22 Years Old, Mom of 1, 5'3.5 Ft and 120 Lb. - Lethbridge, AB

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I have wanted a breast augmentation since I was 14...

I have wanted a breast augmentation since I was 14 years old. I was in Jr High and all the other girls I knew had boobs or theirs were growing and mine just never did. Unfortunately small breasts run in my family. I was a 32AA up until I had my son at 19. I went up to a 32D but then shrunk down to a 32B after breast feeding. It is not a nice feeling not being able to wear bikini's or cute tops and dresses without looking like a 12 year old. I went to a few consultations with a few different Dr's because it is such a large surgery with a large amount of money that I want to make sure I am %110 with my decision on my Dr and everything. Let me just tell you they were less then satisfactory.
My consultation with Dr Haugrud: My appointment time was 3pm (It takes me 2.5 hours to get to Lethbridge from where I live) I was about 10 min early. I went in and Peggy gave me the forms I needed to fill out. Then I waited 1hr and 45 min to get into see the Dr, it was pretty ridiculous. When i finally got called to go to the examining room the Dr's assistant told me the Dr would be in to see me in just a moment. Once he came in he got me to put on a vest thing so he could measure me when he came back. He measured me quickly and wrote everything down. He gave me a proper sized bra for the size I am now and gave me sizers to try on. He told me that my right rib cage is more forward then the left making my right breast appear bigger. The first sizers were to small I thought so we went to the next size up which was 375cc in my left and 350 in my right. From the looks of them they look nice and he'll go 25cc up from that since you loose that much by going under the muscle. I kinda feel like I want to go to 400cc and 375cc though since I am paying a large amount of money I don't want to regret going to small. Since I have a large gap the bigger implants are more likely to make it smaller which is what I want. Dr Hasell didn't mention the profile but I believe he was thinking Mod + because of my gap. I'm worried I won't have the cleavage I am looking for though. I haven't decided on a surgery date as of yet but I am thinking next May sometime. That way it gives me a lot of time to save and completely make sure of my decision.


I haven't updated in so long because I have still yet to get my surgery. I had written the last review in June 2015 but I ended up getting pregnant in July 2015 and just had my baby back in March. My baby will be weaned from breast feeding as of September so I have booked another consultation with Dr. Hasell for December 12! I am extremely excited and hope that I can book my surgery and get the size that I am wanting.
At my first consultation he had recommended that I get 350cc but I really wanted bigger. I am thinking between 425 and 450 but can't decide which I would like more. At the consultation I am going to try on both sizes to determine which I like best! I have attached a picture of what my boobs looked like while actively breastfeeding.
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