52 Y.o. Grandma, Four Kids, Years of Yo-yo Dieting, GW for 3 Years, but Super Flabby - Leesburg, VA

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Wow, where to begin? I've struggled with my...

Wow, where to begin? I've struggled with my weight my entire life. I've been up and down so often since high school, that my skin was already compromised before I had four kids over nine years. I continued to ride the weight loss-gain roller coaster because I love to eat and am an emotional eater. It didn't take much stress to throw me into a binge cycle, which would last for years and result Iin significant weight gain. When I was 49, a switch seemed to have tripped in my brain. I didn't want to feel fat, ugly, lazy, and physically uncomfortable anymore. I am fairly active, even when overweight I walked at least three miles per day. I also have horses and other critters as well as a huge garden to tend. *But* I looked as if I sat around eating bon-bons all day. I wanted to feel young, free, and attractive again! I lost 80 pounds the old-fashioned way with diet and exercise. The exercise was easy because I really didn't have to change much. My eating habits were the big change! I began to feel discouraged and disappointed that my body did not reflect the hard work that I was doing. My tummy is super flabby and my breasts completely deflated. ???? I have maintained my goal weight for three years, so I started to seriously consider a MM. I interviewed three PS and found one who I like a lot. And now my surgery is scheduled for Monday the 15th, as in *three* days from now! I'm preparing for my recovery, picking up wound care items, front-closing tops and bras, slip on shoes, CG, easy to prep foods for the family, cleaning, organizing, making lists for the family, fill8ng scripts,etc. We're having a family meeting tomorrow to go over everybody's responsibilities. Sunday DH and I are driving up to Leesburg, staying at a hotel the night before surgery and the night after because I live in a rural area over an hour from the hospital. I was super nervous during the time I was getting my pre-op clearance from my PCP and then during my pre-op with the PS. Now, I am a little nervous, but I'm mostly excited. I know that the first few days will be tough, but it *will* be worth it I the end! My big concern is loss of fitness and the danger of weight gain during recovery, so I have planned some OP meals and snacks to gaurd against stress/comfort eating. Another worry that I have is if my family will keep up with the house and barn chores. I'm a bit of an OCPD germaphobe. ???? LOL WHEW! That's it for now. ????

The day after tomorrow :-)

Two days until the big day! I know that this sounds crazy, but I am super excited for this surgery! Of course, I am nervous, but only because of the unknown factor of how much pain I will have and how long my recovery will be.
Other than that, things are moving apace. Today will be another prep day of laundry, cleaning, and some cooking.

****Before Pics - Finally!

Ok, so I attempted some before pics in my poorly lighted bathroom, but they'll give you all an idea of the flab factor we're dealing with here. LOL

Tomorrow's the big day!

I can't believe that tomorrow is der Tag! DD had an asthma/allergy situation last night, so instead of a practice run of her doing all the morning chores, I did them. She seems to be doing much better now, though, and my mother and youngest son are also here.
DH and I leave in a few hours for the hotel. We'll scope out the surgical center location, have dinner, and I hope to get some sleep. I'm a little nervous and a lot excited!
A little worried about the weather forecast. We're under a winter storm warning during the times that we'll need to be on the road both tomorrow morning and Tuesday morning. Just going to hope for the best!

At the hotel

We're checked into our hotel and I have to say that I am super happy with the hotel (Comfort Suites). I requested a first floor room away from any entrance/exit doors and that's just what I got. Tomorrow afternoon DH will be able to drive under the canopy, help me to the room, then park the car.
We had dinner at a really good burger place and are now back at the hotel relaxing. I've got my knitting and a large decaf so I'm good to go!
I'm ready to do this thing!

At the Surgery Center!

Oh, boy, I'm scrubbed with Hibicleanse, at the Surgery center, registered, and am waiting to be seen by the doc to be marked up. A little nervous, can't believe that I'm doing this, but, boy, does it need doing! Surgery is supposed to take about four hours :-O. Hoping that all goes smoothly!

