New Year New Me - finally decided to go ahead and proceed with a full tt - New York, NY

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So I finally decided to go ahead and proceed with...

So I finally decided to go ahead and proceed with a full tt. I will be consulting with lenox hill hospital so right now i'm weighing out my options and pushing for surgery for the end of February. any pointer will help and any questions i should ask other than the ones i have will help as well. thanks hope to have you guys follow me in my journey.

posting up my befores!!!!

ready to say farewell to this body!!!


so I call Nyee to set up a consulation and due to the fact that i'm a smoker they said i wouldn't qualify for their program. A bit upset but understand that i need to be as honest as possible to reduce future risk. Anyone has had similar issues as a smoker and if so did you stop? and for how long?


so I have another consulation set up for tomorrow at 4:30 with dr. Emanuel Asare and I must say i'm very nervous and excited. just want to test my waters as far as surgeons before I make up my mind....

Consultation with Dr. Asare

so this was my first consultation ever seeing a PS and i must say it was ok ...just a few disappointments. let me start out by saying that the office was enormous and very upscale which is a plus and the staff seemed pretty knowledgeable. I was up at the fact that they quoted me $7500 for tummy and lipo in my abdomen and told me i would have to wait for any additional lipo. Why? ! first i'm not a surgeon but what i do know from relatives that have had procedures done in the past is that a tummy tuck and addition lipo can be done for example maybe tummy tuck and lipo of upper back, lower back, ect. I guess i will continue to consult a little more before i make any further decisions

Need some new ideas!!!

Anyone has any new suggestion as far as losing weight I would like to lose at least 18 lbs and nothing I'm doing is working drinking extra Water eating in portions this has me stressed!!!!

Consultation confirmed!!!

Just received the call to confirm my consult for Monday with dr. Wei I was a bit confused because when they left a voice mail they said manhattan eye and ear when originally I made the appointment through Lenox hill has anyone ever had this problem!!!!


Am I the only one who is constantly thinking about this procedure I find myself talking to the hubby every minute I get to my close family and friends as well...always been self conscious about my body as a kid de to always being told by my family that I a had a sporty frame ughhh just so want to be in my new body!!!! Here I am looking at some future purchases to gift to my new tummy

Feeling Great!!!

So this morning I woke up made some breakfast for the family and immediate started my workout regimen again. I found myself slacking but I know i have to put in some effort to also achieve great results. So I have 9 weeks to get it together and lose the last 20 lbs...

Lenox hill consultation

Hey guys!!! So I had my consultation with dr.wei today and I'm a bit excited as well disappointed. So after a short weight time she came in the room and patiently answered all my questions and suggested for me to come back in a month and try to lose 15 pounds or close to it to get a surgery date in February I guess that was where the disappointment kicked in I was looking forward to scheduling right there and then . I left the office a bit upset and got teary eyed as I spoke to my husband about it but he was definitely right if I'm going to invest my money I should have the best results so I started my diet workout regimen and I'm so hoping to drop these last couple of pounds . A friend suggested that I do the lemonade cleanse just to kick off the diet right has anyone ever tried this cleanse and does it work.

2 Lbs gone!!!

I'm down 2 lbs pounds so far and have 18 more to go although my PS only suggested 15 she also told me that if i wanted to lose more that would be fine also. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday x0x0x

Took it out the closet!!!

So as I was cleaning out my closet I came across this insanity I really don't remember purchasing it but I will try it to see if it helps!!! Has anyone tried this or any of the beach body workouts

Hello there!!!

Hell my RS sisters. Just swinging on by to let you girlies know I'm 5 pounds down 10 more and I will be where my PS advise me to be to continue with surgery ...I've put aside for after surgery the insanity which by that time my lungs may be a little it healthier . So what have I been doing? I've complete cut off sugary drinks strictly water some with lemons at times. And eating smaller portions not to mention I came across some work out videos on you tube call WAlk away your pounds" and let me tell you I didn't know how much sweat u can produce simply walking in place "yuck" I'm hoping that by three weeks the pounds will be gone ..I hope all of you are having a wonderful beginning in 2014 so far;)

A positive mind attract positive actions

Hello my beautiful ladies !!! Sorry I haven't been around too much been caught with work,schools and kids sheesh!!! Well good things have been happening I'm 8 lbs down and spoke with PS and things are looking great!!! She wants me to check in in a few weeks to start going over paperwork!!! I must admit I'm getting nervous!! Anyways I hope u ladies are having a wonderful recovery and if none yet than a wonderful and peaceful surrounding until your day comes. I can feel these last 8 lbs melting in just a few more weeks !!!

Deciding to go through with this !!!

Soooo since the last time I was here a lot has changed including a new baby boy :) . just went through a tubal ligation and ready to do a little something for me . I'm hoping to get BL and TT w/ lipo . Having gone through the consultation process in the past I'm pretty much preparing myself now for example weightloss and not smoking . Current I'm 185 lbs and 5'5 . Today I was able to get two dates one for Jacobi Hospital for 11/22 and one for Harlem Hospital 1/22/16 the both are bit far but that' works for me as I want to be at a lesser bmi for my consult . Hoping to meet wonderful people through this journey and I will definitely keep you guys posted on everything
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