Swelling, Restricted Movement & Soreness. 5 Days Post Abdominal Vaser - Leeds, UK

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After being unhappy with my baby tum for a number...

After being unhappy with my baby tum for a number of years, and putting a little weight on, I took the plunge and opted to have Vaser lipo with an accredited and well reviewed clinic, albeit away from their main clinic in London's Harley St. I had a consultation with a clinic manager followed by one with the surgeon. I was informed I would see an immediate difference (I did for one day) but feel I was not informed about the amount of swelling and pain I would be in following the op. I understand everyone responds differently but feel there was a lot of hard sell from the clinic manager without enough post op info.

The nurse was young and seemingly unsympathetic about how big a procedure this was to me.The following day I had dressings changed after a vast amount of seepage, but only verbal info was offered as to when to change dressings, shower, have lymph drainage massage etc.The clinic even forgot to order my taxi and I ended up waiting outside of the clinic waiting for it as the nurse and receptionist went home! They have also had to reorder compression garments after guessing and ordering the wrong size (too small) resulting in my skin being visable between the hook and eyes.I hope this isn't damaging to my healing or the end result

However, my main concern is the post op pain and swelling. I knew I had to wear a compression garment for 6 weeks but had no idea it would be an undesirable all in one with legs which fits under virtually no clothes, hence living in joggers since the op. I was under the impression that my shape would be obviously different and that I would be able to wear my regular clothes. Why would the consultation not explain that looser garments would be required for a matter of days/weeks?

Can anyone advise me if it is normal for the area to be very sore and feeling like it is being tugged, as well as hugely swollen, 5 days post op? Some people on this forum state they popped to the supermarket the day after or resumed bike riding - I can barely hoist myself off the sofa!! Should I be worried at this stage?
I also felt what appeared to be two tubes, one above the belly button and one below.
Is this normal? The nurse spoke to the doctor who said it is and could be blood build up and/or swelling.
I have lymphatic drainage massage booked for Friday, 7 days post op. The clinic had said after two weeks but the masseurs said as soon as possible, even if they work on other areas to get the lymph flowing.
So many conflicting advice! I just want to do the right things to get the best results.
I go on holiday in 6 weeks and truly hope the swelling and pain have settled massively by then. The clinic said it was fine to go then, hence I booked it after the op was booked.

Advice very welcome

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I am unable to rate the doctor at this stage as the end result is what is important

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