Full TT with Muscle Repair - Leeds, GB

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My name is Sarah, I live in Leeds, UK, i'm 31 and...

My name is Sarah, I live in Leeds, UK, i'm 31 and have two children a girl aged 4 and a boy age 1. My little girl was 10lb 3oz and i stretched hugley, im 5ft 3 and weigh 8st 11. I'm having a full TT next thursday 31st October which i've wanted for a longtime! I've been left with a mummy tummy! I'm starting to get quite nervous now and im frightened i wont get the result I want from all the pain involved! I've had two c-sections is it alot more painful than a c-section? I'm really looking forward to sharing my experiences and asking you guys some questions! Thanks Sarah :-)

Pictures of how it started and what I've been left with.

Both my babies were big for my size 10lb 3oz and then 8lb 14oz (5 weeks early) I've been running and doing Pilates for the past 6 months in prep for the TT and I have to admit it has changed my shape although not changed the skin!

How I look in clothes! Underneath is a different story!

Some people those who haven't suffered the lows of losing what used to be an ok tummy think I'm crazy because they think I'm slim and so a TT is a silly idea! But they haven't seen me naked and it's affected my relationship with myself and my hubby I'm low in confidence and have been since 2009.

2 days pre-op

Didn't sleep at all last night feeling worried/anxious! What if I don't wake up after the op, all this money spent when I've got two beautiful children am I crazy? No I still want to do it but my emotions are anything from excitement to pure fear, then guilt then worry! I've had 2 c-sections and a very bad breast infection (onset of septicemia) and nearly died last year that was painful too so I think if I can do that I can do this! Am I crazy? X

1 day PO

Well morning ladies, I'm finally on the other side! I woke up feeling so tight at first I couldn't breath, the pain was pretty bad for the first couple of hours but I've been on a morphine drip with a clicker on tap which has helped a lot! I didn't get much sleep last night and I tried to get up to wee and I got very nauseas so they catheterised me at about 9pm which was loads better! Coming off the morphine today and they'll get me moving, praying I'm not feeling as much pressure when I move the next time as it was fairly painful! I had a huge need for muscle repair but as I wanted such a low scar and didn't have enough skin I've had to have a little t scar but I'm happy with that as it will still be hidden in my knicker line. My consultant doesn't have compression garments so my wound isn't covered it's glued very securely and the rippling effect will go in a couple of weeks (the scar sticking up like a Mohawk bit). Any questions please feel free to ask x


Hi ladies, yesterday was a better day I'm up moving by myself and pain was under control! Drinking LOTS of peppermint tea is helping so much with bloating and gas so I highly recommend you take some tea bags into hospital with you, although my hospital do have them here. You tend to bloat up when your laid still in bed and get a bit windy so it's good to move when I can x I feel full and breathless when I eat. I had a tamazipan last night so slept great from 10pm-3am but my last tramadol had been at 7pm so by 5am this morning I was in a lot if pain, tried paracetamol but it didn't cut the mustard (uk saying) so I've had more tramadol and I'm much more comfortable, been up had a wash with body wipes, done my teeth etc so feeling good. Drains are coming out this morning so I'll be going home in a few hours. Staff and nurses have been absolutely amazing here, hoping I'm ok when I get home, I quite like having a mechanical bed and nurses on hand x

5 dpo

Hi everyone, I'm doing ok, some of the hard glue is disappearing along my scar line which reveals a smooth line underneath which I'm happy with, still along way to go before all the glue and scabs and bruising disappears but I'm happy with my progress, moved around a lot yesterday so resting more today. Woke up feeling a bit sick, still pretty swollen but added some pics to show you how I'm recovering x

4 weeks post surgery pics

Hi guys sorry I've not been on for a whole thought I'd share my tummy progress so far! Here is a little before and after shot at 4 weeks taken last week!

Scar pic 4 weeks post op

Here is my scar pic, it's very thin still red but based on my previous section scar it will be white in 6 months time x

B4 & after

Xmas party frock!

Makes me look more curvy around the hips than I am but I'm quite liking the hour glass figure! ....and that I can wear something this plain at the front without a fat suit or my saggy tummy showing through! Yeay!

3 months post op

Flat tummy in clothes no bulges anymore!!!
Dr M Luddington

Spires Hospital, Roundhay, Leeds Dr mark liddington

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