Unfinished Tattoo, Got to Go

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Like everybody on this forum. I have been reading...

Like everybody on this forum. I have been reading alot here before posting this. I recently(1 month ago) got started on a sleeve tattoo. Got some outline and a bit of shading done. Total time of work was 4 hours that day. For the next week, I felt fine. Then the guilt started to consume me. Now I hardly eat and quit doing things I really enjoy like going to the gym(I am a competitive canadian bodybuilder). I left myself fall apart because of this. The only thing that keeps me going is my girlfriend and my dog, they are saving my life right now. Atless this thing as showed me the people I can really trust in life.

Been keeping myself busy at work also, I work on average 60 hours a week. The pain really comes in on my day off.

Anyways lets cut threw the chase. I went to my first consultation yesterday and the nurse was very nice. She says even if my tattoo is big she can treat it all at once, thank god I didnt finish it. And warned me that it will get ugly before it gets decent. This clinique is the only one in my city that as the picosure and they also have the boost. While I was there I saw them finish a client, it was her last trestment and she had no more tattoo! I also saw theyre portfolio and I was very attentive on this because I notice on the net alot of people claim jobs that arent theirs.

So I will start in december, she has told me it will take 6 to 10 treatments. Since my tattoo is all black. I have to wait 4 months for the ink to settle or else she said it can scar easier! Which I found honest for her to say. And she was very optomistic, they have the pico since 2013.

I got quoted 450$/per treatment. For the first 6, than the remaining amount of treatments they will lower the cost.

I was wondering if you guys think I have a good chance getting it off. Please give me your honest thoughts on what are my chances. I know this will ve long and more around 10 treatments. I plan going 8-10 weeks in between each one.

Other photo

Photo showing the undone parts 1/3 of my forearm.

Can't wait to get started

Not yet performed. But I got a good vibe. Laura would be the one performing on me. She has 2+ years of experience with the picosure device.

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