Consultation Number 2 Booked! - Leicester, UK

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So I've wanted BA for as long as I remember and...

So I've wanted BA for as long as I remember and even though I'm only 19 (nearly 20) I know it's for me! I've known I've wanted them since about 13 when I have always been smaller than average! And I'm a curvy girl, so it'd only be right ! :)
I had my first consultation on 20th dec. it went we'll, and I was told to do the rice test. I did it starting at 400cc (my surgeon said because of my body and shape etc I would take a bigger implant than usual, for example 300cc probs wouldn't give my bigger than a small c and I'm wanting DD or bigger!)
I could tell the 400cc we're too small so I went up to 450 and tried those for a few days
They were better but I'm still wanting bigger although my surgeon said he doesn't really like going above 450! I'm really hoping I can convince him to give me 500 as I am much happier with the 500cc rice sizers! I've tried them in both a sports bra I got off the internet (cute pink one, super comfy!) and a couple of non padded bras I got from marks and spencer, which I bought in 34DD.
They look good for my body and I do want that big look, but not huge or too fake looking!
I am being real picky but I want them to be as close to my expectation as possible, and I don't wanna have to fork out another £5000 until I really have to in 15-20 yrs! So if they turn out how I want them first time round, id be super happy!
I will try to post wish pics etc! My next consultation is booked for Friday 3rd of January 2014. I can't wait! Hopefully il get a surgery date as I am super impatient I want them like NOW lol.
I will post how that goes, I'm not sure if all surgeons do it but my surgeon said he likes to have 2-3 consultations before surgery, I don't know why but hopefully that will give him more chance of getting it perfect ! ;)
Wish me luck!!

Major boob greed!

My 2nd consultation cannot come fast enough!! I still have 5 days to go and it's going mega slow! I just want the surgery date booked already :( and every day I am thinking I want them bigger and bigger. Where I started off looking at inspiration / wish pics at around a D - DD size I'm now considering an E - F! Although I'm a 34 so maybe a 34e or 34f would be a bit big, a 32f probably wouldn't though , but I'm not a 32 :( boobs are so confusing! I think il just ask him on Friday what the biggest cc's I can go safely but still achieve the look and size I want. I can't stop thinking about it, all I think about all day is me getting surgery, boobs bras and more boobs! Is this normal? And days off rare the worst as I'm constantly researching and looking up and thinking about it! Want the boobies to hurry up!

Wish pics

So I have decided to get together some wish pics. There's different things I like about all of them, some how nature they look, some how big, some how round etc! So I'm hoping to show this to my surgeon to help him give me a result I'll be really happy with. As so far he just knows the size I roughly wanna be (even though that's ally increasing) ???? 5 days left!

Ok so the more i try on the rice sizers and look...

Ok so the more i try on the rice sizers and look at my 'wish pics' as such, the more I feel I need bigger implants? I am trying on 500cc sizers atm as it is! I am worried that or bigger wont fit in me, but all these girls saying they wish they went bigger etc is persuading me to go as big as possible for my size (without looking ridiculous of course) I want them to still look big when they 'drop

500ccs of rice!

So here are a couple of pictures of a completely non padded bra or sports bra with 500cc / 500ml rice sizers in. Do you guys get what I mean ? They don't look that big on me at all and this is in a fairly tight vest top (I wear them all the time and under clothes for work etc so I literally live in vest tops / camis lol) and to add to that I've read up that when using rice sizers you should ADD 100ccs to that size for the implant to look that big as the sizers look bigger than the implant will because of body compression and the sizer being on top of the breast etc etc! So does this mean I'm looking at 600 - 650cc?!! I'm only a small A! Will that even fit in me? Will it cause problems? If I could have that size I'd love it but I'm scared. Especially as my surgeon has said he doesn't really like going above 450cc! Any suggestions / advice / help?!!

Preparation !

So I tidied up my room and stuff today, I haven't actually got my surgery booked yet but after Fridays consultation being the 2nd one I'm REALLY hoping to book it there and then for as soon as possible, he said it could be a week or two after so still January :) so I tidied up as it was messy and stressing me out, I've also bought some really nice big cushions! Their so soft and comfrey, their fluffy too! I'm hoping they'll be comfrey for my recovery as people say the special shaped cushions ain't actually that good! I've also got 2 or 3 sports bras now too. Got an extra one in the sale! £4! :) it's black lace and really comfy. Seems to have a bit more support too. Does anyone think applying bio oil before the surgery as well as after will reduce risks of stretch marks ? Rather than waiting until they come lol? I really don't want them :( suggestions ?

Had my 2nd consultation!