Day one post-op

Made it through the surgery! I felt pretty rough yesterday, but made it back to the hotel. I've been staying on top of my pain meds, and drinking water and diet ginger ale.
The pain is more like burning and stinging. It's difficult to move around because of the pain and because I'm worried that I'll damage Dr. Parva's work LOL
Still have the catheter, but we're going to remove it soon because we have to check out and head home. Also, and I hope this is normal, but my throat is dry and sore. I assume from intubation.
Feeling much better today than yesterday!

Day Two PO

First, I can't believe how much better I feel on Day Two than on Day One. Getting in and out of bed is a little easier. I'm staying well hydrated so that means multiple trips to the bathroom - groan.
Woke up with an itchy midsection this a.m., so I took a Benadryl .
I hate having to use my arms to get into bed because I don't want to cause any issues with my implants - yikes! I swear that I feel them shifting whenever I use my pecs.
Oh, and I haven't peeked at either the girls or my tummy. I just can't bring myself to do it.
On the whole, I am really happy to be feeling as well as I am!

Need bra and panty suggestions :-)

I am going to need new bras and panties. Yay! Can anybody recommend a good retailer? TIA

Stay Puft (day two post-op)

Swell hell - it's on! Blergh

The Essential Pillow

When one of the nurses from the surgery center called me last Friday to confirm the deets of my procedure, she gave me some good advice. She suggested that if I didn't have a neck support pillow, I might want to pick one up. A few weeks ago, I bought one for traveling so I was all set. My neck pillow has been a Godsend! It is so much more comfortable to have a neck pillow when one is propped up in bed or in a recliner.

Three Days PO

Ugh. Feeling a little crappy. I developed a slightly bumpy, red, itchy rash wherever any thing touches my torso (bra band, belly button dressing, etc. Called the doc and he said to discontinue the Keller because that's usually the culprit. Hopefully, it will be better tomorrow.
Also, I'm not happy with how much swelling I have around my middle. I have a pooch that makes me look preggers. I see so many great post-op pics that I do not resemble at That I am afraid that the swelling will stretch the skin and I'll have gone through all of this for naught. :-(

Four Days Post-op

Well, yesterday was not the best day ever. My abdomen was very swollen to the point that it was difficult to pass urine and I felt as if a 10 pound weight was resting on my stomach.
It looked so bad that I was starting to worry that the skin would be stretched by the time the swelling let down and I would have put myself through this and spent a lot of money for nothing.
To top it off, I developed a very itchy rash wherever an article of clothing or bandage touched my skin. I called my PS office and the nurse told me to discontinue Keflex because it's usually the culprit. I also discontinued Oxycodone in case that was the problem. I'm now taking Benadryl and ibuprofen every four hours. The rash is still there and super itchy under the bra band, but I don't think that it's worse.
My abdominal swelling is down a little this morning, but it's so upsetting because it looks a terrible. Nothing like the flat post-OP tummies that I've seen here. :-(
I'm also a little worried about going forward without an antibiotic aboard.
Good news is that my throat is not very sore this morning.
I'm just hoping and praying that I have a successful outcome. Here are some pics of my rash:

It'seems been almost a week since . . .

I had a BM! Ridiculously excited about this because it's a symbol of an eventual return to normalcy. :-D
In other news, I am feeling better. Still a little stiff, a little sore, and A LOT swollen. I still have the itchy rash, but it's not worse and might be a little better. Apparently, Keflex and other antibiotics in its family have a long half-life in the body so it will be around for a while.
I noticed that I've had some mild tinnitus, not too bad but it's a little annoying. I assume it's related to the surgery. Hopefully, I will remember to ask the doc about it at my one-week post-OP visit on Monday afternoon.
Took a shower last night and washed with Hibicleanse because I am concerned about infection because I'm not taking an antibiotic right now. I haven't washed my hair yet, though.
My drain line has sprung a pinhole leak, but I taped the area and that seems to be working. I hope to have the drain out on Monday because I'm only getting about 25ml/day. *fingers crossed*
Really looking forward to the end of swell hell!
My DH has been so wonderful! He cooks for me, gets my coffee, and listens when I whine about my itchy rash. The rest of my family is also being very supportive even though they think I'm nuts for doing this.
So, the forecast for Day Five post-op is rest, coffee (decaf), naps and sock knitting. :-)

So I talked to my PS about swelling

I called my PS about my swelling because I am actually noticing a very mild feeling of shortness of breath and a ton of pressure from below my now magnificent breasts and my pubic area. He said that it was hard to know without seeing me and told me to try wearing a compression garment intermittently to see if that helps. He said that I should wear the garment two hours at a time and to let him know what happens.
How many of you ladies were put in compression garments immediately post-op? My PS normally doesn't recommend them until one week post-op.

