Finally happy with my stomach !

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My name is Myriam 36 years old, a mother of four...

My name is Myriam 36 years old, a mother of four children, all teenagers. I had my children at a very young age, all except for my last born are a year apart. My youngest two years apart. I been wanted to have a tummy tuck FOREVER! The time is FINALLY HERE. There is absolutely no turning back I am ver determind and mind set on reaching my goal. My husband Victor is my greatest supporter ! although I know he may be a little tired of listening to how I can't wait for my surgery date to get here, I know he is there with me 150 %. Together we share this story and begin our journey ! Wish us luck :)

The beginning of a new me !

The beginning of a new me !

Anxiously waiting for my consultation on March 12....

Anxiously waiting for my consultation on March 12. I hate to come across as selffish, however I am so very much wishing these days would fly by and in a blink of an eye, welcome the month of July. I am planning on having my procedure by the 15 th of July 2013. I can't stop thinking about the surgery so so so anxious, excited, nervous, all type of emotions arise, i just can't wait !!!

Hello everyone! I must mentioned how thankful I am...

Hello everyone! I must mentioned how thankful I am for finding this cite everone's stories and personal experiences shared on this cite have been so informative and helpful ! Thank you to all of you! Well today I realized how fast the days are going. March is almost over and before I know it July will creep in rapidly. I am still very anxious and excited. However, I find myself in a state of mind in which, now I am not rushing it. I COULD WAIT lol maybe because I am starting to feel a little scared of this surgery, am I the only one feeling this way ? :( please help I don't want to lose what I set my mind to accomplish from the beginning. I know I want to get this TT but I do admit I am scared of the results, being that I am going to a teaching clinic. I pray that everyone has a great recovery and that when I get mine all goes well.

Consulting with Dr. Yager on January 4, 2014

Hi realself friends ! I set up a consultation once again with Dr. Yager for January 4, 2014 ! Hoping that all goes well and my TT surgery will finally take place in February.


A little something to consider :)


Hi my PS sisters ! wanted to start a journal on Real Self, since we are all going threw some type of plastic surgery. We all know that this decision we make will one way or another change our lives. I am hoping and praying we all get what we imagine and anxiously wait for. So I am currently weighting at 141 an I am 5 2, my ideal weight would be about 135 no less than that. I am a Latin woman with curves and want to keep them. I wanted to make my journey interesting and challenging. Therefore, I have decided to lose about 6 pounds to make my goal of 135 come true. I am changing my eating habits completely and will be working out intensely. This will be interesting :)

Happy Thanks Giving !!!

Happy Thanks giving to all my Real Self family ! May God Bless you All !! Xoxo and big hugs !

Pics of me now

Good view from far

Really has to go :(

Side pic

Side view


Feeling anxious

So here I'm conversing with my hubby and showing him all the beautiful bodies in this website ! He's a great supporter. I am just do very anxious and nervous, need February to get here ASAP ! Hoping that all goes well from here to then. Have a great night ladies.

My inspiration Jenselter :) *Wish Pics*

Need to get these muscles repaired :)

Exercise pays off

If we work hard we can make it almost perfect !

No pain no gain !

Working towards this, won't be easy but it won't be a problem either !

Weight lose

Hi my PS sisters ! So I have been working out lightly and eating pretty healthy. I know I could definitely do better but for some reason as my consultation date approaches, I am feeling very anxious and feel like eating away ! Did this happen to any of you ? I really want to lose weight before my consultation. I did lose some weight I am now 139 Any suggestions ?

Morning pic empty stomach/ need to be smooth and free of at least some stretch marks :(


Ladies I have a question. I suffer from anemia. Blood counts up and low, I have my days. I was wondering if any one had any advice as to what vitamins I should start taking for it, to boost up blood counts before surgery. At the moment I don't have any insurance so anything over the counter will be helpful. Thanks sweethearts

Consultation with Dr.Yager

Hi ladies ! I am just returning from my consultation with Dr. Yager. First let me say that I was very pleased to know that his location is very close to Columbia Presbyterian hospital, which I have a special place for that hospital in my heart. Dr. Yager was awesome, I love his confidence and the fact that he has been in the business for so long. He showed me his work and I fell more in love with what I saw. He explained the procedure carefully and what I need to get done. His price was pretty reasonable for a board certified Doctor and a discount price was reduced bringing the total cost 1000 less. Ladies so far my heart tells me to stay with Dr. Yager. I still have one more consultation on January 9, 2014. I am really excited I feel as if I am so close :) well I'll keep you all updated !


