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So after years and years of hating my schnozzola...

So after years and years of hating my schnozzola I'm finally in a place where I can proceed with my rhinoplasty! As a child I was tormented and called names, hence "Concorde". Nice! Kids are cruel right?!

I've thought about it on and off for longer than I can remember and I'm now at the point where I know it's the right thing for me for all the right reasons and I got the money to pay.

I'm going to book and pay my deposit tomorrow and I'm so excited!

I've had the usual comments from family and my hubby - "you don't need it doing", "you're lovely as you are" etc etc but this decision is for me and I have 100% support. So here is my journey!

My nose is a large hump, is large on the bridge and apparently had a bulbous tip.

I've seen my surgeon and he tells me he can do what I want and suggested another couple of things for it all to fit in together. Feel confident he knows what I want and his abilities so all good.

I have chosen to go through transform and they have recommended Mr Persico. I've read a lot of reviews on him and now have met him. Feel confident and excited!

Updates will be coming as and when. Not having it done for a couple of months due to other commitments so will be post again then!

One month to go

So this time in a month I will be recovering from surgery ???? eek! Cannot wait to have it done. Got my pre-op check next week so it's all starting to happen. A few before pics so you know what we are dealing with! I'm a bit shy so anonymised for now! Cannot wait for this big beak to shrink!

A week to go!

So only a week to go. Well this time in a week I should be all done. I'm a mixture of super excited and really quite terrified but I guess that's normal! :)

Keep looking at my nose in the mirror and thinking I'm so happy to be getting this done. My hubby is sad that he only has a week left with "my" nose. Sweet but weird!

Starting on the Arnica today which kind of makes it feel real. I have some Bromelain too but unsure whether I should take that before as my letter says not to take any vitamins or anything. Anyone know?

Also trying to put together a list of essentials that I will need. Don't really know where to start so any help would be much appreciated!

Some more before photos

The big day!

So today was the big day and I've had my surgery. Felt a little nervous before but managed a decent enough sleep last night.

Arrived for 8am and went in at around 10.30am so not too long to wait.

The staff at Transform have been so lovely so far. Everyone from the receptionist to the nurses to the anaesthetist and op team all so friendly and have a way of putting you at ease.

Mr Persico came to see me first thing to to over everything and take some before photos. Still feeling confident with him as he knew my file and seemed to know exactly what he intended to do other than one part he say he may do (shorten a little). Don't know if he has or not yet!

Op itself seemed over in no time. One minute I was taking deep breaths when the anaesthetic went in and the next I was in recovery. Wasn't there long at all and now back up in my room.

Nurses have been in several times to check on me, take blood pressure, temp etc and all seems fine.

Have felt no pain at any point. Obviously it's not really fun having the packing in my nose but just feels like I have a cold and am blocked up than being uncomfortable. Not had any meds since theatre.

Managed to eat some lunch after surgery and I'm now looking forward to dinner!

Attaching some photos. Not bothered to black out this time so you can see them properly. Minimal bruising and swelling so far but expecting more to come!

The day after

Didn't sleep too great last night. They gave me a sleeping tablet to help but woke up a few times with a super dry mouth and the nurse had to come in and check my blood pressure etc at 2am. But hey not feeling too bad considering.

Had the packs taken out this morning. That has definitely been the worst thing so far! Gross! It hurts briefly but I guess is more uncomfortable than really painful. Felt so amazing to get them out though! Can actually breath! Obviously the nose is swollen so feels like I'm a bit blocked up but can at least breathe a bit!

Mr Persico came to see me this morning and checked everything out. He said everything was looking good and he was really happy with how the surgery went so all sounding good so far!

Nice to be home in my own surroundings. The bruising and swelling has massively come out. I had been taking the Arnica tablets for a week before but can't say it has helped so far haha! You'll see what I mean by the pics!

Despite how it looks I am in no pain at all. Every now and then when I speak if I use my face too much to pull an expression it is a little uncomfortable and I have a slight dull headache from time to time but otherwise it's all fine!

Day 4

Recovery seems to be going well. After initial doubts on the Arnica I think it really does seem to be helping. Bruising totally on the way out now which is good! Cheeks massively swollen though so I look like a hamster!

Pain extremely minimal. Nose doesn't actually hurt, just have a bit of a dull headache usually first thing and later on in the day.

It's not really a painful process but it certainly isn't fun! No regrets so far though.

Looking forward to getting the cast off now to see what it all looks like!

The big reveal!

So I had my cast taken off this morning and oh my gosh I love it! The removal itself was slightly painful - don't think the nurse was the most gentle!!! Then looking in the mirror I was so taken aback at first as it looked so different but now I've been looking in the mirror every 5 minutes and I'm getting more used to it I absolutely love it! So worth it!

More after pics

So I look really weird smiling as my cheeks and top lip are swollen and stiff so ignore that!

16 days post op

So I'm now a little over a week since cast removal day. There's been definite swelling which has got me down a little. Silly really as I knew all along there would be. Think I'm just impatient and want to see the end result.

I'm pleased the bridge hasn't been too swollen and it's mainly from the front and the tip. Seems to be going down ever so slightly now so hopefully in another week or 2 will see more change. I'm definitely glad I got it done for the bridge alone although would be nice if the tip is just as good when the swelling has gone!

5 weeks post op

Haven't posted for a couple of weeks as Ive had some ups and downs with my progress. Still a fair bit of swelling which sucks as it got worse at one point but do now think it's starting to settle down. Absolutely no doubts about having it done and feeling so much better!
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