Day Six Post-op: In which I wear a binder/CG

So, yesterday was not the greatest day. I was really upset about the abdominal swelling because I read an article that was written by a plastic surgeon in which he emphasized the importance of wearing a binder immediately post-op and to keep it on 24 and 7 for the first five days. Apparently, much of the swelling occurs between the muscle layer and the skin and if that swelling is allowed to accumulate, it will affect the ability of those two tissues to successfully knit. I'm pretty sure that's where my swelling is because my drain doesn't produce much.
So, of course, I am freaking out because I'm afraid that I won't achieve optimal results because I've had this tremendous swelling.
My PS said that I could try the binder for two hour intervals, but I felt so much better wearing it, that I've kept it on. It does exacerbate the rash itchiness a little, but I feel so much better when it is on. I can breathe easily and speak without taking extra breaths.
I just hope that I wasn't too late with the binder. I want the flat tummy that I've worked so hard to achieve. The thought that I will still look poochy and fat makes me want to cry. So, fingers crossed that my results are OK.
My BA/BL has been fine. I haven't seen them except to look down before I shower because the mirror in our bathroom is mounted too high for me to see the girls. I'm really looking forward to getting a good look at them at my one-week post-OP tomorrow afternoon.
In other news, my family has been incredibly supportive. DH has been keeping me fed and supplied with sufficient quantities of decaf. That's a bigger deal than it sounds because I weigh, measure, and track everything that I eat plus I eat a ketogenic diet (under 20 net carbs/day). He's also given me pep talks when I felt down and been hanging out with me in Fort Kickass (our bedroom LOL).
Feeling much better today in general. I've been taking ibuprofen only for pain since Day Three and I slept well last night, only awakening once. :-)

Day Eight One week post-op visit recap

Yesterday was day seven for me and I had an appt. with my PS. First, he was quite shocked by my rash and prescribed a Medrol dose pack (steroids). We don't know what has caused the rash. It's limited for the most part to my trunk, but there is an itchy spot under my chin. Because of the location of the rash he is leaning toward a reaction to the chlorohexadene pre-surgery antiseptic, but who knows?
Then, he asked me if I had ever had any surgery involving my belly button because it was really "thin" and difficult to reconstruct. I haven't had any other surgery, so I guess that I just have a weird belly button. Anyway, he wants me to apply antibiotic cream and he is going to keep an eye on it.
I'm still pretty swollen and he told me to start wearing a binder and he also placed a strap above my breasts to keep the implants in place. Of course, the binder exacerbates the itching, so I wrapped an ace bandage around the area between my belly button and pubic bone, which is where the swelling is worst.
I need to work on walking upright because if I don't concentrate on that, I still hunch over because of the tightness.
Oh, and my drain is out! Huzzah! And I didn't feel much of anything when it was removed because I'm still pretty numb below the belly button.
All in all, I feel that I'm making slow progress. I am a SAHM, so although I don't have a "job" to go back to right away, I do have a ton of stuff piling up plus all of my livestock and pets with which everybody else is helping now. However, I am going to discipline myself to take it slow and easy and to not push too hard.
I go back to see my PS in two weeks.
I attached a couple of pics of part of the rash, but the light is not that bright in Fort Kickass today (rainy day).
I hope that all of you are feeling good and recovering well!

More day Eight pics

I had to change my bandages, so I shot a few more pics.

Post-op day nine!

