35 Yrs 3 Kids 58kgs 5"4....385 EHP Unders - West Yorkshire , GB

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Hi ladies, I'm new to all this but been following...

Hi ladies, I'm new to all this but been following nearly everyone! Ok so after much deliberation, 3 kids and breast fed I'm going to get my new Boobies...yay????
Been for sizing etc and I'm stuck on what might look best. I was sure I wanted 400 hp, but my surgeon only does 385 or 415 in the high profile. Personally I think 415 is masshooooovive but am I freaking out? I really don't want a major fake look and to look like I'm all boobs! On the other hand I don't want to wake with 385 and think humph was I'd gone bigger. Any thoughts would really help....pleeeeeeeasseee xx

Boobies essentials and size confusions

So I'm three weeks before the big day and still umming and arring about sizes :( is this normal? Will 415 be too big? Might opt for 385 but will that also be to big? HEEEEELLLPPP waaaaaaaa????
Also what do u ladies suggest is an essential kit bag regarding bras, creams and general niceys to help recovery?

5 days to go and freaking out !!!

So finally decided on a size with my ps 385 extra high profile. But now I'm thinking will I regret this? my boobs arnt that bad, am I making huge mistake? I haven't booked enough time off work (11 days ) will I be in pain forever?
Is this normal to be this worried Or am I just mental?

2 days and counting....ocd mad!! lol

So as the title suggest I'm 2 days away and turned into a cleaning freak! Kids beds, dog beds, my bed, hoovering and washing. Don't know why I'm bothering but the thought of not being able to move drives me insane.
All getting a bit sureal now can't believe it's on Thursday feels like it's happening to someone else. Roll on Friday home time!

1st day post op

Very tight, pain scale about 5, glad to be home, wish I'd gone bigger though humph, partner says they are big enough but not sure how much is swelling. Won't get a full look till tape comes off in a week.

2 days post op

Wow swelling is immense! Pain not bad but very uncomfortable. Worse bit is where they took the drains out that's very tender and sore. Finally got some sleep in a fashion, sleep on your back is hard work. Still can't really see the full look because of compression tape can't wait to pull it off. Overall just uncomfortable and a little sleepy. Does anyone have aching where drains were and more swelling than day before?
P's trying to post pic but it won't let me grrrrrrr

2 days post op

Day 4 post op

Swelling still there and bruising starting to show now. Moving a lot more and doing little jobs, I feel if I stop I seize up so little movements are good. Although I have made beds, swept floors and put washing on oops lol. Only on 4 x paracetamol daily, can't walk to far as chest feels very heavy and tight after 5 mins or so.
Fingers crossed so far so good

Day 4 upside down lol

Day 5

So woke at 1am and didn't go back till 3! Dressing on left side had stiffened and was digging into my stitches. But at 3 in the morn I was convinced an infection had started and id end up with sepsis and die! So in the morn I ripped off the dressing and went to the ps nurse to check.
As usual me being me I panicked....everything was fine, scar healing nicely and no sign of infection. New dressing applied and went home very relieved...phew.
Think ive over done it, and prodding to see if it hurt didn't help lol.
Swelling subsided ever so slightly, morning boob a killer, but only on paras as and when now so all good. Cant wait to get this blood band off....roll on fri!
Getting weird tingling, pins and needles and numbness, apparently this is normal, so just need to sit tight.
Will try and post some pics x

6 Days post op

Best day so far, not in any pain only where stitches are on left side, but getting better.
Still quite swollen and tight, left side riding higher than right, but its early days.
Feeling much more positive and really taking things slowly, tried to do to much in the first 3 days and suffered for it, chilling out and relaxing. Little arm movements and gentle lifting.
Stomach still bloated and not much toilet action lol....sorry tmi, cant wait to see what the will look like for xmas x

Day 8 still dropping, fingers crossed tape comes off today

More pics day 8 wish they didnt have to drop lol

Day 11 post op and new pain!!

So 11 days in and thought id be over the worse, apparently not! Got a little tipsy shall we say on sat night, woke up sunday morning and ouch!!! Think ive over stretched during the night (I'm sleeping on my sides now) and obviously didn't feel it at the time and now my left breast from the side and down underneath towards nipple is hurting so much. Just seems to be when I move certain ways. So back on meds now to relieve pain, I'm back at work tomorrow and back to see my ps on thurs for steri strips off and stitches to be cut. Hope this is just a pulled muscle or tissue and nothing serious, I cant see any bruising or disfigurement, or maybe its just the implant settling, I have no idea. Has anyone else experienced any new pains?

3 Weeks

So its 3 weeks and slowly getting there. Boobs seemd to be dropping slowly but still don't feel like my own. Dreaded morning boob still there and still feel tender through the day, its worse in the cold and nipples are uber sensitive, still very firm and cant really squish them together, incisions a little tender. Completely off pain meds, Think I over did it in first week which is why its taking longer. Tried on a few bras but think its to early as they really hurt underneath. Still wish id gone bigger but a few friends have said the look "massive" but I'm not convinced. Over all I have much more confidence about my body, just cant wait to feel normal again.
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