Hi ladies ! I need your help ! While I was in Dr. yagers office a woman mentioned intubation during the procedures done while getting a TT or breast surgery. I am worried! I sing in the side and I am afraid I vocal damage during this intubation. I want to know if anyone who had any of the procedures got intubated. Please help :(

Depressed :(

I am so about to forget about this whole surgery thing. This stuff is way too confusing and I hate feeling like I am drowning and not knowing which way to go :( I am sort of feeling a little depression over this decision process.

Final Decison February 27, 2014 Locked in !

After a long confusing stage and ups and downs with what to do an where to go. I finally made up my mind. Thank you to my realself sisters who reached out to me for comfort ! Love you girls !! You'll along with some of my family members have helped me make the right choice and follow my heart. Therefore, I will be having a tummy tuck, muscle repair, lipo in the flanks, abs and doc like to do some lipo in vagina area on top to reduce seroma I also included a breast lift which I felt was an awesome bargain for half the price cost when added with the above mentioned procedures. My doctors name is Dr. Polavarapu. Let's me start by writing about what a beautiful soul she is. Very kind, understanding, and very knowledgable. She is board certified and will be at NYEE until the Summer. She will then go to her practice which is already opened in Chicago. Dr. Polavarapu gave me a sence of comfort she made me feel like if I was conversing with a very close friend. She's amazing ! I am very nervous but excited ! Ladies wish me lots of luck please ! Can't wait to begin sharing my experiences with all of you :)

February 28, 2014 a new me

wow the days are going back sooo slow but I know it will be here before I know it. Still have no type of emotions. I am almost done preparing for all the things I need. Post op is on February 20, 2014. Racking up on organics. I have lost a total of 11 pounds eating healthy no exercise. At first I started off at 149 then slowly lost the weight with cleaning eating I am now at 138. Not bad at all ! I feel good and healthy ! I hope my medical clearance indicated the same. Well ladies this is were I am at right now, just waiting for my turn. I wish you all happy and healthy healings my sister ! "Cheers to looking at you ladies"

Don't mind the grammer dumb phone


Day Before Surgery

Hi beautiful ladies ! Well my time Is here. I'll be in the flat side tomorrow ! Almost done with everything I had to do. Last thing I have to do is buy some groceries. Pretty nervous over here but very ready for the transformation. I want to wish all my upcoming lovely TT sisters good luck and may God bless us all weather we are researching, in the process of going in, or recovering. Love you all ! I appreciate everyone's advice, comfort and interesting Post :) I'll do my best to keep in touch with you all tomorrow I promise. Please pray for all of us !

Shapewear undies

Some shape wears I found on sale !

The Day Before my Surgery Pic

My sad belly soon to be happy !

Before The Surgery Pic !

Bye bye tummy I'll still have some stretch marks but happy with that. Just a reminder of motherhood. Not that I need my tummy to remind me :)

The Day Before Surgery Pic

My babies are alway with me. Check out Capone laying on my recliner. He's wayyy too comfy, now he has to get use to sleeping on the floor. Poor baby :( but only for a little while !

Whoosie and in the Flat Side !

First off I want to thank God for seeing though this surgery. Thank you Jesus for illuminating me with your hands while going in and out of it all. Ladies everything went well ! I am in moderate pain and urinating a lot. Hands are some what swollen is this normal ? The duo Dr. Polavarapu and Dr. Sadio were absolutely great ! I felt Very comfortable and secure with them ! I can still taste the anastia which is nasty. Other than that will be trying to caught some zzz in a bit.

Home sweet home !

Ladies I am feeling better walking better still in little to moderate pain. Here's a little sneak peek of my shape

Day 3 Feeling a lot of back pain

Hi ladies so last night after returning from the hospital my hubby brought me straight to the room and settled me in the recliner chair. I only lasted one hour. I was in immense pain and discomfort. My daughter set me up in the bed with pillows and I felt a little relief. My husband left to get my pain medication and because I am so allergic to most of them, the one prescribed was hard to get in any pharmacy. My poor baby was going crazy for three hours going from pharmacy to pharmacy. Ended up going out of his way from the bronx to queens to get me some perks which he sai will help me and was not in the same family as morphine. My love he's the best came home and gave me the medication and I instantly felt better and slept for three hours. I love him so much for all he's doing for me, my daughters too they are awesome. I still feel pain and discomfort but mostly in my back. Does anyone have any suggestion as what I should be doing on day three. I know everyone's body heals differently I just want this to be over and feel better. I cried twice last night with many regrets. My husband just looked at me and as usual with his comforting words, reminded me that everyday I will get better and I'll have no regrets and will be very happy.

