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I discovered the MiraDry procedure purely by...

I discovered the MiraDry procedure purely by accident on the internet when I was looking for options in treating my excessive underarm sweating. Like alot of folks suffering from Hyperhidrosis, anti-perspirants just didn't work. I wore dark or black clothing to work, particularly on days when I had to run or participate in a meeting. I would wear a t-shirt under the dark clothing and shove tissue under my armpits to try and absorb the perspiration as best as possible. Sometimes I had to excuse myself to go to the restroom to exchange the tissues that had gotten extremely soaked. I started seriously looking for options when I moved to a new position where I would constantly be collaborating with people on a more ongoing basis -- I just didn't want to have to keep worrying about sweat stains appearing while having these meetings.

I was really lucky because not only did I discover the MiraDry procedure, but I also found a clinic offering the procedure less than 10 miles from where I lived. I timed and scheduled the procedure while the weather was still cold so that the recovery period wouldn't impact activities that I normally do when the weather gets warmer.

The clinic I went to had a good amount of experience performing the procedure so I felt comfortable going into it. I won't go into detail about the procedure itself since alot of previous reviewers did a great job in describing it, but I'll talk about how I felt. The nurse who performed the injections to numb my armpits did a good job in explaining it and where I would probably feel the most discomfort. I won't lie, it definitely stung in the places she mentioned it would and went alot easier on subsequent injections. Given what I had researched prior to the procedure, I asked the nurse what setting my first MiraDry treatment would be and she said 3, which was great because I would've recommended that anyways.

During the treatment itself, I experienced no pain whatsoever, although a couple times the suction would be lost and had to be readjusted. My whole procedure, including the numbing injections, lasted about 1.5 hours. I did experience numbness on the fingers of my right arm after the procedure and that was primarily because I had that arm over my head for quite awhile (the treatment was performed on that arm first). It took 2-3 hours before all the feeling came back to those fingers.

After the treatment, I was given post-procedure instructions on paper and ice packs to immediately apply underneath my armpits. I had read one recommendation about freezing water bottles to use under my armpits after the procedure so I had gone ahead and did that in advance. What I found difficult though about the water bottles was that they were difficult to keep under your armpits if you're sitting upright, particularly if you have to use the computer like I do. So I sent back to using the ice packs because they were alot easier to squeeze against my body and type. See attached pics from Day 1.

When the numbing from the injections wore off, I felt pain for about a day and a half, even with taking ibuprofin and using the ice packs. The pain was bearable though. Like most people, I started getting the golf ball affect feeling under my armpits (actually, mine felt like baseballs) the next day, and my armpit area was swollen and looked pillowy. There was still numbness in certain parts of my underarm and the areas that weren't numb were sensitive to the touch. I continued to take ibuprofin and applied the ice packs on a consistent basis (except at night when I feel asleep with them) for the next 2.5 days.

Now here's what I didn't know and didn't see any previous MiraDry reviewers write about (it's possible that some of the earlier reviews mentioned this, as I only read the last 20 or so and it wasn't mentioned). On the 3rd day after the treatment, I decide to do some light cardio strength work-out where I wouldn't use my shoulders except to hold light weights for doing lower body exercises like squats. I also did some ab exercises. Several hours later, I noticed that my waist looked like it just got abnormally wider. I didn't think too much about it until my wife looked at me and said I was looking like the Pillsbury dough boy. So I tried looking at the previous reviews again to see if anyone experienced this. On the post-procedure paper I was given, it did mention minor side affects like possible torso swelling. I finally did locate two people who wrote questions about experiencing something similar and the doctors that responded mentioned not having any patients experiencing this, so they appeared to cast doubt that the torso/waist swelling was related to the MiraDry treatment. The good news is that eventually both of these people mentioned that their bodies returned to normal after 8 - 9 days, and one of them mentioned to me that working out seemed to exacerbate the body change so it was better to remain inactive until the torso returned to normal. It was weird that these doctors didn't have any patients that experienced this, but it could be because most people aren't working out a couple of days after the procedure. I did speak to the nurse about this during my post-procedure visit 5 days later and she mentioned that the swelling had extended down from my armpits to my waist/torso area. At least she has seen this before. Just like the other two people, my torso/waist swelling reduced considerably by Day 7, and practically to normal by Day 10. See attached pics of underarms and torso from Days 3, 5, and 7.