Went to my 2nd consultation today! Went really well. He said he might be able to fit 500cc! He is going to use a sizer on the day of surgery before placing the implant and see how big he can go on me. I'm going over the muscle, he thinks I have enough skin there to cover the top of the implant! I'm hoping this means even if I can't fit the 500 they will still look big! He also re commended ones with more projection, so they stick out more? I think. I trust him and believe he knows what's right for my body and mesurements. I'm so excited! So I am seeing him on the 7th of February for a final time before surgery, he said he likes to do this to make sure he has explained EVERYTHING to me which I think is good. And then my surgery should be in Leicester on the 24th February ! Which is great because it's a Monday and i work at the end of the week, so I can recover a bit before going to work. I am so excited! He is using polyurethane sillicone implants, they are a bit more expensive but reduce the risk of capsular contractre to 1%! I am having a crease insision as far as I know. I just want it to hurry up now! I am really hoping he can fit the bigger impant in, a 550 would be even more amazing ! I am gonna buy some bio oil on my next pay day and start applying it a week or two before surgery as well as after. I am so paranoid about getting stretch marks. I bought a couple more sports bras today too :) I saw a lovely 34DD black sequin bra with smal bows on the straps, it was so cute! I hope I can find cute bras when I need them after surgery, so exciting ! I am phoning next week to confirm the booking of my next appointment and the surgery date. I will get my price confirmed then too. Will update soon! Happy boobies! X

no patience..

So i am one of the most impatient people in the world! waiting is a nightmare for me especially if its something I have already waited so long for - years! In a couple days I can just book it and find out the exact cost, I feel like once its paid for thats it, its getting done! But it wont be until February 24th for the surgery! It seems so close yet soo long away lol! I will be counting down the days from now though! I have already started preparing as I like to be organised - I have sports bras, I still want to get a couple more cute ones but I have time to do that, as I only work sundays most weeks I have all week to go shopping and stuff! I have two really comfey sports bras which I bought yesterday, one black and one white ( I will add pics ) I just had to get them, they are SO soft! they are from George at ASDA (I am not sure if this is in the US, its just a store in the UK I know of) and they were only £6 each. They do have a thin padding but you can remove it, although im wondering weather it will be more supportive and comfey as its only a little bit. I also bought a grey sports bra which I bought when I was buying some gym stuff, it matched the work out bottoms and jacket I bought (all grey and pink - cute!) and when i tried it on with my sizers I can tell its more for working out, its comfey but not as much as the others, its more tight and supportive, probably good if i plan to run after the girls are here lol. I am gonna buy some stuff for recovery too, its only a few days so ive already bought myself a book. im not really much of a reader but I always find it interesting reading about Katie Price, I read her very first book recently and found it interesting so I bought her latest one (called Love, Lipstick and Lies) so im saving that for after the surgery! anything else you guys can suggest? I am gonna buy bio oil like i said in my last post, oh and coca butter as ive heard its good! but if theres anything else any of you can suggest for pre op or post op please share! im open to all opinions, and im just interested in keeping myself occupied for the next 7 weeks! I will update when price and dates are offcially booked and confirmed :)

Opinions please !!

So does anyone think I will get the result of my wish pics with 450 / 500cc implants? Going by my stats? 5'7 in height and 11st / uk size 10-12 dress size (bra size 34a currently) I'm getting really paranoid I won't have the results I want just cuz I can't fit 500-550cc in!! I want them as big as possible (within reason) because I know my frame will make them not look big at all if their 450 or under! I'm going OVER the muscle if this makes any difference to how size looks. I will upload a pic of how id really like them to look. Please give advice / opinions on this! X

Omg it's happening!

So it's actually happening officially! I was worried I wouldn't be able to get the money together as it was slightly more than I thought but I sorted it all out yesterday and I've got enough! I'm so excited, and I have gift cards from Xmas that are valid for ages yet so i am saving them for bras hehe! So I spoke to the receptionist for my surgeon and she's booking me in for surgery on Monday the 24th February, and I'm seeing him once before that on the 7th. Omg! :D I've gotta pay for it about 10 days before she said so I've still got until like the middle of feb but I might just pay it off as soon as I can so I'm not tempted to dib into the money. There's no reason for it not to happen now though I'm so happy and excited! She was meant to be ringing me back today to confirm a couple of things but I've been called into work so I may miss her call :( hopefully she will ring back tomorrow or leave a message. I just hope now that they can fit the 500 or 550ccs in il be over the moon! I still have a feeling in the future I will get them bigger, maybe 600cc, but who knows i know I'm gonna love these ones as it is such a difference from my tiny chest I've has all my life! So happy. I havnt written any updates until today as I didn't feel there was anything to update on. I'm soo excited. I still need to get a couple of pretty sports bras, ATM I've got really comfey ones but their just plain I wanna get some pretty ones! Any suggestions where from? For post surgery ! :)

6 weeks today!