Yesterday was a much better day for me than the previous week and today is beginning g well. I still have itching from the rash from hell, but the intensity and frequency of bouts of itchiness are decreasing, thank God.
I took a longer shower this morning and actually washed my hair. Also, I peeled the steri-strips from my breasts. My TT incision seems to be healing well *knock wood*. I shower with Hibicleanse as a bit of an insurance policy against infection. Belly button is coming along. It seems to be a little high to me, but I do still have quite a bit of swelling and I am short-waisted, so the perspective might be off until Swell Hell abates.
I am taking it easy while I can. My DH has been wonderful! He brings me coffee and breakfast in bed every morning even though I could get up and go out to the kitchen myself. My two younger kids (18 and 20) are doing a good job keeping up with the animals and housework and my mom has been feeding my horses for me.
I will have my baby grandson on Friday, but my DD and mom will be here to lift and carry him. He's only about six weeks old, so not mobile or heavy. :-)
Yesterday, I backed off the ibuprofen and Benadryl a little - every six hours instead of every four now that I have the Medrol dose pack for the rash.
I've been continuing to log my food during my recovery and I think that I need to be a little stricter on calories in until I can start getting more exercise. I usually eat 1500 kcal/day, but I think that I better pare back a couple of hundred so that I don't start gaining weight. :-O
I'm taking advantage of all of this extra time to work on my sock knitting. I've a pair of Scrappy green and purply socks OTN (on the needles) now.
Rest and heal, ladies!

Day 10 Post-op

Wow, today is day 10 post-op. I'm feeling pretty good today. Prior to today I've been holed up in my bedroom, aka Fort Kickass, but today I have taken up residence in my recliner in the living room! My family is happy to see me in my usual spot and my dogs and cats are, too. They have missed me, as well.
I'm *still* itchy, but the intensity decreases every day. The worse spots are where my bra band rests. I woke up at 4 a.m., took some Benadryl and ibuprofen, applied hydrocortisone and an ice pack before the itching calmed down enough for me to go back to sleep. Aaarrrgghhh
I'm still not wearing my CG because of the rash and although I did some reading and found that the jury is out concerning whether or not the CG is necessary to achieve optimal results, I'm still not sure that I will achieve the best result because I'm not wearing it. However, I do have my lower abdomen wrapped with an Ace bandage and that's where the swelling is worst. Depending upon how rashy I feel tomorrow, I might slather myself in hydrocortisone and try the CG.
On the nutrition front, I continue to be super paranoid about gaining weight during my recovery. I am logging my food on Loseit.com every day as I have been for almost four years and am eating about 1500 kcal/day. I'm staying off the scale for the foreseeable future because of swell hell (natch). All that I can do is monitor my intake, rest, and slowly add more movement each day. I wish that I were not so food-obsessed, but I always have been and changing that is going to take time. Although, the Keto lifestyle is helping me to feel sated and to learn to differentiate between true hunger and mere compulsion to eat.
My oldest might bring my baby grandson by for a visit today. I haven't seen them since my surgery, so that will be nice!
Have a great day, ladies, and KCHO (Keep Calm and Heal On)!

Day 11 Post-op

Yesterday was my first day back in the thick of family life. I had a great day, but boy was I exhausted and swollen by the end of the day. I didn't do much except to walk around much more than I had been and to do some simple cooking and cleaning (wiping counters, loading dishwasher, etc.). My oldest son brought my grandson for a visit and I held him and fed him and changed one diaper, but I did *not* carry him. I'll be babysitting him today, but my daughter and mother will be lifting and carrying him. He's only six weeks old, so he's easy to hold. :-)
Swell hell is still in full swing as you'll be able to see in the pics that I shot after my shower this morning. My rash is a little better every day. I'm still taking Benadryl and using hydrocortisone, but the itchy parts are only where a garment rubs or presses on my skin. Today I'm wearing my CG for the first time since the weekend. I loaded up with hydrocortisone and I'm wearing a cotton tank under it to reduce itchiness, but I was so swollen yesterday that I need to do everything possible to keep the swelling down.
So I'm ensconced in my recliner, keeping my dogs and cats company, and looking forward to quality baby time this afternoon. DD is doing my laundry and DS3 (youngest son) is mopping and will be going to the store after work. I'm thinking about wandering out to visit my horses, too. I really miss them!
Have a great day and KCHO!

