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I am a 27 yr old female with 2 children and I...

I am a 27 yr old female with 2 children and I currently weigh 160lbs, give or take, and I'm 5'7. Since High School and even after my children were born I always remained around 140lbs. Three yrs ago I was having problems with my marriage and I ballooned up to 205lbs. I'm happier now then ever and still married. I work out at the gym 4x's a week for about 1 1/2- 2hrs. I managed to lose 45lbs and gain lots of muscle! I love the way I look in clothes and feel curvey. I just don't look forward to summer! Shorts and bathing suits make me uncomfortable. The weight is mostly in my legs/thighs. I've always been heavier there even as a child.

I considered Lipo for sometime but thought it was a selfish act. I felt there are many other things my family needed. After some time of hearing people talk about their experience at a local Medical Spa, I checked into it myself and set up a consultation. I brought my husband along as well. I was excited to hear what they could do for me and how it could change my look. So without hesitation, or barely consulting w/my husband, I set up my 2nd consultation and got the loan. It was all GO from here! My husband was a little uneasy about the cost, but I really didn't care. I know how much I've given to my husband and children. I make good money and I'm the main provider..I've never asked for much, so this was MY TURN! He quickly came around, not like he had much choice ;)

So the day of my smart Lipo was June 15th 2011..just 2 days ago. Appt at 11am. I was already taking the Keflex (antibiotic) that I started the day before. Then in the office they gave me 2 Vicodin and 2 Zofran. Changed into paper bra and undies and hair cap. The Doctor took pictures and we were ready to go!! The Doctor and staff were excellent by the way. Always seemed so concern.

The Dr. started giving me the Tumescent fluid at 12pm. It was a little uncomfortable..more of a pinchy feeling. It's not the needle itself but the fluid entering- which burns. He assured me that this was the worse part. That relieved me because it wasn't 'that bad'. He numbed all the areas first. Then worked on each section at a time. Laser then suction. Laser was painless. There were times I started falling alseep. The suction also not that bad..sometimes a bit pinchy but if it was too bad, he just gave me more of the tumescent fluid and continued. At 5pm he finished up and stiched 8 out of 10 incisions. He left the ones on my knee open to drain. So yes, FIVE HOURS!!!! I felt pretty good afterwards but since I was there so long I asked for another pain killer so I can make it to the pharmacy and then home. I was given another Vicodin.

I arrived home and had my husband by my side. He picked up dinner and my meds (Vicodin,Zofran and Tylenol) and took care of the children and anything I may have needed. I was so sore and nauseas (nauseas from the Vicodin) all I wanted to do was sleep it off. I woke in the middle of the night with excruciating pain!!!!! I took some Tylenol PM and had to pee. I managed to get the garment off but was VERY dizzy! I stood up and yelled for my husband to help get my garment back on me because at this point I had sweat dripping down me. I was soaked. I ripped of my T-shirt, bra and sweat pants. I was mainly sweating because of the pain. I started to wonder WHY DID I DO THIS TO MYSELF!!?? How could I put my body through this much pain! I got back in bed and positioned myself flat on my back and didn't move till the next morning!

Day 1: I woke up feeling better. Took Tylenol right away so I wouldn't have another episode of last night. I had a little appetite, still a bit nauseas, had cereal and took my Keflex. I finally changed the bandages that they put on me. Some were soaked and some were dry. I just put band-aids over all the incisions. My husband got the kids off to school and I layed in bed and relaxed. I tried to massage my legs as much as I could. When my children came home from school I took them on a walk with me. I was still sore and a bit swollen. I had to walk slow. Cooked dinner but still took it easy. I was able to sleep on my side and bend my top leg over a pillow! :) I will add that anytime I had to pee, putting the garment back on made me very dizzy.

Day 2: I got up with my kids and put them on the bus for their last day of school. I came home vacuumed and cleaned and ran some errands with my husband. I was still sore but It was tolerable and my legs were more swollen then the day before. The inner thighs are also numb still.. so when they rubbed together it was very uncomfortable. I walked slow and tried to keep as much space between them as I could without drawing attention to myself. My husband occasionally got a good laugh out of it! lol ;)I made lunch and we headed to the gym. I did the elliptical for 20 mins at a good pace and worked my chest and biceps. I listened to my body and did what I could. I later made dinner and now I'm relaxing. Soon I'm gonna take my first shower!!! I'm a little nervous but it will feel so refreshing :) I'm gonna post pics of before and 1 day after. I'll keep you posted daily and have more upcoming pics.

Day 7: My 3rd & 4th day I started to

Day 7:
My 3rd & 4th day I started to could see it on my 70th day photos. On the 3rd night I decided to hand wash my garment and didn't realize it would take 5-7hrs to air dry. So if I could suggest anything it would be invest in 2 garments. Also, today it tore across the butt cheek. I must have cut it with my nails when I was squeezing my self in it. I stiched it back up and seems to be okay. I went back to work on my 5th day and I was still swollen but I managed.(I took off Wednesday and went back on Monday. I wouldn't suggest rushing your recovery time. It's not such a fast recovery as people have made it sound.) I'm on my feet all day but there wasn't any problems. By now, 1 week, everything is pretty normal. Back at the gym (haven't worked on any leg machines though) and I feel pretty good. My daily routine is right back on track. I will say there is still numbness in my thighs and I'm still a bit swollen. I will update and post more pics in a week or so.

It's been just 1 week shy of 3 months since my...

It's been just 1 week shy of 3 months since my surgery. I had swelling up to recently. It still comes..a little bit though. I was really debating for awhile wether or not this was worth it. I knew it wasn't going to help w/ cellulite and I also knew I wouldn't lose weight. I just thought I would see very significant results and soon. Honestly, I wasn't quite happy till after my 2nd month. It definitely has overall helped my shape!!! Definitely pleased :) ....Although I still won't wear
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