Omg 6 weeks sounds so long! I cannot wait every day I get more excited! I finally found someones review (it wasnt on here, it was a personal blog but she said she used realself and found it very helpful!) and she has the exact same stats as me, same height (5ft 7) same weight (65-70kg) and her before pictures cant look more identical to my boobs if they tried! It was kinda weird how similar it was, but I was mega excited because I thought if my implants are gonna look similar to anyones after pics, itl be this one! and hers look amazing, although I am having slightly bigger than hers I think her implants are 375cc and im having 450-500cc, but the only difference is that my shoulders and hips are a big brouder/wider, so they will probably look a similar size. I am so excited! I have made a note of all prep stuff I will need to sort out in the last couple of weeks before the op, even though ive got ages! I am way too exited, and ive been taking loads of overtime at work because I know as soon as I send off the payment to the hospital I am going to be broke lol! I also have savings for things like bras and supplies. Im finding it difficult organising getting to the hospital and back, getting there isnt really a problem as I can get public transport but I have heard a lot of reviews and surgeons say the hospitals dont like letting you leave unless they know you have got a safe lift home. I have my mum, she is happy to take me there and back, but my partner is coming and at the moment they are not on the best terms with eachother! I dont need stress and problems on the day, so I am choosing for me and my partner to go by ourselves, but need to organise how to get home the following day. The hospital said at a small cost they can even put an extra bed up in my suite on the night stay for my partner! I was happy when they said that because I am really gonna want him around for support, I know im gonna be in some pain and itl be nice to have him around :) I dont think ive been quite as excited as this before in my whole life! its like al my christmasses and birthdays coming at once, and to add to the good news my nan is apparently going to help me out with money, even though I have the money in my bank ready to pay, I did borrow and will have to pay back! so its nice to know im getting help and support with that too. I havnt really been thinking of much else. DO any of you know what the situation is with things like getting nails done etc? I know you probably cant fake tan before etc but I read in a review that someone had to remove their nail polish - and I was planning to get my nails and stuff done before the op so i dont have to worry about it after (and so i feel i look my best ! it definitly makes me feel better) but i dont wanna do anything that will complicate things? it might of just been that one girl that got asked to remove it but I guess il have to ask my surgeon.

I am also trying to eat as healthy as possible (and excersise when I can get myself motivated!) as I know you cant really do much for a few weeks after the op. I got letters through the post telling me the meds to avoid prior to surgery etc and also the time I need to be at the hospital and stuff. I think im gonna start up a blog or instagram page or something just for my experience! I find other peoples soo interesting and constantly are looking them up to see how they are doing and the changes! And its really helpful, like i mentioned about that girl with the same stats as me. I think itd be only fair for me to return the favour! id love to think that I might be helping girls just like myself who are considering surgery! ALSO I cant seem to always find many reviews on forums or websites from girls in the UK, a lot are in the US.

I feel like i could talk about this subject ALL day (I pretty much to do my partner and family, and they get annoyed sometimes hehe) so I guess I should leave it here for now! I am just way to excited!

mini update

So i had a letter in the post today from the hospital I am having my surgery at (the Spire hospital in Leicester) and it was a form I had to fill in asking about any meds I am on and if i have had the anesthetic before / if i have had any complications with it (which I havnt, I had it years ago now, when i was around 12 I think, but was out straight away and woke up with no sickness, nothing, absolutely fine! It also asked my daily activities and the time ive got off work after the surgery etc. this had to be filled out and sent back within 48 hours so i filled it out right away, and there is a post box right at the top of my road so I plan to post it today! It didnt take long. Little things like this just excite me! Theyre like little reminders that its getting a bit closer!

OH I also have lost half a stone! I cant believe it. I am really lucky with weight, if I do something about it, i lose it pretty much straight away, but it goes the other way too, as soon as i start eating crap and lazing about, it goes straight back on. Its werid as ive only introduced healthy eating the last 2-3 days max! I already feel non-bloated ( i felt very bloated about a week ago, permenently!) and my stomach feels flatter, and i feel better! even my cold has sort of gone.
Ive been eating whole grain cereal and pasta. Pasta is something I eat LOADS so I went and bought whole wheat organic pasta, it literally JUST contains wheat and glueten. It actually tastes great I really like it. I also bought the skinny cappuchino things as I am a coffee lover, I have about 4-5 a day!! So i have basically just switched everything I ususally eat for the same thing, just healthier. I have also found yougerts that I really like that are really low in fat and caloires, their the Shape yougerts. I have been eating them whenever I feel like snacking instead of crisps or busciuts! These tiny changes seem to have made a massive difference, and i dont feel like im dieting at all. I plan to carry on like this until my surgery and after! I think it will do my healing good as well. I was 11 and a half stone (which sounds loads but everyone says I dont look it, I think its my height that hides it!) I am now about 10st 12 pounds or something? basically just under 11! I am over the moon and it has just made me want to continue.

Anyway! I have been carrying on wearing the rice sizers in a lace non-padded underwire bra for 2 reasons 1) I want to kind of get people used to the look on me so when I have my new breasts its not a huge change and nobody asks about it! 2) I want to get used to the size and stuff for myself. I have been wearing them under my work clothes, under my every day clothes, and under my clothes I wear at home (just a vest, like in my pictures) Obviously they feel a lot heavier than normal, which I am sort of getting used to, I do think that the real implants wont feel this heavy though. Rice is heavy! and of course itl be inside me, so will feel a bit more normal than rice in my bra! I keep worrying about the size not being big enough but i cant do much about it! I will just have to hope on the day that I can fit the bigger size in!
Anyway, will update soon!

Size ..

I am starting to accept that I probably won't get to the size I want, which kind of upsets me but I can't do anything about it, if it won't fit it won't fit ! Katie price when she was at her biggest is my boob inspiration to me they were PERFECT ((I know many peoples will not agree with this!) but even though they were huge they still weirdly looked natural, like you could never see her implant even though she went to 1000ccs! Which I would never consider, but I would love maybe 700 max, I've seen girlies with 700cc and they still only end up a DD or an E. I think I will be in this group off girls ! Needing a lot of cc's for a big result :(

so because of this I'm pretty sure illll need a 2nd boob job to achieve my opinion of "perfect" size on myself. I do plan to have children in the near future, maybe in the next 5 years, so it would only make sense to wait until, after that to have a 2nd one (it would probably make sense to wait until then for the first one but I can NOT wait that long!)
Because I've accepted this rather than expecting huge results from my first boob job, especially working with completely no boobs pre op, I feel il be happier now with the results, I guess I never know until after :) and if they turn out bigger than I expect now, it'll be a massive bonus!
Exactly 31 days til the op now! So excited !