Day 12 Post-op

Great day yesterday. The rash is much less itchy and I rested a lot, but was up fixing my own meals, etc. Today is the last day of the Medrol dose pack. I haven't taken ibuprofen since yesterday, but I'm still taking Benadryl. I wasn't as tired or as swollen at the end of the day yesterday. I'm able to walk upright easily so I'm planning to go for a short 15 minute walk with DH this afternoon.
Happy Saturday and KCHO

Day 13 Post-op

Great day yesterday! Every day is a little better than the last. :-) Yesterday I rested quite a bit, went for a 15-minute walk with my DH, and made (and over ate) hot wings.
The rash is much better - just some mild itchiness occasionally. It still looks bad, but doesn't feel as bad as it looks. I finished the steroids last night, so here's to hoping that they did the trick.
I really have not had a good look at the goods because our bathroom has only a medicine cabinet mirror that is so high that I can't even see the girls in it. There is a full-length mirror on the front of the bathroom door, which means that I have to stand in the front hall to see myself. (BTW, we are in a rental because we sold our farm and are building a farmhouse on our farm in TN). Anywho, today I had a look in the full-length mirror and I was pleasantly surprised. Things are looking promising. I think that I'm going to be very pleased with the final product!
I'm off to pick up my grandson. Have a restful Sunday and KCHO!

Two Weeks Post-op!

Today marks two weeks since my MM! I feel really good. The rash is almost a non-issue, although I'm still a little itchy and if that continues I plan to call my PS and get a new scrip. Yesterday I babysat my grandson for about six hours and went for a fifteen minutes walk with DH. By the end of the day the girls were feeling a little achy so I took some ibuprofen before bed and again at 2 a.m.
Today, I cooked breakfast, went for a twenty minute walk, put in a load of laundry, swept the kitchen, and now I'm taking a break and catching g up in e-mails, etc.
Have a great day, ladies! KCHO

Day 17 Post-op: On which I sneeze for the first time . . .

I sneezed today for the first time since Sx. OMG, I cannot even begin to express how happy I am that I didn't have to sneeze any earlier!
Things are going well. I did some laundry today, walked outside for 23 minutes, and did some other little chores. Breasts are a little sensitive today, maybe I'm using my arms too much. I'm still having a bit of an issue with itching, but I think that it's slowly getting better. I'm to call the nurse at my PS's office tomorrow morning to let her know how the rash is doing. I have my three-week check this coming Monday, anyway.
My incisions look good to me, so I hope that's what my PS will say on Monday. I still have some swelling, of course, and I think that my bellybutton is kind of high. All in all, I'm happy with how I look so far. On Monday I'll take some three-week post-op pics.
I am hesitant to show DH the goods because I still look quite Frankensteinian. I don't want to freak him out - LOL. Has anyone else felt this way?
Off to unload the dryer and grab some dinner. Tomorrow is grandbaby day!
KCHO, ladies!

Day 19 Post-op in which I drive and order lingerie

Wow, seriously tired today. I had planned to go to the grocery store with DH, but I couldn't muster the energy.
Yesterday I had my little grandson for about seven hours. He is getting so big and sucked down 12 oz just while I had him! I also drove for the first time since Sx. Thank God for power steering!
PS advised seeing my PCP about the rash. It's much less itchy now and I usually only take Benadryl at night. I have an appointment with my PCP on the 14th anyway. Hopefully, the infamous rash won'the be an issue by then.
I ordered a beautiful bralette and panty set from Adoreme.com last night. I couldn't resist! I can't wait to start outfitting the girls in a manner that will complement their newly bestowed magnificence - LOL. http://www.adoreme.com/bras-and-panties/padma-bra.html

Day 20 Post-op or swelling will sneak up on you

So I used my arms quite a bit on Friday and Saturday and I am paying a bit of a price today. Breasts are swollen and achy to the extent that I woke up at 3:30 a.m. and dozed until 6:30, when I felt that I could get up without disturbing everyone. I took some ibuprofen at 7 a.m. and am feeling better now. However, I am going to try to limit my activity today. NO vacuuming, sweeping, etc.!
DH and DD are here to help with the baby - picking him up and carrying him, etc. I'll just do the fun stuff - LOL
I've been walking outside every day for over a week (started on Day 11 Post-op). I started at 15 minutes and was moving slowly, so I was not going very far. I'm up to 20-25 minutes at a brisker pace now and am really enjoying it.
Tomorrow is my three week check-up. I plan to take week three pics tomorrow to compare to my last batch of pics. Hoping to see a big positive change!
Have a restful day and KCHO

Three Weeks Post-op!