Currently, my armpits are still swollen, pillowy and sore, but not as bad. And I still have that golf-ball feeling. I'm not too worried about this as I read that it took some people to be totally clear of this within 3 - 4 weeks. The great news is that it has been 10 days so far and I have yet to experience underarm sweat. I'm a realist in that I believe that at some point I will probably get some sweating to return, but I'm hoping that it's drastically smaller than what I had prior to my first Mirady treatment. But right now it feels great to go to work and not even worry about sweating at all!

It's been alittle over 3 weeks since my first...

It's been alittle over 3 weeks since my first treatment. The good news is that I haven't experienced any sweating so far and my torso has returned back to normal. however, I'm apparently a slow recoverer -- I still have swelling under both armpits although it's not as bad from 10 days ago. on my left armpit, I still have some numbness and where it's not numb, there's still some sensitivity to the touch. I also had developed some itching/rashing around the armpit area.

I re-visited the clinic about 4 days ago and they recommended I take an antihistamine like benadryl to help control the swelling. They also prescribed to me a hydrocortisone type cream to help with the rashing/itching. Right now, the hydrocortisone has been working -- I no longer have the itching and the rashing has reduced alot. I'm pretty allergic to everything, so I think I had an allergic reaction to the lidocaine, which is probably why my swelling/rashing/itchiness has occurred and lasted longer than most.

I'll update in a couple of weeks (with pics) at the half-way point before my 2nd treatment.

Two days before second procedure (close to 4 months later)...

Ok, it's been nearly 4 months since my first procedure and I will be having my second procedure 2 days from now (vacation and other early summer activities had me push my procedure off by nearly a month).

Here's where I currently stand prior to my second procedure: the swelling in both my armpits, as well as the numbness, are gone. My torso has returned to normal. That was to be expected, as far as the swelling and numbness, when this much time has passed. As far as the sweating, I'd say about 20-25% of it has returned -- certainly not as much as it used to be, but enough for it to show thru my short sleeve polo shirts and be visible for me to feel self-conscious about it again. I was a realist about this, so I'm hoping the second procedure will drastically reduce this (or come close to eliminating almost all the sweating under normal conditions). I explained this to the nurse when I met her during my half-way point visit, mentioning that the sweating is mainly concentrating near the front of my armpits, and she mentioned that when they lay the graph for the injections and treatment, they will shift it near the front, since it's possible that the sweat glands in this area were not covered during the first procedure. They will also increase my setting to a 4 or 5.

Hopefully this will do the trick. I changed my original Worth It status from "Yes" to "Not Sure" given the sweating that did return and became noticeable again.

I've included pics of both underarms and my torso prior to the second procedure so you can see how it looks now. Since I was one of several folks who experienced swelling in other areas (primarily torso) besides the underarms, I wanted to have this baseline again.

Just a side comment that I'm irked at some of the physicians who responded to folks that experienced swelling in other areas and writing it off as if it was not related to the procedure, when in fact it was. At least my clinic was honest to let me know that this can occur versus these other so-called "expert" physicians who believe just because their patients didn't experience it, it must not be true. How about doing some more research and getting your facts straight before responding so quickly. The Miradry procedure is relatively new that you can't know all the side affects that can occur, either thru the procedure itself or as a result of the lidocaine injections used to numb the area. If enough people mention it, it can't just be isolated incidences not related to the procedure. Ok, I'll get off my soapbox now :-)

For the second time around, I'll be better prepared going into the procedure. I'll take some ibuprofen before the procedure, then I'll apply arnica gel afterwards, as one patient had recommended. I'll also do the frozen water bottles in the tube socks tied around my upper torso, as another ingenious patient recommended, for keeping them in place under the armpits.

Hopefully the second time around will take care of any noticeable underarm sweating!

Day of Second Procedure

So I came into my second procedure better prepared. I took some ibuprofen prior to the procedure and had some chewing gum this time. I knew how the injections went so whenever the nurse performed an injection, I bit down on the chewing gum. It gave me a rhythm this way haha. The injections weren't as bad the second time around because I had a mental expectation for the number of injections and how long it would take.

Prior to the injections, the graph for the injections and treatment was adjusted slightly based on the area I described where I believe perspiration was still occurring. The setting for the second treatment was set to 4 (my first treatment was on a 3 setting).

Similar to the first treatment, the procedure took about 1.5 to 2 hrs. This time there were some areas where I felt alittle more heat, but I was able to tolerate it. I experienced no finger numbness that occurred previously because I put my arm down once the procedure was completed on one side. Also, my body wasn't feeling as nervous and jittery, and that's because the injections this time were a combination of both lidocaine and epinephrine.