19 days!

Slowly getting closer lol!! It can't come fast enough, in some senses it does feel like I was only saying yesterday that I had 6 weeks to go, now it's almost 2! I have my appt this Friday and I have written down LOADS of last questions, oh ALSO I didn't realise what my ps meant at first when he said he reccommends more "cone shape" implants, but I researched and their called "conical" and all I can think of is pointy! As much as they probably aren't, I want round anyway. I want the roundness and upper pole fullness as well as slightly natural look and I feel ill achieve that more with round going by the research of both round and conical. Not many girls have conical, and I like the look of round, I'm not nessecarly going for the "fake" look, but I like the roundness with a bit of drop for slight naturalness ! god I probably sound so fussy lol! So I'm gonna tell him on Friday I really want round as much as I trust him, it's just a personal preference , I have took his advice on the majority so far, going over the muscle, no bigger than 550cc max. although id love bigger, and the fact I'm having the polyurethane (slightly more firm silicone implants) so I think til be ok if I explain I want round.

I saw my friend the other day who had her ba with the same ps as me and I had SO many questions lol! I know I'm having the exact same implants as her only difference is she went under the muscle, but that's because she doesn't plan to have any more children which I do plan to have kids in the future. Apart from that she had same surgeon, same implants and same hospital everything! She said il be fine, she did say that she prefers silicone to the textured silicone / polyurethane implants though (as she had sillicone before but had a caspular contracture problem so switched to polyurethane (and 5 years down the line it hasn't come back! They have the lowest rate of CC, just under 1%) and she said if she hadn't had the first silicone implants shed probs be over the moon with the ones she has now, but because she knows how soft and natural they felt she finds these ones more firm, which I hope their not too firm! But I guess she can tell the difference, I guess this is my first ba so I will be pleased whatever! As long as they squish and stuff pretty much like normal boobs I'm happy! Apparently saline are the most firm and I've seen girls show how squishy they get so I'm pretty sure il still be VERY happy :) I guess I'll just have to keep on top of the massaging !

I have a collection of sports bras which I'll include a pic of, I still feel I need a more high impact, supportive one but I'm not sure, it's just coz I feel the ones I have are so soft and comfy! Very nice but will they be supportive enough and "hold the girls in place" enough?

All I need to buy now is last min supplies like bio oil / palmers coca butter cream for stretch marks (I'm trying both to be on safe side!) maybe a V pillow although I've heard they are not always great! And maybe a last sports bra!

Any other last min suggestions? Xo

16 days!

Hi everyone! Had my last pre op appointment today before surgery on the 24th!
It went well, my boyfriend come with me which was really nice!
I asked loads of questions as I thought this would be my last chance! So one of my main concerns was tanning beds as I love them and wanted to start using them again, mainly so I have a good colour for summer lol! And the girls will look loads better with a tan. ;) he said they are absolutely fine pre op and post op he said some people who have darker skin pigmentation may notice the scars darken but i shouldn't worry! Phew! I might cover the scars post op just invade but I can tan! Yay!

OK so he also advised me NOT to use bio oil pre op or post op until about 3 weeks! I was worried about getting stretch marks so I might just use the palmers stretch mark cream and then use bio oil at 3 weeks post, but the reason he said this is because he said bio oil being so strong can actually break down the skin which does no favours for your skin healing post op! I guess when you think about it it could make the skin thinner therefore more viewable stretch marks! I was so glad I asked.
He said the maximum size he's ordered is 500cc, which I am pleased with and pray they fit! I do NOT want boob greed as I wouldn't be able to afford this again any time soon lol! So so far I'm getting :
Over the muscle
Conical or round implants, will be determined on the day
Profile will also be determined on the day!
Polyurethane sillicone implants (silimed)

He is basically gonna try fit the size I want on the day with the best profile for me, so I literally won't know the shape, size or profile until after really! But I really do trust him and I'm 95% sure ill be pleased.
I think he knows how to avoid common problems or silly looks that come with implants sometimes so I think he is trying what works best on the day to get the best symmetry and avoid snoopy boob or uni boob etc! When he explained the technique he's gonna use on the day to bring my wide set breasts together to create more cleavage it sounded complicated, but like he knows what he's doing! If it works then I'm pleased don't have to understand how it's done lol!
He told me that returning to normal excersise post op is fine when I feel well (I am going over the muscle so I guess I don't have to worry too much about the muscle tightening etc) but he advised me not to drastically loose weight (like a stone) as this will also go on my boobs and could show rippling but it's very rare, he was just making me aware. I'm getting dissolvable stitches so my first follow up isn't for a few weeks post op, hopefully this will be ok? I guess if I have any problems I can call.

Here's a list i have written which I need on the day:
Loose fitting front opening clothes
Hair ties
Bottle of water
Skincare stuff and toothbrush etc
Front open sports bra (still need to purchase! Gonna get one from m&s as highly reccommended!)