Some week three pics.

Day 22 Post-op

I was walking back into the house after paying my farrier and saw my reflection in the door's window. I actually thought, "Wow, I look good!" LOL

Day 23 Post-op: A day of firsts

Today is the first time that I've been shopping since Sx. DD and I went to Walmart. Aside from boring groceries and sundries, I bought several new and cute sports bras and bikini panties (which I wasn't comfortable wearing before because my flab hung over them *shudder*) I also bought a new Bathing suit! Wheeeee! The bottom is a small and the top is a medium. ????

Day 24 Post-op: Silicone Strips

I forgot to add that I also wore jeans yesterday for the first time since Sx. Woot!
I've increased my walking to 35 minutes and go twice a day if I have time, which I didn't today. I did get in one walk, so I'm happy about that.
As I do more, I notice that I have just enough aches and pains to disturb my sleep a little in the sense that I wake up to pee and achy boobs and mild itching stop me getting back to sleep. So I added ibuprofen and Benadryl (which I had discontinued several days ago) before bed last night and that did the trick.
Still have a puffy tummy, of course, at 3+ weeks. I know that it's a significant waiting game to see final results (up to a year for some, I understand). So, note to self, patience is a virtue. :-)
I started using silicone strips on my scars yesterday. I debated whether to even bother, but decided to give them a shot for six weeks and reevaluate at that time. Hopefully, they help!
Looking forward to babysitting my wee grandson tomorrow!
KCHO :-)

Day 27 Post-op: Compression band question

If any one was instructed to wear a compression band like this one:
How long did your PS want you to wear it?
I've been wearing one since Day 1and forgot to ask my PS how much longer I should wear it. I'll probably call tomorrow to ask. It's not that big of a deal, but I'm looking forward to shedding some of these compression items. Getting dressed takes a little bit longer because of all of the layers (silicone strips, bra, tank top or cami, CG and compression band, shirt).
Doing well. Tummy muscles still feel tight and sore as if I did one-million crunches, but they are feeling better every day. Still having some minor breast discomfort. Getting settled I bed is still awkward because I can't support my full weight with my arms and I have to kind of scootch around to get comfy. It probably doesn't help that I lift and hold the baby (he weighs 8.5 lbs.).
PS told me to massage my breasts and the scars, but I haven't been very vigorous about it because I'm still a little sore. Some stitches are still dissolving, too.
I'm going to have a cup of decaf and get my sock knitting on. :-)
Have a restful Sunday, ladies! KCHO

Compression band pic

Four Weeks! :-O

Wow, week four already! In some ways it's gone by quickly and in other ways not so much. I'm looking forward to the end of swell hell and saying goodbye to my compression garments, but I know that's a long term proposition. I'm also looking forward to regaining my full strength and to handling my horses again - especially now as the weather warms!
Conversely, I think that my incisions healed quickly and I've been doing a lot of walking (up to an hour plus per day). And, of course, being able to drive again has been great.
My left breast is more tender and swollen than the right. I pulled something two weeks ago and, although I'm trying to be careful, I tweak it all the time just doing regular activities around the house. Grrrrrrrr. I'm still taking some ibuprofen and Benadryl as needed for discomfort/swelling and the occasional mold itchiness.
Hang in there, ladies! This journey has been *so* worth it so far.

Day 31 Post-op

Well, I caught the cold that my youngest son brought home from work about a week and a half ago. It's just annoying, not truly awful. I feel lucky not to have had to sneeze or cough much until now! The worst part is missing my walk! I'm up to an hour at a time now.
Boobs still tender and it feels uncomfortable when I reach too far or bend down. I think that the left side is a little higher than the right, but I understand that's not uncommon. "Morning Boob" was better today. I didn't feel as swollen and achy. I'm still taking ibuprofen at night. Boob incisions are healing well, but I can still feel a stitch on each breast.
Tummy is still quite puffy and squishy looking. I know that's to be expected for some time now. I'm not going to take any new pics until the six-week mark so that I can really see a difference for the better (I hope!). My incision healed quite well, I think, and the scar is looking good as far as I can tell. I started Mederma gel a few days ago, so I'll see how that goes.
I was busy all morning and am going to try to take it easy for a bit so that I can kick this cold.
KCHO, ladies!

