FUE 4800 Grafts, Maral Klinic Istanbul, Turkey. Jan 09. 2016

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Hi, sorry for my bad English but I need to share...

Hi, sorry for my bad English but I need to share my experience regarding FUE Hair Transplant which I made 7 days ago in Istanbul in Maral klinik. It helps me a lot reading you reviews and commentaries so I feel obligation to give my experience and help others as you help me.

I am 37 years old and I start to lose my hair since the age of 18. From my 20ties, after I used MINOXIDIL 5% without success, I start to think about HT as only solution of my problem. After consultations in several clinics in my country I got info that my condition can be solved only with 2-3 sessions with cca 1000 grafts per session and price is 2 EUR per hair which is cca 5EUR per graft! I made conclusion that I need huge money for procedures so I gave up and resigned with fate of my hair lose. This was until September last year when I accidentally saw on internet ads of Maral Klinik with incredible rate of 2000EUR with no matter how much grafts will be transplanted. This rate was really incredible comparing with rates for procedure in my country (5 EUR per graft), so I decide to contact Maral to see is this true.

After my email where I sent couple of pictures of my condition I got reply after 2-3hours from Dr. Maral himself where I got response that my grade scale is Norvord 6, that I need 3000-3500 grafts to get reasonable result. His opinion was that I have good donor area by looking to the pictures but maximum number of grafts which can be extracted will be determined on the day of procedure. Price for all is 2100EUR including procedure, transfers from Airport to Hotel, and also to the clinic, hotel for 3 nights with breakfast and post-operative meds.

After searching on several forums where I didn’t find any negative commentary about clinic I meet with one forum member which had also HT in Maral Clinic. He told me that he is satisfied with treatment that he got and also with result. He also told that everything was as promised so this gave me strength to go forward and reserve term for HT. Just to mention that for treatment reservation is enough to send Air Ticket or fly reservation by email and there is no waiting list.

Few days before operation


After I landed to Istanbul airport on the exit I have meet Mr. Saim Sivas who is waiting for me with a sign with my name. We wait one more guy from USA almost an hour because he was lost at the airport.
Sivas waited patiently for the lost patient and did not want to go without him, so no need to worry if you accidentally lose - Sivas will wait or find you. It is for commendation. Sivas than took us to the LEVENT hotel and leave us until next meeting tomorrow morning. Levent is very nice and clean hotel as you can see on pictures, and have free Wi-Fi. First evening I used to sightsee Istanbul, I went to ULUS Park which is restaurant from where you can see Bosfor and I also visit few shopping centers near hotel.

The day of surgery

2nd day around 9am after breakfast Mr. Sivas came and went me and two other guys to the clinic. Clinic is only 15mins of driving from hotel. After paying operation in cash on reception we meet Dr. Maral for short consultation. From conversation I can tell that Dr. Maral is very professional and honest man and he answered precisely on all my questions, advised me what I can expect in the future and took some pre-op pictures. Than Maral made front hairline and I can tell that line was much better and lower than I expect. I know that for lower line you need more grafts so it was big positive surprise.

Just to mention that I notice that clinic have 3 surgery rooms and work 24/7 so this is reason why they can immediately reserve term for HT and I didn’t have to wait.

After consultation surgery started. It was around 10am. Personnel took my shirt, shoes, watch and mobile phones and dressed me in hospital suit and slippers. I drink some pills and then laid down on the operating table. Next was the worst part of surgery which are local anesthetic injections to donor area. I needed approx. 20 injections in donor area before pain totally dissipated. After 5-6 injections it was very painful and irritating but I know that I must hold out this part. After local anesthesia technicians start to extract grafts. This take about 2-3 hours, and after that I got again 5 very painfully injections to the scalp area. After 5 injections pain disappear again and technicians than made holes for new hair in scalp area which took one more hour. Around 3pm I was given lunch with juicy meatballs and then I was back to operation table for last part of procedure. This unpainful part was made with 3 doctors which backed extracted grafts to holes in scalp area. After then my donor area was greased with antibiotic crème what little burns and then bandaged. Everything was finished around 6 30 pm so whole procedure took 8 hours if we excluding lunch which was 30mins long. Then I got some antibiotics pills for next 3 days, pillow cover to protect hotel pillow and also air pillow so my head can be in vertical position over first night.

I was then taken back to hotel. Driver helped me to enter and exit from car because it is very important to be careful to not touch car roof with your head or anything else. I had a dinner in hotel restaurant because I didn’t want to go outside of hotel because it’s very important to not touch your transplanted area for first 12 hours and then back to my room to rest.

Day after surgery

Since I was not used to sleeping on my back first night in hotel after surgery was very tiresome. Because head must be in vertical position, with air pillow under my neck I hardly slept 30mins for whole night. In the morning around 10am Mr. Sivas picked up me with 2 other guys and drove us to the clinic on final control. Dr. Maral did group consultation where he advised us how to wash hair in postoperative period. He explained that hair cannot be washed 3 days after HT and then we must gently tap lotion and shampoo foam over transplanted area and gently rinse with lukewarm water. After 10 days we can start to remove scabs so all scabs must gone until 10days of postoperative procedure. Hair cutting can start after 2 weeks and donor area can be trimmed by machine and transplanted area only by scissors. Then he removed bandage, take post-operative photos, and gave us lotion and shampoo for hair washing, and hat to wear when we are outside.Mr. Sivas drove me direct from clinic to Airport because I had flight same day. So my 3 days trip was over with success and 3rd day I was already at home.

7 days post op

Second night after surgery I slept well because I found the position that suits me which is lying on my stomach with face gently leaning on the pillow. From 2nd day I got swelling which was going from my forehead trough my eyes to the neck. 3rd day my both eyes was closed but its normal reaction and now everything is ok.

From 3rd day I wash my hair per Dr. Maral instructions. I still have a lot of scabs on my hair. I will start to gently massage my head and removing scabs from Wednesday next week and hope that all scabs will gone to the end of next week. I am sending photos of my condition 7 days after procedure.

2 weeks post op

Hi guys, this is my 2 weeks post op update. Almost all my scabs gone.

3 weeks post op

Hi guys, this is my 3 weeks post op update. All of my scabs gone . New transplanted hair start to fall of but its normal.

4 weeks post op

Hello, here are my 4 week post op photos. I still have a little redness on scalp and almost 90% of my transplanted hairs gone but I can only wait now. If you need any advise do not hesitate to contact me.
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