I am such an organize freak lol! I've got 2 weeks to go yet but I have to be prepped and organized otherwise I panic!
My lovely boyfriend will be coming with me to surgery, wel be getting the train to Leicester and staying there overnight (at the hospital as I'm an overnight patient ) and then hopefully my mum will be able to pick us up the next day.
I still need to get a cheque from the bank for the money, which I can take with me on the day of surgery for payment (it's a guaranteed payment cheque written to the hospital, a normal cheque needs so many days to clear!)
So so excited! Also getting my eyelashes done Tuesday, nails at some point too :) I get paid valentines day woo! Lol

ATM I'm not wearing any padding in my bras, I feel like a complete IRONING BOARD but I feel I'll appreciate the size more after surgery if i recognize my real size pre op! If I wore all my padding I probs wouldn't notice the difference I wear that much lol!

Just need to make a few last min purchases such as stretch mark cream, maybe viteman e cream and a good sports bra from m&s, and arnica cream.

Will update soon! :)

5 days!

Getting so close now! Still no nerves, just excitement !! Booked my train tickets to Leicester for me and my boyfriend. Only one way, my mum should be picking us up the following day! I have bought one final sports bra for post op which is the Under Armour black zip up sports bra (quite popular) which I'm hoping will be supportive enough for sport Aswell (maybe teamed up with another sports bra if need be!) I got it in a 36D. I thought they would come in sizes small medium large etc so it was hard picking a size, but I thought I'm usually a 34, and I should end up at least a d or dd, probably bigger going by uk sizes, so I thought a 36d would give extra room than a 34d, and would probably be more like a 34dd. Hopefully it fits when it comes which I'm hoping will be before Monday so I can take it with me to surgery. It is expected to get here any time after Friday ! I have also bought some final supplies including arnica cream, coca butter stretch mark cream (palmers) and the sports bra, I am getting everything ready Sunday night when I get back from work. I was on a purchase bio oil but my ps advised me NOT to as apparently it breaks down the skin! Makes sense as it's got some strong chemicals in it. He advised me not to use it until at least 3 weeks post op. So I'm just gonna stick to the palmers one and hope for the best! I have never had stretch marks, I have not had any children but I have upped and down in weight, but not drastically, just very gradually from time to time and I have small faint white looking marks on my legs which I think May be stretch marks but they're barley noticeable and never have been worse than that, so I'm hoping I don't get them! None of my family who have had children have ever had them so I'm hoping it's in my genes not to get them and to be lucky lol! We shall see.

I've been tanning a lot to build up a nice tan as it makes me feel so much better and I feel it will make the girls look loads better ! I've also been trying to eat healthy (and failing on some days when I have been feeling like crap) but I'm gonna really try these last few days. I'm gonna try go jogging as much as I can and do some excersise as I know I won't be able to proper go for it first thing post op.

So apart from all that I've been just trying to keep myself busy each day to make the time pass. I was meant to go shopping with a friend today but she let me down so I went out with my boyfriend instead. We was only gonna get our nails done which apparently isn't advised anyway so I guess it's a good thing! Il be getting them done soon post op though lol! I've got together comfey zip up clothes and pjs for the night of surgery and to travel home in. I just need to get it all organized but that will give me something to do the day before! I'm working a couple of the days this week so I will be sure to stay occupied I just want it to come sooner! I am just so intrigued to see my results and just feel like a woman rather than a little girl! My bf keeps saying hel miss my small boobs and their "going soon" but I keep reassuring him they're not GOING anywhere! Lol I'm very sure once the new girls are here hel love them. It's just enhancing what I already have!

I can't quite hold in the excitement ! I'm like a kid waiting for Christmas and (I know it sounds super cheesy) but it's changing my WHOLE life! I'm looking forward to summer for once, which I LOVE the summer but I've always been nervous as I know there's no covering up my small chest, in the winter I can hide the fact I'm flat chested but in the summer it's almost impossible being too hot to wear a jacket but now il just look like a normal girl for my age and I can wear the pretty summer clothes! The summer is also a great time for me as me and the bfs birthday are in the summer (the same day surprisingly!!) and it's also out anniversary as we got together in the summer, we both love it and have so much fun together but I feel this one will be so much better as I will finally be happy with myself. Anyway life story over! 5 days to go / 6 sleeps! Bring on Monday ! Il upload some pictures of my recent purchases xoxo

Are these things all normal??

So there's a few things I've noticed that are different with my ba procedure compared to other girlies.

First of all, my follow up appointment is gonna be almost 3 weeks post op. I don't know if there's a reason for this, I am having different implants to standard sillicone implants which don't quite "drop and fluff" the same they are kind of put in the position from the start. Maybe that's why my follow up appt don't have to be straight after? Idk?

Second, I have not been told to wear a strap after OR do any massaging at all, in fact I've even been told I don't really need to wear a sports bra at all post op! I'm gonna wear one anyway as I really don't want them to drop too much as I am having overs!

Has any other of you girls had similar experiences where you haven't had to do things other ba girls have?

I just want my results to be as good as possible so if I should be massaging, I wanna know!
Just to remind, I'm having the polyurethane implants, so they have a fuzzy outside, I think they're also referred to as furry brazillian.

