38 Year Old Mother of One, Considering 415 Moderate Silicone - Leesburg, VA

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After breastfeeding my daughter the girls have a...

After breastfeeding my daughter the girls have a lot of extra skin and little to no volume. So I am looking to restore that.

I am scheduled to have my augmentation on October 7th. My preop is sept 22. I am getting a so nervous about anestia and picking a size. Well I am nervous about everything. I feel like I'll be so anxious the night before.

My stats now are;

5 11
35 b
150 pounds
Chest 13 width

I am looking to be a full c to a small d. My doctor said 375 or 415 cc would be good for me based on the look I chose on the 3D vector. But when I see the reviews on this site I feel like that may be too big. I am very athletic and do t want to be too top heavy.

Any feedback on size, my nerves or things to get in preparation would be appreciated!

3 more weeks

Only 4 weeks until my surgery and I am trying to put it out of my mind. It makes me anxious and I don't want to build it up too much and get that let down feeling once the adrenaline is gone post op.

Anyway here are my preop photos. I am concerned that 415cc moderate maybe too big. I may try 350.

I am looking. For a complete list of things to do and buy prior to surgery. So any input you ladies have would be great.

Wish Boobs

My preop is this Thursday! So I have put together my wish boobs. I am now honk 350 cc silicon moderate plus. All of these pics came from ladies on real self :)

Having a little Freak Out 2 days until PreOp

I have been finally just excited and picturing myself with boobies! But recently I will all the sudden be like WTF am I really gonna have surgery! Ahh Picturing myself going into surgery makes me sooo nervous. I am afraid I'll have a meltdown the day of:(

I still haven't found a way to tel my mom yet either. Can any of you ladies relate?

3 more days! Rice sizer pics.

The top is me no bra. The bottom is 415 cc rice sizers. I hope they are not too big. I am getting pretty nervous for this Friday!!

Tomorrow is the big day!

I am excited and nervous for tomorrow morning. I also started to have a pain under my eye. I really hope it's not an eye infection:(

I am trying to stay busy and do laundry, prep my area to sleep etc.

Send me good booby vibes!

All done

In manageable pain. Honey is being me soup and I am icing.

After photos

Took my first shower today. The girls are looking good. I am still pretty sore.

Review from day 1 to now

Sorry ladies I have t written much since my surgery. Friday morning I was scheduled for 9:30am. I checked in at the surgery center and they gave me a pregnancy test. I then changed into my cap and gown and waited for the anesthesiologist and dr to come by.

My dr came in and marked me with a marker and cover everything briefly again. Next The anesthesiologist came by and briefly explained medicines and anti Nausea that would go in my iv. I was so nervous I was shaking all over. So they said they were giving me something for the nerves. I felt that slowly kick in and shortly after I kissed my boyfriend goodbye and they wheeled me off. I remember moving myself over to the op table and I was out.i woke up what seem like minutes later and I was done. They gave me a Vicodin and explained post op then wheeled me to the car.

Fortunately we were miles from home. My boyfriend drove me home and wakes me to my wedge pillow sit up in my room. I could t sleep I believe because they gave me steroids. So I hung out for hours all out of it and watched tv.

For the first couple days the pain was pretty tough. Not horrible but when the mess started to wear I was waiting for the next ones to kick in.

My boyfriend really helped me by forcing me to get up every two hours and walk around and move my arms for 10 minutes.

My third day I was able to shower quickly and fourth day had a better shower and waged my hair and even went to the movies.

Today I am much better and a lot more mobile. I do get random pains I think from the nerves. It's pretty good thoug overall. I have my one week appointment Friday. I will try to keep up with the updates!

Shaved today!

I was nervous to shave until now. It as an effort, but I feel like I can shower mostly not so now, shave even my under arms and wash my hair. I just feel more tired than not after. Here's another pic, they r slowly changing.

Day 7 Scars

I went for my one week appointment. All is well.The dr showed me some massages and gave me a strap to wear to push the girls down. They do fee better after the massages. The steroid trips were taken off too. I do t like seeing the scars:( also they are feeing pretty tight. Hopi g the get more swishy soon.

Here are today's pics.

Day 8

The massages seems to make me a little sore. But the girls are looking good. My belly is pretty swollen though. I am committed to sticking to my nutrition the next few weeks until I can workout again.

Got measured

Victories secret said I am a 36d! Wooah that's a lot coming from a small b.

So I had to get some bras I can wear now:)

New Bra photos

2 weeks

All is well. My areola are numb and I get major morning boob. But otherwise they look like the have dropped and they feel good.

Loving them

I am really loving the way they are looking today.

3 weeks

Doing well. Just a little numbness still.

4 weeks

Still loving the way they look. I am still have some nerve pins and numbness but nothing terrible. I have been walking a couple miles outside a few times a week. I can't wait to lift again. I go for a follow up this Wednesday and I am hopi g he'll clear me to do legs.

6 weeks

Loving them! I am able to lift and do all my normal activities. So far no complaints:)
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