Day 3 swelling going down

Ladies took a sneak peek for y'all ! Still have stretch marks but loving my results !

side by side

Before and after yikes :) very happy ! Thank you Dr. Polavarapu ??

Yay!! Day 4 So fast !

It's true what all the realself sisters say about day 4. I am feeling a lot more normal, walking a little more straighter. I got up on my own today, walked around the house very tempted with my OCD but didn't do anything. Remembered how I must not push myself just to take it easy and that's what I've been doing. I have not had a bowl movement. I will start drinking prune juice and whey protein shakes to see if this helps. Other than that I do feel much much better. Missing my husband wishing he was home to care for me ???? I am such a baby when he's around. Well my daughter is taking great care of me anyway. Tomorrow I will be alone with my mom, they will all be in school. I will have to do a lot of little things in my own, but that's fine it's part of the healing process, with thought of not over doing it. I hope everyone is doing well, happy healing sweethearts !

Day 5 unwanted coughing episodes

I have been walking a little straight during the night time, but during the day I am still a little hunched over and still very tight. Starting to feel itching all over my belly, don't know if this is normal. The worst part is this unwanted cough since yesterday. I am getting rid of a lot of flem but it HURTS !!!!!!! I am doing my best to let it out easily. It takes a lot of mind control. You can't find your self anxious to let it out, it should be done slowly and with your mouth open and deep breathes when breathing in. If I could only master this I'll be alright with the coughing. For now I am trying. Hope everyone else is doing well.

Loving my new belly button !

Happy ????

Happy! happy !

Loving my results. They will get better one is try working out.

My new tummy !

I am so happy with my results. I promise to myself to make it better after I start my work outs.

Day 12

Hi ladies, wanted to quickly update. Yesterday my drains were removed and my Doctor said I look great ! Although I must admit out of all the days yesterday I was veryyyy swollen. Drain removal did not hurt at all. PS said she has great hands. I believe her all the way. I didn't feel a thing. Today I am feeling really good, walking pretty straight, about 98 % really happy ! Took a few pics, I still have not seen my scar. I have another appt on Tuesday, then I will finally see what it looks like. My PS said she had to curve it in the middle because if excess fat after stitching. I don't really care too much right now. I just hope it's low enough to hide. I'll be treating my stomach like a baby after I am given the ok so I am not too worried. I am still very happy over all ! Hope everyone is healing well!

Starting to see my curves more

Notice I have a mark from the tubing in the drain on my left side.

Day 13

My husband decided to take me out for some dinner. Originally we were going to the movies, but because he came home late from work we went out for dinner. I felt good going out for some fresh air just him and I, very well deserved. I am walking pretty straight. Still hunched over about 4 % I had a glass of wine tonight which was also well deserved. We at home now relaxing and I am elevated and wishing for swell hell to go away. Other than that I have been massaging my own belly, very lightly applying coconut oil on remaining stretch marks and on my hips were it seems to be some what hard and swollen. After massing with coconut oil in an upright circular motion it feels and appears to look better. Again feeling great and waiting patiently for my 100% recovery. Hope everyone else is healing well.

Boyfriend Jeans

I decided to take a peek at my belly in the A.M. It's pretty flat but not that flat. Apparently I am still swollen. I wanted to try on a pair of boyfriend jeans my daughter bought me for my birthday in December. I was waiting until after the surgery to wear them. I love them. They fit loose and they are rolled in the bottom just perfect for the summer. So far loving how they look on me.


Well ladies here's my scar, healing nicely. At first I was a little scared bc it was so dark and looked wide but it's because of my completion. I am hoping it clears up nicely. Anyone with my same dark skin completion have any suggestions on what to put on the scar to make it look lighter ?

I am still going through some minimum swelling

I'll be a month tomorrow. Wow time had flown by fast. Feeling better everyday and getting to my normal self. I still feel tightness and often hunch over after sitting for a long time. I am really happy over all. Especially that on my 2nd week mark I was already feeling better. I thank God for my fast recovery. I hop everyone is also healing fast and well.