If you have these implants please tell me so I can see your results! Very few girls have them so I can't find many results online at all! Thanks lovelys!! Xoxo

Less than 24 hours!!

Omg! So it's the night before my ba I'm so EXCITED! I don't think I'm gonna sleep much tonight ! I have washed my hair, packed my overnight bag (almost forgot to pack anything for my partner even though he's coming with me lmao!) which I've just got loose front opening pjs, a comfey zip up track suit or onsie to wear home, my inhalers, all stuff like shower gel toothpaste etc, my handbag with my purse etc! Oh and some healthy snacks for once I've had the ba as I'm always hungry! Il be returning home Tuesday and my mums picking us up. My lovely nan bought me a v pillow yesterday, I tested it out last night as a lot of girls have said they haven't liked them much and sometimes wake up wth back pain as if they've slept funny, but I was surprisingly comfey. And my grandad is driving us to the train station in the morning! Can't stop thinking about it! Im kind of sad thinking I won't see my little boobs again, but I have to keep reminding myself how long I've wanted this and how many times I've sat and cried because of it! (Sad I know, but it's really effected me!) I am mostly excited! Not a tad nervous yet but I guess I will be tomorrow, we shall see! Getting a nice roast dinner tonight as Ive gotta starve tomorrow !! Will update in the morning loves xx

All done!!

So I've got my new twins! Yay!
The hospital was lovely. Very clean and the nurses were awesome.
I arrived early and they took me to my room. A nurse came and went through everything with me and the anesthetic guy came and introduced himself and talked me through what he was going to do, which made me feel so at ease!

At this point I was still all excitement, no nerves. My surgeon came to see me too and said he'd be with me shortly. Two nurses got me to put on the sexy night gown. Paper knickers and socks. Next thing I know the two nurses came to wheel me to surgery. I said goodbye to my boyfriend and he had to move our stuff into a different room while I was in surgery, all the rooms were the same and really nice with a bathroom!
I was in a small room where I got put to sleep. I then woke up in a recovery room and was instantly given morphine which helped pain but I didn't stop SLEEPING which is why I've barely update!
I was sick a few times last night when I was taking the meds, but this morning was ok. I was given my meds at 6:30am and fell back to sleep, when I woke up I was in no pain just discomfert, I was able to get myself up and pee for the first time, then when I felt a bit better they took my drains out and I was able to wash and get dressed.

The journey home was not fun. My mum came to pick me up with my nan but I was due my meds which were buried in my bag somewhere, so until I got home I didn't take them.

I am now home in my own bed, in some pjs with my v pillow and loads of other cushions!

I am lucky to have had my lovely boyfriend and family look after me.
I had 435cc extra high profile on the left, and 460cc high profile on the right, OVER the muscle, silimed polyurethane implants.

I will update soon! Xxx

Day 5 post op

Sorry i haven't updated daily girls ! I've been so busy and sleeping a lot !
So the first couple days where quite painful but bareable. I kept on top of my pain meds and was fine. More discomfort definitely ! Slight sharp pains or weird feelings when I move certain ways or twist my arms / upper body too much.
I definitely think I pushed myself a bit day 1 and 2 post op, I was lifting things and walking around, making food etc, but it's because I felt I could at the time. Day 3 was the last day I took any pain meds! Definitely know what morning boob is now lol!
By day 4 I'm in no pain. Just a bit heavy on my chest but a sports bra helps support them.
They haven't changed much so far, just slowly getting slightly softer, was rock hard to begin with now I can slightly squeeze them - but they got a long way to go!
They started out super pointy which worried me as I want a node round shape, but girls on here have reassured me it's a waiting game and I gotta be patient! (I'm very impatient lol)

The implants I had
Silimed polyurethane foam (brazillian furry) conical sillicone implant.
Left - 435cc extra high profile
Right - 460cc high profile
Over the muscle (submammary)
Crease insision
These implants do not move once they're in, the foam acts like Velcro and bonds with my breast tissue, so they don't drop or sag at all. From what I hear they do fluff which is a relief as they seem small ATM for 460!
I've been using palmers stretch mark cream to hopefully prevent them. My post op appt is in 2 weeks.

Because these implants don't move and are quite firm compared to standard silicone, I do not need to wear a strap or a sports bra or anything, however I wear a sports bra or bralette when I go out to hide the pointy nipples!

So far I'm having that love hate relationship with them! Some days I love them other days I have major boob greed and think about revisions!
I will wait and see how they turn out once they settle in! :)
I went back to work for a 6 hour shift on day 4 post op and day 5, and will be tomorrow too.

Hope to update soon! Will try to add some pictures tonight xx

Day 9 post op

So I went and did some light cardio at the gym today, my ps said to avoid any vigorous excersise for about a month, so I thought as long as I'm gentle it's ok and it felt so good too! I felt fine and still do now :)
I also got measured, I know it's too early but I wanted to get measured now and when I can wear bras to see the difference ! I was measured today at a 36 DD/E or a 34 E ? I always have worn 34 band so I guess I could still. That was at ann summers where I love buying all my lingerie and bras. They're amazing!
I didn't buy any, although I bought some cute non padded baby dolls and stuff :)
I feel absolutely fine now, I feel healed in myself, apart from of course my insisions (which I still have the plasters on so I don't know what they look like yet!) and of course not d&fd yet, which I hope and pray there will be LOADS of fluffing !!
I also drove today, felt fine!
Hope your all healing well loves xx

Nearly 2 weeks!

