was...

i am a 35 year old mom of 3.

My big day was Aug 21st. I have wanted equal size perky breasts since I was 12. After having 3 kids, so far apart 17, 13 and 4, I knew I hated the look of my breasts and nipples more than anything.

Ironically I got a job with a plastic surgeon. He is the best of the best in the area and he knew since day one, I wanted a BA.

When he did my consult, he agreed that the huge thick padded push up bra truly digused my breasts and what was really going on.

He said that I was "saggy" and had pancake breasts. He said I looked to be a 34 B.

We chose 400 cc Mentor smooth round mod profile and made that surgery date:)

Now please understand, I do all the post op patients at work. I see them at first week and then second week. I have never heard many of the express any discomfort. But now thinking about it most didn't get a lift too, just a augmentation.

August 21st came fast and everyone I know including my patients are excited for me! My husband and kids are all very supportive and I am excited. The Dr. says that this will prob make me a D cup. I pray so, but the main thing I kept asking was " they will be even right?" and " my nipples will be smaller right?" Because I could not stand my nipples, yuck. I called my breast Africa and Thailand. The new girls names will be Denver and Aspen because they will be above sea level:)

I remeber being prepped. I remember waking up in SEVERE PAIN. I remember begging the nurses for more meds because I was hurting so bad. I remember whining and sleeping the whole way home.

Got home, got in a recliner and have only left to go to bathroom and back. Popping Percocet every 3 hours and if I miss one dose in my sleep, my body wakes me up screaming.

I am truly shocked how much pain this is! I keep thinking if I knew how bad this would have been, would I have really done it?

The Dr told me I was a "tight fit" and that he had to really work on muscles to make the lift a success. I am sure that is why I am hurting a little more.

I am totally wrapped up but when I stand up, I feel like I have torpedos attached to me and that I may split my incisions open at any moment. I managed to peek down to the nipple and I see a very swollen looking breast yet, not as big as I imagined. I may be a full C. But, the nipples are pointing forward and ahead:)

So today I am supposed to take off dressing and take a shower and I am scared! Maybe I am just a big baby, though I had a 10 pound child naturally. Or, maybe this is just a painful experience! They say no pain, no gain!

I hope when I see them today, I will say " This was worth it"

I will keep you informed and post some pics soon!

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