Day 33 Post-op: New Binder

Well, I am in bed today forcing myself to relax in an attempt to beat this cold. Yesterday afternoon I developed laryngitis - yay. I need to kick this thing this weekend so that I can sit for my grandbaby!
My original binder, which I like because it super adjustable and offers firm support, is not really necessary anymore. I switched to another binder that I had purchased pre-Sx. Actually, I bought four. One was returned right away because I am short-waisted and it was too "tall." Another one should have been returned for the same reasons, but I think that I've missed the return window.
I will note that the hook and eye closure binder is not a good choice for the first couple of weeks post-op if you've also had breast work done because you need to use your pecs to close it. Also, I would imagine that it would be difficult for a caretaker to do up.
I'm more comfortable now, which is great with the warmer weather o the way. :-)
KCHO, ladies!

Day 35 Post-op!

Woot! Week five already. :-O
So, let's see, I was going great guns with my walking until this nasty cold laid me low for the past several days. I was up to an hour a day, but spent the weekend in bed with this stinker of a virus and bonus laryngitis. Still feel tired and semi-crappy today with vestiges of laryngitis, but I'm out of bed because I feel like a complete slug - LOL
I have the baby this afternoon, but my daughter is here to help. Also, I doubt that I'm contagious because I've been symptomatic for over a week. This, too, shall pass. :-)
I feel that I look pretty good. My breasts are tender, which I think is because I lift and snuggle the baby (he's fewer than nine pounds, but repeated lifting and holding him is probably hard on the "girls"). I strained a muscle on the left side scootching into bed during week two and that still bothers me. I have to be careful. The incisions have healed well. I can feel only one little stitch in the vertical incision under my right nipple. Other than that, my incisions look good to me. I have some yellow remnants of bruising around my nipples, but it's fading every day.
I bought some (ok - several) cute sports bras. I'm going to take pics for my six-week post next Monday.
TT incision looks good, too. It's symmetrical and nice and low. BB is healing well and while I think it's a little high, it looks good in the mirror and I am super short-waisted. Tummy is still semi-numb, but is slowly regaining feeling. I'm still experiencing swell hell, but as we all know that is to be expected for quite some time. I wear my CG 24-7 just because I feel more comfortable when it is on, especially when the swelling increases later in the day.
All-in-all, I'm very optimistic for a great result. I am really jonesing to spend time with my horses, but they are big, strong, and sometimes unpredictable, so I know that I have to be completely healed before handling them and riding again. Meanwhile, they are beautiful to look at, as always, and I kiss their muzzles and breathe in their glorious horsey scent. :-)
Have a happy Monday, ladies! KCHO

Numbness! Daguq?

Feeling good pretty good. A little concerned that my left breast is a little bigger and it is a little achy and sore. Hoping that all will be well when I'm completely healed.
My lower abdomen is still super numb. I know that nerve regeneration takes time and sometimes people will have permanent numb spots, but I really thought that I
would have more sensation than I do. I don't see my PS again until 7 April. Maybe the numbness will be improved by then. Anybody else experiencing a lot of numbness?
Also, I ordered some shapewear to replace my CG (in the near future). I'm hoping that it will be more comfortable, not that my CG is horrible or anything, but it is a CG after all. LOL

OMG, just typed a TL;DR and RS ate it!

Last night I went to the ER with a significant amount of lower abdomen swelling because it seemed to come on rather suddenly. I haven't been this swollen since week one. I just wanted to make sure that nothing weird was going on.
ER doc was very nice. She said that while I'm pretty swollen, everything looks good. She said that I've probably been overdoing it and to rest today.
I'm still super swollen this morning, but I'm going to take it easy today and see if the swelling recedes. If not, I'll call my PS tomorrow.
BTW, I was wearing my binder during the day Saturday, but I had slept without it Friday night.
I really hope that this swelling resolves sooner rather than later. I look worse today than I did two weeks ago!