So tomorrow I will be 2 weeks post op! It's flown by but things are only getting better !
I still don't feel comfortable enough to wear normal bras, but it's still early days and I can't wait til I can! I've been working out and enjoying it, and I feel like if I get slimmer my boobies will look bigger hehe!
I have and still am suffering from boob greed BUT I'm just satisfied I have boobs now! I know I won't have the money any time soon for a revision so I may as we'll learn to love these ones which I am loving them more every day!
They do seem to slowly getting more round than pointy which is a relief I just can't wait until they drop and fluff! I've seen a girls who had the same implants as me and hers have turned out lovely now and and she's at 8 weeks so it's all patience!

I have bought a few cute baby dolls and bralettes , all things I can wear without having to know my bra size! I've made sure they are in sizes that will fit me now and later.

My bandages have fell off and I finally got a look at my scars and my surgeon is just a genius, their so small ! What would you girls recommend to help them heal faster ?

As for the boobs they are lots more even now than before, somehow he's positioned the implant to push my nipples in so they don't point outwards anymore and they are perfectly in line with each other, they look very symmetrical to me even tho he said they arnt, as I said, genius!

I'm just looking forward to d&f ing now, so they are soft and move as I move, flatten out a bit as I lay down etc!
My post op is Friday.
Have a boobilicuous week loves! Xo

Follow up

I had my first follow up yesterday (14th) and it went really well! He said they are looking great and the scars look good also, he reccommended I now start using bio oil on them to help them. And he was surprised I have had no stretch marks!
He said I'm free to drive wear bras do whatever I please! But my size seems to be changing really slightly so I think I might leave serious bra shopping until the 6 week mark. Even then I might only buy a few, I think 3 months post is the sort of time I'll feel fully healed.

I mentioned to him about the size as I expected much bigger and wanted much bigger ccs but he said he stretched my skin to its maximum, he said he could of gone bigger probably but could of resorted in problems and definitly stretch marks! I have seen poor girls with too big implants put in especially over the muscle like me and they have ended up dropping so much to the stage they're on their ribs and they are now paying for more surgery to correct it! So as much as my boob greed is pretty bad, I am pleased and greatful that my surgeon put my health first and considered these risks rather than just doing as I ask. Now he has told me it would cost the same amount again £5k to have them bigger, and also that they look perfect on me, I am kinda accepting that for now and just being happy with them. I wouldn't be able to have the op again for some time anyway as it takes a full year to fully heal and also my skin would have to have time to become much more flexible to have a bigger implant in! I would like 600c + the second time. I may as we'll wait until I have children as I would like that in the next couple of years, by then I would of saved up, be fully healed and my skin would definitly be ready for bigger ones then lol! I've gotta consider my pre op size was only a 34A. I am now measuring at a 32F so I should be greatful!

I bought a few more sport bra type things and will be buying some bio oil and vitimans and stuff now I've had the ok to do so. I'll update and add pictures when I do, soon!

Overall I am happy. I Have been extremely lucky with healing and I had no bruising, no stretch marks so far, no pain as of day 5 onwards and I'm now almost 3 weeks post op. I will be seeing my ps in 3 months time. He's a genjous and I'd reccommend him to anyone!
Have a boobilicuous weekend girlies! Will update soon with pictures ! Xx

1 month update

So I'm a month and two days post op now! It's flown by so fast !
I am seeing changes all the time! They are getting increasingly squishier which is great!

I wore a proper bra for the first time yesterday all day and it didn't feel too bad. The bone / underwire bit felt a bit strange and seemed to be digging in but I think it's just because I've been wearing comfey sports bras and bralettes! It was a 32F Kelly brook bra from new look (picture) which is the size I measure at using a tape measure. It didn't feel too tight and all the bra tests seems to say it fits ! (Band don't pull out more than 2 inches, no hasp or bulging over, no sighing in at shoulders or back etc) but it seems to depend on the shop as to what size bra fits. I am resisting buying bras as much as I can until about 3 months as I feel I may still change as they haven't fully dropped yet. I have bought one here and there but no expensive ones or ones I wouldn't still fit into/be able to return.

My insisions are doing great, they feel totally flat now where they was feeling a bit bumpy at one point but only temporary. They are healing nicely with the help of some bio oil and arnica cream !

I am still occasionally applying palmers coca butter stretch mark cream (I say occasionally as I forget! Naughty me!) but so far none! I still have huge huge boob greed and think this isn't gonna change so I do plan to go bigger in a 2nd op when I can afford it, I might try my best to hold out until I have child(ren) so I get the longest results possible. Wel see.

I am happy with them some days and other days I dislike certain things about them. Although some girls say it was 8 months until they loved theirs! I guess it's the final result that counts!

My nipples are slowly looking more normal rather than stretched but my left still has very limited sensitivity (next to none) where my right is increased sensitivity. I did have surgery on my left nipple though (removing something) so maybe that's why.

