Invisilign.. What They Don't Tell You and Why I'm Seeking Legal Advise!

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I'd first like to say my teeth were not that...

I'd first like to say my teeth were not that bad, one of my bottom teeth overlapped slightly and one of my upper front teeth stuck out a bit. But of course when it's yourself you notice things like this more.

After doing a bit of research about invisilign I decided I would book myself in for some free consultations. The first place (Transform) said it would cost £3500, then a private dentist in my local area said it would be £3000 (first tip would be to shop around! ) I got the brace on finance. One of the first things I were a bit dissapointed in was the 'attachments' I didn't get told about these in my consultation and the fact they were on my big tooth made it worse as this was the tooth I was more consious about so wasn't happy I had something stuck on it and the brace making it not so 'invisible'. Never the less I was SO excited to finally have a brace, it felt like christmas! I was told i'd have 9 (for the bottom) and 12 (for the top) so that would take 5months ending in August (got them in March) which I thought was amazing ! They were really tight at first, but that meant they were working ! As they say, pain is gain! I also had to have IRP, where they file the sides of your teeth so the others can fit into place. As the months went on the brace's didn't feel as tight as the first ones. It got to August and the bottom tooth was still overlapping. My front tooth which I was most concerned about was still sticking out.I went back to my dentist who asked if I was 'happy' with my results. I said 'well... my teeth aren't straight so unfortunatley not really'. Now I'd like to say, it wasn't me being fussy, it was people around me making comments asking how many more I had to go when I was meant to have finished treatment. Even more so when I said I had paid £3000 and it hadn't worked. The biggest upset was that I was moving away and starting University and thought that my teeth would be done by then.

My dentist took some more impressions ( which isn't the nicest experience ) and sent them to invisilign. Invisilign then sent another 5 pairs of trays back. I went to the dentist to collect where she then filed a bit more and put some new attachments on. The dentist also explained these 'Refinement' aligners were the last I would be able to have. Now as the first time the first tray was really tight, so I thought 'great there working' the first tray was unfortunatley the only out of the 4 I felt was even close to tight, the others slipped on fine, which wasn't good because they obviously weren't moving my teeth. I went back to my dentist as it was the end of my treatment and for the attachments to be taken off . I showed her that my bottom tooth was still overlapping and she said there contract with invislign was over and there was no more brace's that they would give me. My front tooth still sticks out, which is heartbreaking after spending £3000 when my teeth are still not straight. To fix the fact invislign didn't work my dentist is now going to file my front tooth down, this doesn't sound too good because you only have so much enamel on your teeth. My dentist is also going to put some infills in my teeth to disguise the fact they are not aligned.

I have done SO SO much research in the past 3 months on invisilign and can safely say I had read many other cases about invisilign not working, being 'fraud' and so on. Obviously when your researching about a new product your not going to type 'invisilign not worked' 'invisilign complaints' you just look for the positives or the first things that pop up, which are always the cases that have worked best. Also the photos you see on the invisilign website and other websites supplying invisilign show amazing results, this is why with my teeth not being so bad I thought they would look amazing at the end. I have read stories about people using invisilign for 2 years then their dentist telling them they would have to have metal braces because invisilign had simply not worked. I don't know if it's because it is all done by computer or wether the plastic isn't strong enough.

Invisilign should also not just stop supplying you with braces once your contract has ended, they should stop giving you braces when your teeth are straight, which is what braces are for. You wouldn't buy a car and still be expected to pay for it if it didn't work. If you went for a breast augmentation operation and came out but was still in the same situation as before you wouldn't pay £4000 for something that you didn't get would you ?

Being a Law student I am surrounded by solicitors who have been in the business for 15-20 years and have advised me that I have a case, The product is simply not fit for it's purpose.

Please don't leave any crude comments, I've written this because I don't think it's fair people are being given this idea of a 'invisible' brace when sometimes, not all of the time, it doesn't work and you may aswell have had the metal brace, it might not look pretty but at least it will work! I know invisilign has been amazing for some people, if your one of those people I'm happy for you I just don't like paying £3000 for something and it not working as they say it does then also having to have my teeth grinded and reshaped to disguise the fact it hasn't worked!

I have made a complaint to my finance company and going to ring invisilign this week after I finall found there number! Being an American company I'm not sure what will happen xxxx

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