Six Weeks Post-op! (And a bra recommendation)

Today is a huge day for me because I have attached a lot of significance to the six-week point in recovery. With any luck the worst is over *fingers crossed*
I'm still much puffier in the lower abdomen than I have been in weeks. My formally comfortable binder is tight. However, the swelling was not worse this morning and might have been a little better. I took it easy yesterday, just doing some minor household chores and a lot of knitting. Today, I'm going to take a short walk, but I'm going to wait until after lunch. I've already swept, done a load of laundry, spot cleaned the mudroom carpet (geriatric dog - argh), and now am putting my feet up for a bit.
I bought a super comfy and supportive sports bra from Amazon.com (actually, I bought two and plan to buy more).
Here's the link:
I attached a photo. Love this bra-
Heal on, Ladies!

Seven Weeks Tomorrow!

Happy Sunday, ladies!
I thought that I should update my swelling situation for anybody who might experience something similar. I swelled up like a balloon a week ago yesterday to the extent that it was uncomfortable and I went to the ER to be checked. No seroma or hematoma, but mad swelling for six weeks out. Was told to take it super easy for a few days - LOL - Anyone who knows me knows that's a tall order. I did take it easy for a couple of days and remained pretty puffy. I was swollen for close to a week, then the swelling started to subside a little. The good news is that I'm back to the swelling that I had at five weeks, so that's a relief.
I'm really looking forward to the flat tummy that I hope is in the cards for me down the road. In the meantime, I am still in a binder 24-7 because I feel that it helps with the swelling. I see my PS on Thursday and am interested to hear what he has to say. I think that my scars are coming along well (using a scar gel because the strips annoyed me). Really happy with my breasts - they're so cute and perky!
KCHO, ladies!

Eight Weeks Today!

Holy smoke! In some ways I can't believe that it's been eight weeks already and in others it seems like forever. On Saturday I started incorporating some jogging into my walks. It went well, although my breasts did feel a little uncomfortable and my tummy a little strained so I kept it as low impact as possible. I felt it the next day, though!
Yesterday, I walked only because I had my grandbaby and had to push the stroller. Still a little sore today, but I jogged a little more today than I did on Saturday. It's shocking how quickly one loses fitness. Prior to surgery I was jogging five to eight miles per day. It's going to take me a while to get back there, but I know that it will happen. :-)
I'm wearing a binder during the day, but sleeping without one. I'm still pretty swollen at the end of the day, but my PS said that I'm healing well when I saw him last Thursday so I'm just going to accept it and hope that it recedes ASAP.
I'm slowly getting stronger. I can carry my three-month-old grandson in his car seat now for short distances, closing car doors feels almost normal, and I was able to move my kitchenaid mixer from one countertop to the other. I can do some things with the horses, but I have to be careful. As everyone says, it's the little things - LOL.
All-in-all, things are getting slowly better. But I'm really over the swelling - have I mentioned that? ;-)
Take care of yourselves and KCHO.

Pics of some new bras

I've been on a bit of a bra buying jag lately. I'm like the woman on the Just Fab commercial except with bras instead of shoes!

Four Months from der Tag

I feel bad about being MIA for so long. The truth is that I have been feeling a little conflicted about my tummy tuck. Does my abdomen look better than it did pre-surgery? Yes. Does it look the way that I had hoped? No.
I'm still experiencing a lot of swelling even though my PS says that I don't have any significant fluid between my muscles and skin. He asked if I have issues with constipation, which I don't, and seemed a little perplexed. My abdomen pooches out and feels full, sometimes uncomfortably so. I have tried to reduce the time that I wear my binder, but the swelling gets so bad that I cave and put it back on especially while I take my daily five-mile walk.
I accept that I still have some saggy skin between my belly button and breasts because of my age, pgs, and weight loss. It's the swelling of the lower abdomen that is so frustrating and discouraging.
I think that I will go see my PCP and have her take a look because I am worried that something else is going on. :-(
My breasts look pretty good. I probably should have chosen larger implants to take up more of the loose skin, but I didn't want my breasts to get in the way of my activities. I still feel it when I make certain movements, but nothing unusual.
Anyway, I'll try to be better about updates and look forward to any feedback on this situation.
Have a great weekend!
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

So far I am very pleased with my PS and his staff.

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