Six weeks post-op

Hi ladies, today makes 6 weeks into my tummy tuck surgery. I am feeling great I been sleeping on my sides and normal since week 3. Walking straight since week 2. I am still swell but not a lot. I have had minimum swelling through out my entire recovery. I feel blessed to have had such a fast recovery. Thank you to my PS for her wonderful gifted hands which has changed my entire confidence. I feel so much more confident and so very happy. Today I was given the ok to include more activity and I can't wait to start :) I hope everyone is having a fast an safe recovery. Be blessed sisters. Xoxo !

swelling and more swelling at 2 months :(

Hi ladies ! Hope everyone is doing well and healing well. As for me today I hit my 2 month mark. I still swell and actually feel like it is worst than a month ago. I have been using merderma on my incision and it has been helping big time. I have noticed big changing since I began using it a month ago. My scar still itches really bad sometimes, like on the ends of the incision. At times i still do feel some tightness on the lower section of my tummy. I still eat healthy and clean and drink lots of water, and try to drink pure pineapple juice at least four times a week, but i still swell :( Over all I am still really happy with my results. Well that's all for now ladies. Happy healing lovely's xoxo!

new pics

more pics

scar pic

a better view of scar

Day 1 of ab work out

So today will be my first day back into hitting the abs. I hope its not as painful. Will be updating at month 3, wish me luck ladies :)

3 Months Post-op !

Hi ladies, I hope everyone is doing well. As for me I am doing fine. Over all feeling great. After my tummy tuck procedure, I have been blessed to recover very quickly. However, I still took precaution and played it safe. I am excercising but not over doing it. I still eat healthy and have cut out all red and chicken products I like to call myself now a Pescoterian. I continue to drink lots and lots of water over 8 glasses a day. I don't drink soda nor bottled juices. I make my own juices and try to keep all food and liquids organic. My scar is healing very nicely and I hardly swell. However, I do notice swelling does become annoying mostly 2 weeks before menstral. I still experience tightness, especially in the morning. I have been feeling some weird tinglings and poking underneath my belly skin. I also have minimum to no numbness. My current weight is 132. I still have to lose 7 more pounds to reach my goal. Its still not easy maintaining the weight or losing it. It takes a lot of work and dedication. I stopped using the merena body faja a month ago. I developed severe bruising on both my thighs because of my dedication to the faja. Since I stopped using it the bruising disapeared. I have been using other products such as, gelzone, corsets, waste trainers and shapewears with lipo foams. Well ladies this is all I have for now, see you all again in my 4 month mark. Take care and stay blessed xoxo !


4 Months Post-Op !

Wow time is flying by. Its unbelievable how fast this recovery has been. Although I still remember it like if it was yesterday ! Ouchhh how my back hurt so bad for 2 days and that dam coughing spell I had for 4 days straight, causing the MR so much pain. Now would I do it all again ? Hmmm at first I didnt think so, but after seeing my progression and results from before to now. Heck YES I will do it all again ! This surgery has changed my confidence And how I look at myself in the mirror. No more saying "well of only this blubber would be gone" then walking away with frustration and a huge complex. Now, I stare at myself with desire to continue to improve my appearances and love what I see. Well ladies I feel great, I still swell mostly before menstral. My incision still itches at times and my tummy is still very tight with weird sensations that poke me from the inside out. Other than that all I could say is I am very very happy ! At first I had doubt because of the remaining stretch marks but hey screw it, its way better than what I had before. If anyone out there is thinking about getting this surgery, I would say go for it ! As long as your healthy and ready to keep a committment with yourself, do it ! Good luck and best wishes my darlings !

6 months and two weeks post -op

Hello ladies, I hope all is well with everyone. As for me I am doing great, I am still eating clean and exercising hard. I have set a goal for myself, in which I want to build muscle, I want a six pack lol. Hey all is possible as long as you believe and stay motivated. I have not gained any weight since my surgery. Nor have I lost. I am kind of stuck on 132. I am working on losing at least 10 more pounds. Anyway, as far as my healing process is concerned, I have no major changes. I still swell especially during my menstral and that intense itchy sensation on my scar still occurs. Sometimes I try to scratch but I don't feel anything. I have found that when I rub in incision when itchy, it feels much better. My scar is still dark :( some parts are lighter than the other but not much. I will be getting a tummy tattoo in the future. I am waiting for my 1 year mark. I want to cover the scar and some of the stretch marks. Well that's all for now ladies, best wishes to you all xo !!

Eight months

Hello my loves, I hope everyone is doing well. I have not been updating But have been keeping up with everyone. Well no major changes here all the same. Just wanted to share a photo of my belly. Happy Holidays to all of you!!

Eight months

Fort Worth Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Polavarapu and Dr. Sadio all I have to say is that these two talented Surgeons are definitely in the correct career. From the beginning upon meeting Dr. Polavarapu I felt 100 % comfort and felt as if she was a friend. Both Doctors were absolutely caring and very secure and what they were doing at the operating room. I am very happy with my results. Thank you Dr. Polavarapu for being more than a PS but a Friend in this life changing procedure. You will forever have a special place in my heart.

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