39 Years Old, 2 Kids (5&3), Finally Ready to Focus on Me and Feel Beautiful Again - Leesburg, VA

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I have always felt that I was "different", but...

I have always felt that I was "different", but never knew there was a term for what was wrong with me. After having my first child and my breast not growing at all, I realized I had produced no milk and would not be able to breast-feed. That is when I researched online and realized I had severe tubular breasts with glandular deficiency. Since we are done having children, I have decided to focus on me. It took a lot of praying and consideration, but I've decided to move forward with my mommy makeover and reconstruction of my breasts. I am excited and nervous, but and blessed to have the support of my husband and family behind me. One week to go!

Less than one week to go....

Less than one week for my surgery. I have been doing a lot of reading/research (about surgery, natural methods to aid healing), prep work to be out of the office for 2 weeks/ away from my kids for that long too. Also doing hundreds of squats a day to strengthen my legs, so I can use those the most for getting up and down.

Feeling raw and exposed, but know it's part of my journey

Thank you for your support! It has taken 39 years to come to terms with my insecurities and to take charge. I want to feel beautiful, strong and empowered by the time I turn 40 next year. I have worked hard to lose the weight from four pregnancies within three years (2 living children). There is more to lose, but my thyroid issues cause limitations. After my surgery I want to work even harder to be as strong and toned as possible. It will be nice to have my body match my activity level and exhibit the work I've invested. My dream body is any of the athletes in the Athleta catalog!

Tomorrow is my big day!

Nervous, excited, anxious... All of the above. Trying to prepare the house and work for being off for 2 weeks, taking deep breaths to calm my nerves, kissing my littles a lot before they go on vacation at Nana's, saying goodbye to my old body. There's a lot to process, but I am quite excited for this new phase in my journey. Out with the old, ready for the new.

Out of surgery

Had surgery, spent most my day yesterday sleeping. Pain is manageable if I stay on tops of meds. Eating soft bland foods... And lots of water and coconut water. Hubby is being a great nurse!

2 days post-op

Feel good good, just super tired.


I am starting to wean off my pain medication today. Feels good to not be a slave to the Percocet. Pain is manageable with over the counter drugs thankfully. Some swelling in my mid-section, but looks good.
Washington DC Plastic Surgeon

I consulted with/interviewed several plastic surgeons over the last 2 1/2 years. Dr Parva was by far my favorite. He had the best bedside manner, patience for my many, many questions, knowledge about how to reconstruct tubular breasts and an all-around great staff. Their office is very welcoming and warm. It puts any nerves right at ease.

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