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I have gone in for consultations twice now, and...

I have gone in for consultations twice now, and will be starting the Invisalign treatment in about 3 weeks when the liners come in.

The first consultation was to talk to the dentist about what I wanted and the results I was looking for. I knew a lot already about the procedure so it went by pretty fast. After we talked about it, they then gave me the price break down and how much would be due at each session that was not being covered by my insurance.

Once all that was done they asked me if I wanted to proceed. Upon confirmation they proceeded to take pictures of my teeth, and then many molds of my teeth and my bite.

Yesterday was my second consultation. The dentist went over the results and told me that 1 tooth would need to be slightly reshaped in order to give my other teeth room to shift. I was kind of iffy on this, but its a very small amount, and he said that the same thing would need to happen if I got braces, as my teeth would need the room to be moved. I got to see the model of the before and after of how my teeth would look, and how the transformation would take place. It was so nice to see the before and after! My teeth are not bad, just a tad crowded on the bottom, but it looks like a huge difference when you see the transformation.

Besides the slight alteration to one tooth, I will need 7 attachments on each side. He said that my bite was fantastic, and that in order to make sure my back teeth do not move at all the attachments were needed to give the liners something else to grip onto.

Right now I am looking at 20 liners, for a duration of about 40 weeks. This could change if my teeth shift faster or slower. The dentist will be giving me 3 sets of liners at a time, and about 10 liners in, will be doing a midpoint correction and will need to get new molds to make sure it is going the way its supposed too.

So after our talk he approved the liners to come in. I will be going back in about 3 weeks to get my tooth reshaped, have the attachments put on, and given my first three liners. So I will update later on my experience for all that.

Start of my first week.

My dentist called me in earlier than expected, and was able to get everything set up. I now have my attachments in place and have been wearing my first liner for 4 days.

I was never really taught how I should take them out, so that was my biggest hurdle so far. They do not come off unless you make them come off, especially if you have attachments. I know it says in the booklet you should start at one end and work up one tooth at a time, but that caused me some pain around the attachments, so I ended up doing it evenly, one side then the other until it eventually pops off.

My second day my teeth were kinda sensitive to foods and it was weird chewing. The third day was a constant buzz of awareness that my teeth were shifting a bit, like a dull ache. Today the liners are a tad bit looser and easier to get on and off. So far its been noticeable, but no real pain, just annoyance.

I think the hardest thing about the liners is the bottoms where it is trimmed to match the shape of each tooth. I find these to be sharp in the very beginning, and have to remind myself not to run my tongue over it.

I was downgraded to 10 liners at 3 weeks each (for now to see how I do), and should take about 8 months. I was told that the movement will happen in my first few months, and the rest will just be to make sure my teeth stay where we want them. Hopefully i will be able to switch them out sooner than 3 weeks, as the liners are already starting to get looser, but thats something my dentist and I will have to agree on, and he is only giving me 3 liners at a time, and will be doing a midpoint correction half way through for the best desired affect.
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