After the treatment, I applied ice packs immediately, and continued the rotation of constant ice pack treatment on a regular basis (for the most part, 20 minutes on, 10 minutes off). I used both the frozen water bottles in tube socks that were tied together (as one previous client had performed), along with flat ice packs whenever I needed to sit upright and perform work on my laptop. I also applied arnica gel after 12 hours had passed to aid in treating swelling/bruising.

I believe treating the underarms immediately and constantly with the ice packs / frozen water bottles helped me out tremendously the second time around because the pain I experienced after the lidocaine wore off lasted much shorter than the first time (from 1.5 days to 3/4 of a day). Also, I didn't have numbness in my underarms like I did the first time.

As far as swelling, the attached pics show that I'm very susceptible to it from the treatment (probably moreso than most people). These pics were taken a couple of hours after the treatment.

My next review will show you where things stand after 3 days had past since the second procedure. Stay tuned...

3 Days After Second Procedure...

So 3 days have passed since the second procedure. As far as recovery, I continued to take ibuprofen and apply ice packs and arnica gel to help reduce the swelling. My recovery feels on par to what I experienced the first time with the exception of the golf ball feeling underneath my armpits not feeling as hard and lumpy.

The main thing I wanted to test out and see is whether my torso/waist would start swelling like it did the last time. That's why I took a pic a couple days prior to the procedure so that you can see how my torso/waist looked before. This time around (because I assumed that the exercise I performed the first time had exacerbated the torso swelling), I didn't perform any work-out on my body. I just pretty much stayed dormant with the exception of when I had to walk around to perform normal house activities.

My observations so far were that between the first and second day after treatment, I started seeing swelling/expansion of my chest area and my pectoral area seemed to get fuller (sorta like male boobs). Then between the second and third day after treatment, my waist expanded. So now, my body has the Pillsbury dough boy effect like the first time. And it definitely wasn't caused or accelerated by exercise since I didn't do any. It feels like it's water or fluid being stored by my body and not being released or flushed out. Whenever I would go down the stairs or simply walk, everything jiggles (waist area, boob area). I feel very bloated. So I have yet to read from any postings what causes this and what my current condition is called, but it will eventually dissipate thru time like it did after the first procedure. I wish there was a physician who knew what this was and can recommend a treatment that may help reduce the time it takes for this Pillsbury dough boy effect to subside.

Pics are included for post day 3 recovery, which still shows the pillowy swelling effect in my armpits, as well as my swollen torso/waist area.

For those that have experienced similar torso swelling, I'm probably the worst case scenario, so just be assured that this particular area will go back to normal after 2-3 weeks.

I'll update my situation in a week or so, or if something significant occurs before then. And I'm crossing fingers and hoping I further reduce my underarm sweating so that it's practically a non-visible issue!

14 Days After Second Procedure

After two weeks, the swelling in the armpits were still there, but slightly subsided. However, my torso showed considerable improvement in the swelling reduction department. I don't know if it was strictly just a matter of time, but leading up to the two weeks, I reduced my salt intake (thinking it contributed to water retention). This reduction of swelling in the torso area was similar to what I experienced after the first procedure. Pics are included that show my progress after 14 days.

1 Month After Second Procedure

Barring something unforeseen related to the sweating or the swelling after-effects of the procedure, this will probably be my last post. I may update 3 months from now, and maybe 1 year from now to give status regarding any potential underarm sweating post-procedure.

So a month has passed, and the good news is that there hasn't been any underarm perspiration returning. I'm hoping 3 months from now, I still won't experience any sweating, or if there is a return, it's such an insignificant amount that it won't noticeable penetrate my shirts to make me self-conscious about it. Again, so far so good. With respect to the underarm and torso swelling, both have subsided considerably to almost normal states. My torso appears to have almost returned to normal, and there certainly hasn't been any jiggling feeling when I walk or move now. The included pics will show this return to normalcy (or close to it). I'm hoping there won't be any perspiration relapse.

I did have a separate post to the medical physicians to see if they know why certain people experience chest/torso swelling after the procedure, but I have yet to receive a response that clearly spelled out what this is. I'm hoping eventually one smart guy will totally know what it is and the best way of dealing with it, but for right now, time seems to heal all wounds (and swelling haha)
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