I am feeling great and normal, I can do anything I normally would , I haven't tried it yet but I'm pretty sure I could jog if I wanted!

Good luck to all you gorgeous girls getting your ba this month!

Stats update :
Type of implant : contour shape polyurethane
Brand : silimed
Left : 435cc extra high profile
Right : 460cc high profile
Over the muscle / subglandular
Incision type : crease
Pre op bra size : 34a
Post op bra size : 32F (could still change!)

Going bigger ...

So I'm a month and a week post op, and as much as my surgeons done a fantastic job, I wanted quite big, quite round boobies! As I had the conical shape implant, the roundness is not very significant and also I look around a D cup (even though I'm measuring an e/f) and on my broad curvy body that doesn't look very big. Bare in mind I wanted like almost Katie price style boobs lol, so I am feeling a bit down about the size, considering how much I spent - £5k.

Because of this I have considered a revision, not yet of course as I would need to fully heal and my skin to be stretchy enough to fit a bigger implant, I'm wanting around 600cc. Also I need time to save the money as my surgeon has confirmed the price to replace them is £5,010. I have considered going with MYA (make yourself amazing) a cosmetic surgery group here in the uk with amazing results . I was originally going with them for my first ba but a friend convinced me to go with mr Henderson as he is really good, which he is! Although my boobs look and feel great and VERY natural, I wanted more of a round squishy big look to my boobs, not so much fake, just that shape! MYA ba surgery is roughly between £4k and £4,900, depending on the implant chosen. Sometimes they give discount for limited spaces etc, I am not sure yet how much they would charge me as they would be replacing an implant not just inserting one. With my ps it's more (by about £260) to have replaced, so I'm wondering if mya would just charge me standard ba rate or more as they have to do more work, idk. I am gonna see my ps in June for a follow up and discuss my options, see how long I should wait etc etc, and go from there. I am also gonna book a consult around the same time with mya and see what they say. Price wise, see what they can offer me going by what I'm trying to achieve etc. if they charge me standard ba price I will go with then as it would save me a few hundred pounds and they have such bread reviews and results. I have started saving already anyway as I'm pretty sure I'm gonna end up doin this.
I am going to try wait at least 8-10 months post op, unless the surgeons suggest otherwise. My surgeon so far has said 3 months minimum, but I will need longer than that to save.
So until June time, I will enjoy my current boobies and get saving.
I feel so stupid that these great implants I have already are going to waste. I wonder if I could keep them after lol? Is that weird ?
But I feel at almost 20 years old I should be happy and enjoying my life and body, so I'm wiling to pay the price to make it feel perfect ! After all, they're probs gonna be in my body for 15 years +!
Have a good week ladies xx

Over two months post op!

Hi guys! sorry ive not been on here and updated in a while i have been super busy. No major changes though. I think i have dropped and fluffed a bit if not completely. Unfortunatley i still have no sensitivity in my left nipple or the surrounding area of the areola, so a big area on my boob. My right feels the same now as it did before if anything slightly slightly more sensitive, but my left is no different. I DID have a mark removed on my left areola so i think this may have some impact on the lack of sensitivity, although it isnt really bothering me as much as i thought it would.

They are not painful unless i squish them for example my boyfriend laid on them and it hurt too much, but apart from that they are painless now. Sometimes when ive had a bra on all day, especially a padded one, when i take it off they feel heavy, i guess thats because theyve been supported all day. I have kinda gotten over my boob greed, especially when i wear a push up bra!

At this present time i think it may be slightly too soon after my ba being only two months post op, but me and my partner have been talking about trying for our first baby. I am still on contraception at the moment (im on the injection every 12 weeks and have my next one on the 12th may, so soon!) so i am thinking of having this one but maybe missing the next. I am going to speak to the nurse when i go this time and see what she suggests, I know by the next shot it will be august time and id be about 6 months post op (if i still dont feel quite fully healed i may wait until the one after, which would be november time and id be like 9-10 months post op) I do want to wait until my boobies are as healed as possible, and should probably wait until the full year, but i DID have over the muscle which are probably 50-60% healed now ( they do feel it) BUT ALSO when coming off the injection in particular, varying from woman to woman it can be months sometimes years before they can concieve, i may not be one of those which is why i may wait until my next jab or even the following, but as i said i will also get the nurses advice as she knows me well too!

I have researched about the impact pregnancy would have on my implants, and of course it can differ on everyone, but i think i have good skin (no stretch marks ever, with loosing and gaining weight or my implants, and also my muscles are pretty good too) they did say your best to compare to your mum, which my mum was very lucky with both her pregnancies with not only the pregnancy itself, but stretch marks, her tummy going back to normal and her breasts have not really sagged or deflated (although she did not breast feed at all, she tried but had no luck and has sais because of genitics i may be the same) i am not really interested in breast feeding since having my implants as i dont want to ruin 5K worth of work lol! But also bareing in mind what my mum didnt have luck with it AND having lost pretty much complete sensation on one breast, i dont think its neccesarly for me. I know a lot of people will dissagree and think bf'ing is the best for your baby (which i agree with) but I will see how it goes!

Do you girls have any advice on this subject? girls out there who have had pregnancy after implants any advice would be much much appreciated!!

Thanks girls, happy healing! xoxo
Leicester Plastic Surgeon

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